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My Personal Escapist Vessel

Dorian Keys
Dorian Keys Author Interview

Morning Star is a collection of short science fiction stories that are connected through a central theme. What was the inspiration behind this collection of stories?

Inception for Morning Star began sometime late 2019. I was waiting for the first round of the sequel to Imprint Legacy to finish while engaging fellow authors on social media. Very often, Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images were posted there, and I soon found out that I had a story for most of them. Initially, all of them were short, about fifty words or so, and I decided to post a few stories on my website.

After the eighth or ninth story came about, I decided to line them up and put them in a collection.

The stories are not connected, therefore I had to get creative and come up with a narration device to glue them together. I loosely drew inspiration from some books I read when I was a child, mainly One Thousand and One Nights.

Were these stories written separately over time or were they written for this book?

There are a couple of stories there that were not written for this book but I felt they would fit nicely there. ‘The Missing 32’ is a side story for the Imprint Legacy book and sequel, for example. Pretty much all the other stories were written, edited and inserted in the book during the global pandemic of 2020.

You could say that Morning Star is my personal escapist vessel. And all readers are welcome to jump in. I have many more stories to tell.

My favorite story from the collection was The Experiment. Do you have a favorite story from the book?

I wrote all those stories, I love all of them equally, however two of them evolved quite a lot. One of them is ‘I.R.I.S.’ the other is ‘Hansel.’

My goal was to try and write a story for everyone. It is quite interesting to hear favorite reader stories. So far, every reader has a different story they enjoy.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Having finally released Morning Star, I can now resume with round two of the sequel of Imprint Legacy.

The sequel is now at almost 70 thousand word mark. However more refining is needed. I would like to release it sometime before April 2021.

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Let me tell you a story that will tell you twelve.

Upon arrival at its designated planet, Helsey 8K, Seedship Morning Star suffers a catastrophic accident. An asteroid rips through its cockpit’s bridge connector, killing 2 and stranding Captain Irene Deris within.

Irene’s best way to remain calm and collected throughout the ordeal of her rescue and beyond: a book, written by ship’s first pilot, Adam.

She is eventually recovered by her crew, but even though that part of her journey is over, she finds herself compelled to keep reading.

Her intrigue is piqued by stories about mechas starting a new universe, in a new dimension. Artificial intelligence will deceive alien invaders to save her human love. A teddy bear will save a child’s life and a demon will roam the Earth.

Stunningly questionable decisions will turn experiments into nightmares, authorities will be duped by mysterious abductors and broken hearts will get their revenge.

Read together with Irene as she saves the Morning Star and prepares to begin a whole new life.

Morning Star: A collection of short science-fiction and fantasy stories

Morning Star by Dorian Keys is a stellar science fiction book! I was taken on one marvellous adventure to another in this book of short stories that all tie together by one narrative, and I honestly think this is a fantastic book to start people off in the science-fiction genre.

It’s actually quite a chill sci-fi novel in the sense that there are SO many mini themes and genres of romance and fantasy for example, within the short stories in the book. Although the description says it’s a collection of short stories, I would argue it’s one novel with many literary treasures pieced together in a wonderful fictional puzzle.

Beside the fact that the stories of this book are so creative and unique, Keys’ writing is so well done that I was engaged from the very start. It’s not really heavy sci-fi writing which I’ve found can be deterring as it can be so hard to focus, especially with so much detail that sci-fi books can have. Keys’ does an amazing job in keeping it simple yet interesting and with just enough detail to make you focus but not hurt your head in the process.

The book had built up a great climax between the short stories, and the length of each short story was not enough to deter my thoughts away from the central narrative, allowing time for me to enjoy the other pieces but still letting me be excited for the next part of the main story to come.

As it is a collection of short stories, Keys’ had a monstrous job in portraying so many different characters and I applaud his efforts, because the way he depicts the characters and traits was really well done and made them stand out. With regards to his writing again, it was written in a way that you can tell the difference between each character’s POV and dialogue (I know it seems silly to note but surprisingly some authors have trouble with this) and I was thrilled to not be lost or confused between each character throughout the whole book.

Morning Star by Dorian Keys is a sensational science fiction collection that captures the imagination.

Pages: 260 | ASIN: B08H6SQRKQ

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In Constant Conflict

Dorian Keys Author Interview

Dorian Keys Author Interview

Imprint Legacy follows detective Miers as he tries to solve a bizarre case while missing a chunk of his memory. What was the inspiration for the setup to this intriguing story?

