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The Overseas Fabulous Pinay


Many people dream of living abroad but don’t have the information they need to make it possible. As such, this is the book you need to read! When preparing for this journey, you’re going to wonder, where do I start? How do I plan my move? What are the things I need to know? Donna Avellana Kunzler writes from her own experience living abroad and enlightens readers on making it work for you by offering practical tips everyone can put to use.

The Overseas Fabulous Pinay is a fascinating and fun read because you are presented with a helpful guide that offers essential tips on what you need to know.  A bonus that the author has added in the book are recipes on how to make Filipino dishes. Author Donna Avellana Kunzler has made this an easy to read and engaging book that makes me want to explore new foods and different cultures. The author also provides tips on how to beat homesickness; which is an example of the many unexpected by helpful tips you’ll find in this entertaining and informative book. Her last piece of advice is to invest in and love yourself. Is this a self-help book two? Sort of; as the author states, ‘when a person is happy, she radiates positivity’. Kunzler says that living overseas can help you learn more about yourself. What a fantastic route to personal development!

This quirky book has a fun and upbeat tone that feels comfortable and inviting. The author offers vital information and helpful tips in a fresh and relatable way. I have a more powerful yearning now to travel abroad and spend a good portion of my morning imagining what it would be like working overseas. The Overseas Fabulous Pinay is a unique, fascinating and fun read that I recommend to all who are traveling, who are going to travel, or those that want some inspiration to travel.

Pages: 128 | ISBN: 3952520101

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Dreaming on an Arabian Carpet

Dreaming on an Arabian Carpet by [Martek, Igor]

Dreaming on an Arabian Carpet, by Igor Martek, follows the trials and tribulations of Ricky, a man facing one dilemma after another in his life in the Middle East. Ricky is a Filipino man making his way in Kuwait and struggling to come to terms with his career demands while taming the turmoil that is his love life. When Breeze, his girlfriend from China, is not in the picture, Ricky is coping with a love lost with Leoni. The on-and-off love triangle that looms over Ricky leaves him contemplating his life choices and provides readers with a character who is philosophical, introspective, and, at times, a bit morbid.

Ricky often finds himself at odds with his own desires. As a character, he is trusting–far too trusting, in fact. Over the course of the book, he runs the gamut of emotions. He finds himself contemplating religious expectations, the course of his career, and the real reasons he may or may not belong with Breeze.

I found myself hard-pressed to like Breeze; it was a real struggle. As a reader, I wanted desperately for Ricky to find himself, find a way to cope with Breeze’s flighty nature, and realize her true intentions. The author does a wonderful job of keeping frustration levels high in that respect. If anything, Breeze is true-to-life. There is no fairy tale resolution where she is concerned. The relationship between Ricky and Breeze runs hot and cold, and I felt myself quickly realizing that Ricky could do much better than Breeze. Her tendency to talk down to him and to leave him wondering where he stands left me disconcerted and hurting for him.

As much disdain as I held for Breeze, I may have disliked Leoni even more. She, too, comes in and out of Ricky’s life with little or no warning and shakes up his emotions, his intentions, and his choices. Leoni seems to use Ricky to stroke her own ego and comfort herself following each of her subsequent divorces. Martek has created quite the triangle with Leoni, Breeze, and Ricky. Ricky spends a lot of time recounting his past experiences with both women, and the story tends to bounce back and forth fairly randomly.

Martek paints beautiful pictures of his settings. His vivid details in scenery and the cuisines of each of the cultures depicted are quite appealing and provide fantastic visuals as the reader watches the story unfold. In addition, the author includes history lessons throughout Ricky’s story.

Martek is an eloquent writer of fiction and is more than capable of writing in the romance genre. While Martek has woven an intricate tale that immerses the reader in culture, drama, and clings to intense and realistic personal relationships, it does lack humor. The serious nature of the story doesn’t lend itself well to overtly comedic moments, but the overall tone seems too sober. Well-placed, light-hearted moments would be a welcome addition to the story line.

Pages: 173 | ASIN: B0771PDS4G

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