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Secrets of a Sales Pro

Secrets of a Sales Pro: How to Achieve Wealth, Power, and Happiness is a relatively short book but direct and clear-cut. The author shares a mountain of wisdom on thriving in your enterprises. Author Stephen Serrao is particular about how one can become the best in their field. I like how balanced the book is as Stephen Serrao does not just focus on the business aspect of things but also touches on social skills, building a career, and improving human relations. His words are simple yet carry much weight. I laud him for talking about his experiences and writing about the things that shaped him and the lessons he has learned over the years.

As a reader, you enjoy following the author’s journey from the beginning. The author introduces the reader to his content by highlighting the topics to be covered. After presenting the topics, he delves into deep discussions. The author’s tone alone will give you, as a reader, a positive outlook. I appreciate how assuring he is throughout the book and how cheerful the author is about life. Even with optimism, the author does not ignore the negative realities of life. He addresses positive and negative areas and gives the reader a complete understanding of business and other things complexities.

Stephen Serrao does not just show you how to run a business. He gives you tips on how to attract more customers and make profits. I like how technical the author gets when he discusses the various techniques of pulling customers. The beauty of Secrets of a Sales Pro is how brief and direct the author gets with every topic. Each paragraph in the book carries the key points, and every sentence is simple for readers of all levels to understand. The author also introduces readers to new concepts that many have not explored in the entrepreneur world. Stephen Serrao addresses every situation individually and gives a general method to handle things.

The chapters in the book are well researched, and the author uses data that has been verified. I love that Serrao can get to be casual and then change to a serious tone depending on the subject being discussed. He shares techniques that have worked not only for him but for others as well. For example, the author writes about how you can stand out in building a brand. The insights on marketing, making connections, and branding were fitting. I appreciate the author for being authentic in his writing and for being open when talking about his life.

Pages: 60 | ASIN : B0791LSN5B

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The Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce

The Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce written by entrepreneur Max James follows the author on a farm in West Tennessee. The author writes about his background, family, life when young, and his relationship with his father, among others. Reading the first and subsequent chapters give one a nostalgic feeling. Max James’ story is simple yet fascinating. As a young kid, one can read his dreams and aspirations in life.

The author documents his journey from when he was young, how he found himself, his goals, failures, relationships, professional life, and everything in between. The stories are pleasingly told, with the author uncovering crucial stages of his life and what he learned from every path he took. As a reader, you get to connect with Max James and even momentarily live his life. The words he shares, the happy and dark moments, and all the adventures he captures are heartwarming.

Reading this book is not only exciting but also eye-opening. As a reader, you are introduced to a new world where the author openly highlights societal issues and the purpose humans have. You get enlightened about subjects like education, policies, governments and policy-making, family, and careers, and form a positive mentality even when things become rough. One thing I loved about Max James is his honesty.

I enjoyed reading about life in the fields and wished for more content from the author. The most significant element in Max James’ writing is that he makes you feel like you are present when narrating. I also enjoyed stories about his experience at Stanford and how his life has been gradually switching. There are multiple nuggets of wisdom and saying that I found to be profound in the book.

The humor incorporated in the author’s writing is one of the many features that make Max James an exceptional author. You will enjoy several light moments and take life lessons simultaneously. This book is an excellent self-help book that will help you advance in your life. Through the wisdom shared by Max James, you are assured of breaking every hindrance that comes in your way to success. You will get a clear picture of business life, and make better financial choices.

Pages: 294 | ASIN : B09D352KWT

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Twelve-Minute Risk Management

In Twelve-Minute Risk Management, readers get a comprehensive guide to running and managing a business. Author Ivy Walker writes from experience touching on critical elements in the entrepreneurship industry. This book is eye-opening and illuminating for readers that are looking to start their own businesses. Walker gives factual information and shares her honest reviews on various business aspects. The entrepreneurship pointers shared by the author are invaluable to readers.

Let’s talk about the language used by Walker. Twelve-Minute Risk Management is an easy-to-read book about entrepreneurship for readers at all stages of business development. There are a few technical terms, all of which are defined to help readers understand. When introducing the reader to a new topic or business concept, the author starts by giving a short tale that will help the reader see the practical applications of the concept.