First I would like to thank Literary Titan for reading and reviewing my novel.

The question I posted myself was how would one react to such an event? I explored some concepts and realities and delved in the realm of science fiction to answer it.

Although I must admit that the premise of this story is not based on a single idea rather a group of ideas and facts, as of the time of this writing anyway.

One of those facts is that the universe is really big and to think that we are the only life form to inhabit it it a little short sighted.

Another fact is that life, at least as it exists on Earth, is very rugged, life seems to always prevail.

Beyond the above mentioned facts, is the reality we live on. Our planet is inhabited by multiple species, each of them are amazing in their own way.

We as humans have taken over our planet and in essence, run it.

It is not far fetched to imagine humans colonise another planet, look at what Space X has in store for us.

Another fact is the reality on the ground, one doesn’t need to go far but turn on the evening news and realise that humans are in constant conflict with one another.

The Caretakers are those geniuses that sometimes get left behind in the shadows, unrecognized. And Earth is full of them.

The Survivors represent the victims in us. Who can blame a victim for behaving the way they do? I certainly can’t.

Robert Miers is an interesting and well developed character. What were some driving ideas behind his creation?

Before I explain about Robert let me say the following.

I love my grandfather, though he has passed away.

A few years ago, my mother sent me one of my wedding pictures taken with my wife. She placed a picture of my grandfather on his wedding day next to it comparing my grandfather and me. The semblance was striking.

Robert is a family man first. A man that is trying his best to do well by them and at the same time do his job.

I hope we’re not giving away spoilers here, but I found the mystery behind this story to be one of the most original I’ve read this year. Was this planned or did it develop organically while writing?

About thirty percent of the mystery behind the story was planned, the rest evolved as the characters interacted with each other.

What is the next book that you are writing and when will it be available?

Many of the beta readers and readers who purchased this novel expressed their desire to know more about this world.

The next novel happens in the same universe and it will address a few questions about how we shape our reality and our future and what could happen if we get distracted.

I am currently writing as much as I can, editing will begin sometimes around summer with a tentative release sometimes at the end if this year.

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Imprint Legacy by [Keys, Dorian]
Detective Robert Miers is in trouble. His partner is missing, he’s suspended from work, and he’s got a gap in his memory that he can’t explain. Uncovering the truth means plunging into a bizarre new reality far beyond his comfort zone, an inescapable reality where memories can transfer from body to body, secret factions fight for control, and human life extends far beyond Earth. Is taking sides worth the risk-to his job, to his family, and to himself?

And does he even get to choose anymore?

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Imprint Legacy

Imprint Legacy by [Keys, Dorian]

Imprint Legacy by Dorian Keys is a science fiction short story. Detective Robert Miers and his partner Steven Enry are part of New City’s Interstate Operations Unit, working with the FBI to solve unusual cases. While investigating a missing persons case, a tip leads Robert and Steven to a house in Ohio. But nothing there is as they expected. Ten days later, Robert is missing chunks of his memories and his actions are under investigation by the New City Police Department because Steven disappeared that night. Will Robert be able to find his missing partner? And even if he does, will anything ever be the same for him again once he learns that reality is far different from what he’s always believed?

This book has an intriguing premise with a unique world parallel to reality, and I enjoyed reading this story. The ten day time jump between Chapter One and Chapter Two left me a bit confused, but I knew exactly how Robert was feeling because he had no idea what was going on either. The entire story was told from his point of view, so I only knew what he knew, which allowed me to feel his emotions as he tried to figure out what had happened to him during the gap in his memories.

I liked the addition of ‘aliens’ who were actually humans. There were many elements of this world that were unique from other science fiction stories I’ve read. A lot happens in the story given the short length, and I would have liked the book to be a bit longer because I wanted to know more. Some things could have been explained or described in more detail, like the technology used by the Caretakers and the imprinting of Caretakers. And I felt that the story ended a bit abruptly. I wanted to see Robert reunite with his family, and I was left to wonder if he would accept his fate as a Caretaker or continue to try to fight against it.

But all this is to say that this was a fantastic story that I wanted more of. This really could have been a longer novel because Dorian Keys has done a fantastic job of setting compelling characters along a provocative plot against an intriguing background.

Pages: 76 | ASIN: B07NSNMSGF

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