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Operation Sandstorm

Operation Sandstorm: East and West Business Tycoons Battle for World Dominance by [Gordon Rayner, Ella Mae Rayner]

Operation Sandstorm by G.J Rayner & E.M Rayner is an action packed adventure that will have you hooked from the moment you start reading. The story follows Cyrus CEO and president of one of the largest tech companies in the world, Livingston Tec. An attack takes place on Livingston’s mines in Morocco and  a large number of Golden bricks have been stolen. A private security company Omicron has been tasked with retrieving the stolen gold. Livingston learns that Vladimir Shishani is the one that initiated the attack on his mines. Livingston also learns that Shishani is involved with terrorist groups. Will Livingston get his revenge and put a stop to Shishani?

G.J. and E.M. has done a fantastic job with creating compelling and authentic characters through meticulous development throughout the novel. Each character was unique in their own way and I was able to empathize with each one. Tension begins to rise as you get further into the book as characters become more suspicious and hesitant when they start to feel something is off. I was equally suspicious and tense as the deep character development really gets you invested in events. Revenge, betrayal, action, suspense, this book has it all. It was interesting to get a closer look at two different men, one genuine and the other malicious. Both men have access to unlimited amounts of money but they have two very different agendas. 

While I enjoyed this novel overall, a few chapters felt slower than others, bogged down with exposition and details. But this did not deter me from continuing to read, I just wanted it to be summed up quicker to get back to the action. I highly recommend this absorbing action novel to anyone who is looking for an exciting read.

Pages: 283 | ASIN: B08DDHKTDC

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Operation Piňata

Operation Pinata: Revenge on the Mexican Cartels (OMICRON series Book 2) by [Rayner, G.J., Rayner, E.M.]

In this thrilling investigative tale, writers G. J. Rayner and E. M. Rayner create a realistic fictional world that revolves around crimes within a Mexican drug cartel. The story revolves around a private security company called OMICRON that works closely with American government, Secret Services specifically. The company gets involved with crime happening in Texas when the CEO Mike Cabott promises to help his old friend from school out by solving his wife’s mysterious murder. Through many twists and sudden developments, undercover agents work the case from many angles to get to the bottom of the drug cartel ring.

Undercover agents Mark Lockabee and Carlos Zepeda look into the suspicious murder of a successful Mexican business women under the order of a private security company. Originally taken on as a favor to a friend, as the depth of the cartels crimes develop, the CEO Mike Cabott realizes they’ve stumbled onto an important project.

Most of the story is comprised of undercover investigation, the operation control at headquarters, and the work that OMICRON conducts to try and sabotage and eliminate the drug cartel lead by El Jefe. The dynamic between the group leader Hans Brock and the other agents is really interesting to watch play out, too. They all do their best to work together as a well-oiled machine, but different issues arise that create problems within the workforce.

As the investigation heightens dangerous situations abound punctuated by explosions, leaving rarely a dull moment. The OMICRON team spies on the drug cartel and works it from different angles which treats readers with a dual view of the story. Intense action and perplexing mysteries keep you turning pages.

When Rita Malone, another special agent for OMICRON comes to replace one of the best on the scene, things really take a turn in the story. Her character provides startling action, and the dynamic between her and Carlos is really fun to read. I was rooting for her the whole time and she gives the story the needed presence of a strong, kick-ass female character to liven it up.

This book was really exciting to read. I loved that they added shock value in the first pages of the book. The writers really allowed the plot to take it’s time unfolding but kept things going in a fast enough pace that I never grew bored with the story. The characters were all unique and humorous, and I loved that the company’s mainframe computer CLEO even had some personality thrown in.

This is another action packed novel from the Rayner writing team that you shouldn’t miss.

Pages: 264 | ASIN: B071YJ5MDL

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