The author is insightful and objective working to connect with her readers. The real-life stories she shares are especially great as they contain life lessons. I like that the author focused on small businesses and gave a practical guide to those running small and medium enterprises. I enjoyed her analogies and the pointers she gave to small businesses.

Other topics that I found to be enlightening evolved around risk management, expanding businesses, making profits, operating a workplace, and my favorite; cyber-attacks. The information Walker has on cyber-attacks should not be overlooked. This topic is crucial, especially since everything revolves around technology today.

Walker uses a friendly tone and writes about the good, bad, easy, and challenging parts of entrepreneurship without sugar-coating matters. Everything from the font, arrangement of paragraphs, and choice of topics is stimulating and appealing for any reader.

With Twelve-Minute Risk Management, readers can feel safe starting a business and confident that whatever enterprise they set up will bring in profits. Ivy Walker checks every box for an all-around entrepreneur. I recommend this book to readers that want to learn how to be self-employed, run a business and create business opportunities.

Pages: 210 | ASIN : B09TNF73MP

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Simple Money, Rich Life

Bob Lotich shares his story of strength, hope, and faith. Going through this book, readers will respect the author’s work and the lessons that he shares. Bob Lotich lays bare his journey with finances and, in a free-flowing manner, gives direction on how to achieve financial freedom with the resources you have.

I respect that the author does not sell a fantasy tale about money-making. Instead, shares his secrets to success and what has worked for him, giving real-life examples of people who have made it without being given a head start. The primary lesson you get from this book is that you do not have to come from money to be wealthy. Instead, money attracts those that are hungry enough for it.

Simple Money, Rich Life is the book you did not know you needed until you read it. Bob Lotich writes about finances, making money, and how the path you take affects your financial outcome and eventually your lifestyle.

In his book, Bob Lotich starts by discussing his relationship with God. The first chapter is titled ‘The Battle is His, But You Have to Show Up.’ A befitting title for the content inside the chapter. In this chapter, you learn how crucial money is in every setting, how draining having a debt can be, and its impact on your life. I love that the author introduced the religious aspect of things, as it gives readers faith and hopes to trust in God. 

Reading Bob Lotich’s book gives readers a sense of realization. His relationship with God is amazing, and his perspective of life is fascinating. Lotich’s words are intriguing and inspire one to take the straight path. Throughout the book, you see the importance of religion as it has been a pillar to the author and his wife and helped him get back up. By the end of the reading, you feel fulfilled spiritually, financially, and socially.

Bob Lotich’s book will enable you to mold yourself to the best version. The author’s gentle words, courteous phrases, and valuable advice are worthwhile. The five critical pieces of advice I have taken from the book are budgeting and having a solid spending structure, debt management, your relationship with God, the significance of family, and making the best financial decisions. I like that the author extensively writes about saving and expounds on how you can save and still enjoy the good things in life. Bob Lotich is pragmatic, making his work stand out; he does not sell illusions.

Simple Money, Rich Life is a financial self-help book for those that want to approach financial security through faith and evidence-based methods. Readers will walk away from this educational book with renewed faith and a feeling that they, too, can reach a stable financial life.

Pages: 305 | ASIN : B094GP8MP1

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Marketing = Customers + Heart

Marketing = Customers + Heart is a business, sales, and marketing reference book with comprehensive discussions and analysis on marketing, creativity, and growing a business. Authors Judy & Erik Celmins have a laid-out step-by-step marketing guide. In addition, there are pointers in every chapter that are valuable for both experienced entrepreneurs and beginners.

This informative book is every marketing novice’s dream. Judy & Eriks Celmins are generous with the definitions and demonstrate the most complex of terms with ease.

Marketing requires one to be unique and also acquire exceptional skills. Judy & Eriks Celmins laid down all the necessary skills needed and how one can strategize while marketing. I am fascinated by how uncomplicated the authors make marketing appear. The methods shared in the book are easily applicable and do not need one to undergo formal training. Among the most crucial advice that the authors give is that one should learn their target market and make the business customer-oriented. With examples, Judy & Erik Celmins share what they believe will work and what does not work.

