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Demystifying Marketing And Cutting Through The BS

Judy & Eriks Celmins Author Interview

Marketing = Customers + Heart is more than a marketing book, it is a step-by-step marketing plan for entrepreneurs, written by people that have been there before. Why was this an important book for you to write?

(Judy) Over the past 30 years, I’ve been a volunteer mentor. It might sound clichéd, but I’ve always believed that you have to give, to grow and see life through someone else’s eyes. As a result, I have benefitted from mentoring as much as I know my mentees have. But along the way, I’ve seen common themes in what those businesses have needed. So, instead of being the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, I wanted to get the message out to those that don’t have big budgets. Or who have previously worked with unscrupulous ambulance drivers, and the sad reality is that they are out there. If a business starts with a solid foundation built on understanding customers, you won’t need the ambulance.

(Eriks) I strongly believe in demystifying marketing and cutting through the BS. Over my decades in media & entertainment I’ve been a client myself, and sat through jargon-filled presentations from big agencies designed to maintain the mystique of their high art. Even a glossy entertainment brand has to understand its listener/viewer/reader at a grass-roots level of their daily life – just the same as a small business. I love finding out what makes people tick, and providing solutions to their problems and needs, whether it’s finding their favourite music or furnishing their home.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about marketing?

(Judy) Most small businesses are scared of marketing, because they hear horror stories, or give it a go and it doesn’t work. And that’s based on the biggest misconception of all, that marketing is just advertising.

To a degree, that’s been exacerbated by our digital world. We’re told to boost a post, or discount, because you feel the pressure from competitors. But that’s advertising & promotion, and only one component of marketing.

Until businesses understand the importance of marketing and where it fits in the business structure as the central beating heart, they’ll continue to miss out on their full potential.

(Eriks) That it’s one box in the company organisation chart, and as Judy said, it’s seen as all about advertising. Which adds to the problem we now have of anyone who knows how to use a digital advertising tool is a ‘marketer’. Which is misleading to small businesses looking for help at a strategic level, reinventing their business, market research, defining potential customers, finding new opportunities and so on.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from this book?

(Judy) A deeper understanding of what marketing really is and how it can shape their business. I want them to give marketing the respect it must have for their success, to feel inspired to engage with customers. I’ve seen it time and again. When they do, their advertising starts to connect, and they see the results in their bank accounts. There are so many benefits to following the pathway we outline. Of course, it won’t take away all their problems, but it will help them make better decisions. It will shape their evolution, because nothing survives if it sits still.

(Eriks) That marketing is exciting and well within their hands, to enjoy doing every day. Whether its chatting to a customer, or coming up with new ideas, there are practical ways to make marketing a habit and not a pain. It’s no different to relationships in your circle of family & friends. By being constantly in tune with their needs you adapt how you relate to your group, how to entertain them or overcome obstacles, helping them make their life better.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

(Judy) We’re committed to make Marketing = Customers + Heart a “living” book. As we gather new insights and information we’ll be updating the QR Code content at each of the 7 Stages. So in a way, this is a story that never ends. And for now, that’s enough, but I’ve learned never to say never – life is full of surprises!

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It’s easy to feel frustrated and disheartened when you’re trying to grow your small business, pouring precious cash into advertising channels and funnels with little or no return. But you can change your business’s fortune with a marketing plan that places your customers at the very heart of your business.
Marketing = Customers + Heart is more than a marketing book, it’s your way of business. If you follow this clear, practical, and proven formula you too will win in small business. Join Judy and Eriks Celmins as they share the 7 Stages for building a solid growth strategy – stages you can implement immediately, and every day. Developed over their three decades of experience challenging conventions and problem-solving in a wide range of innovative businesses and industries, this formula will help you:
Build a solid foundation to create, understand, nurture, and retain customers.
Tap into your hidden reserves of creativity for new and exciting ideas.
Feel confident that your marketing decisions are finally on target with your goals and aspirations.
Discover how stronger customer relationships lead to deeper insights and greater growth.
Expand your mindset and easily identify new opportunities before your competitors.
The Marketing = Customers + Heart formula comes at the very first, critical step of your marketing strategy – a step that too many businesses skip over. This book is a must-read, before you waste one more cent sending the wrong message.

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Marketing = Customers + Heart

Marketing = Customers + Heart is a business, sales, and marketing reference book with comprehensive discussions and analysis on marketing, creativity, and growing a business. Authors Judy & Erik Celmins have a laid-out step-by-step marketing guide. In addition, there are pointers in every chapter that are valuable for both experienced entrepreneurs and beginners.

This informative book is every marketing novice’s dream. Judy & Eriks Celmins are generous with the definitions and demonstrate the most complex of terms with ease.

Marketing requires one to be unique and also acquire exceptional skills. Judy & Eriks Celmins laid down all the necessary skills needed and how one can strategize while marketing. I am fascinated by how uncomplicated the authors make marketing appear. The methods shared in the book are easily applicable and do not need one to undergo formal training. Among the most crucial advice that the authors give is that one should learn their target market and make the business customer-oriented. With examples, Judy & Erik Celmins share what they believe will work and what does not work.

I applaud the authors for the language used in the book, as there is a great deal of terminology to learn. The fact that Judy & Erik Celmins used language that can be understood by those at entry-level is terrific. One goes through hundreds of lessons in just a few pages in the book. The brevity of the paragraphs was a superb concept. The authors write in a manner that makes readers understand the different sales and marketing skillsets required.

Readers can feel the author’s enthusiasm. They are not afraid to share their journey and the process, including the successes and failures that they learned from. Personal stories always add a special touch to the narration. Tales of their experiences in business, lessons learned in sales, marketing, interacting with customers, and the art of profit-making were exciting to follow.

Marketing = Customers + Heart is an educational book for readers interested in entrepreneurship and marketing. One of the biggest lessons in the book is that every move you make should have the customer at the center. The marketing decisions you make will define the direction your business takes.

Pages: 234 | ASIN : B09YXQW5C5

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