I applaud the authors for the language used in the book, as there is a great deal of terminology to learn. The fact that Judy & Erik Celmins used language that can be understood by those at entry-level is terrific. One goes through hundreds of lessons in just a few pages in the book. The brevity of the paragraphs was a superb concept. The authors write in a manner that makes readers understand the different sales and marketing skillsets required.

Readers can feel the author’s enthusiasm. They are not afraid to share their journey and the process, including the successes and failures that they learned from. Personal stories always add a special touch to the narration. Tales of their experiences in business, lessons learned in sales, marketing, interacting with customers, and the art of profit-making were exciting to follow.

Marketing = Customers + Heart is an educational book for readers interested in entrepreneurship and marketing. One of the biggest lessons in the book is that every move you make should have the customer at the center. The marketing decisions you make will define the direction your business takes.

Pages: 234 | ASIN : B09YXQW5C5

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Negotiate Like a CEO

Jotham S. Stein not only has brilliant advice on how to be at the top of your game in business and the corporate world, but he also gives insight into how ruthless capitalism can be. Negotiate Like A CEO is a helpful guide for building confidence as you go about your entrepreneurial or employment activities. With the author’s experience, he provides advice to help readers understand what to ask for at work, beat your competitors, the power of your signature, be bold, and understand the art of negotiation.

Stein’s writing style is direct and easy to follow. His advice for business leaders such as executives, founders of organizations, entrepreneurs, and company decision-makers is realistic and blunt. In addition, the author gives a step-by-step breakdown when introducing a new topic to ensure comprehension.

The author uses personal stories to share his ideas and present his concepts. By writing about his encounters, challenges, and wins, Stein connects with his readers on a basic level, showing he has been where they are before. I appreciate the author for addressing people employed by organizations and those who are self-employed. The author balanced the guidance he has for the two groups flawlessly.

In addition to the in-depth discussions on negotiating, Stein includes a section in the book where he tells stories of entrepreneurs and executives. What I loved most about this part was how moving the stories felt. They were told with honesty and without sugar coating the experiences. The conversations were interesting and captivating to follow along with. Each story ended with a lesson for readers to take away with them.

Negotiate Like A CEO: How to Get Ahead with Lessons Learned From Top Entrepreneurs and Executives is an educational book that will give readers a realistic view of what it takes to get ahead in business. With an introduction to new entrepreneurship concepts and learning how executives get to rise to positions of power, readers will come out with more knowledge of how the business world works.

Pages: 294 | ASIN : B09TG125BQ

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The All-Weather Retirement Portfolio

Money is a sensitive subject for many. However, it is also a necessity in the modern world as one can achieve a lot when their financial situation is secure. In his book The All-Weather Retirement Portfolio: Your Post-Retirement Investment Guide to a Worry-Free Income for Life, author Randy L. Thurman talks about making money and knowing how to save and invest you can have the retirement life you desire. The author gives practical examples and uses a language that the average reader can understand. This financial guide is for individuals that are just starting out planning their retirement, mid-career, and those planning to retire soon. Randy L. Thurman talks to different groups of working-class and entrepreneurs making profits off their investments and gives readers first-hand advice from those who are successful.

The book’s arrangement is systematic and shows a logical progression of the thought process and steps one should follow. The author starts from the root, expounding on the importance of having a healthy bank account and how to save even if it is only a little at the start. To help the reader comprehend his content better, Randy L. Thurman broke down various topics into 15 chapters. Each chapter focuses on one step, making it easier to put the plan into action in their own life.

For a subject as daunting as financial planning is, the author has made reading about the topic interesting and nonintimidating. One of the most valuable topics discussed is the importance of finding a financial advisor that you can trust. Readers will appreciate the author’s attention to detail, listing the qualities one should look for in an advisor. He also emphasizes that readers need to be cautious as not everyone claiming to be a financial advisor is well equipped to handle money. Providing questions to ask so you can find the right advisor for your situation will benefit readers.

The All-Weather Retirement Portfolio: Your Post-Retirement Investment Guide to a Worry-Free Income for Life discusses investing 101 and gives a detailed explanation of how best to invest. This information is beneficial to people in all stages of retirement planning.

Pages: 221 | ASIN : B00WF8XW78

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