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The New Currency of Marketing

Jon Hinderliter Author Interview

The Death of Content as King is a detailed guide that shows how data democracy has revolutionized the marketing industry. Why was this an important book for you to write?

There are a lot of bad reasons to write a book, and this wasn’t about selling something else to readers. In my case, I was driven by the argument I felt compelled to make about what the industry has chosen to ignore regarding marketing today. I was aware, however, that it was imperative that it be thoroughly researched and the reasons for its change were thoroughly examined.

How has your professional experience helped you write this book?

Throughout my career, I have led integrated marketing efforts for hundreds of marketing campaigns, websites, social media properties, and mobile applications. This experience has enabled me to understand why some campaigns succeed and others fail. As part of my research for this book, I compiled my learnings and weaved them with stories from my marketing career to aid the readers in understanding the arguments I have put forward.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about marketing today?

The biggest misconception is that platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are here to help marketers find a free audience. As it turns out, platforms use data to provide users with an algorithm-driven experience, which is uniquely curated and tailored so products and ads can be targeted to specific users. The value of content to them is just one data point amongst many calculated to determine if it helps the platforms achieve their goals.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

Data is becoming the new currency of marketing, and for companies to prosper in this new era, they must stop seeing data as just a collection of zeros and ones but as the most important source of consumer insight.

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No king rules forever. Since the early days of the internet, content marketing has been the battle cry of countless marketing experts promising free consumer attention forever in return for creating quality content. However, the platforms that dominate search, social, and e-commerce use data-powered algorithms to drive personalized experiences for billions of users and is now where the majority of advertising dollars are spent. A once in a century paradigm shift has occurred that requires new strategies for organizations to survive this data revolution. The Death of Content as King is a methodically researched guide that helps you embrace data, not as the new king, but as the voice and vote of the consumer in this new era of data democracy.

The Death of Content As King

The Death of Content as King: How a Data Democracy Has Revolutionized Marketing, by Jon Hinderliter, explores how content is no longer as dominant as it once was and goes on to explain how data now monopolizes marketing. This book is a well researched and thorough guide to help people embrace this new ‘data democracy’ which represents the true voice of the consumer.

Jon Hinderliter has put together a book that dives deep into the details and expounds on the ways in which data is better for marketing than content. Hinderliter brings in some of his own personal experiences that illustrate the different points being made throughout the book. I thought they were interesting and a poignant addition to the book. He explains what content is and why it is considered ‘the king’. A variety of topics are covered in the book such as platforms, social networks, targeting the journey, as well as adding things you didn’t know you would need; which for me was basically the majority of this book as I found this book unveiled issues I didn’t know existed and provided effective solutions to those problems immediately. He moves on logically from there to building your democracy to privacy and wraps it up with what’s coming next. I felt the topics were well rounded and thorough.  Hinderliter expertly shows how you can use data to target and personalize what you are putting out so that you can create purposeful and specific content that is designed to succeed in the new world.

The Death of Content as King: How a Data Democracy Has Revolutionized Marketing is a must read for anyone working in marketing, public relations, advertising, or any entrepreneur that wants to succeed in this new world. Filled with detailed and actionable advice, this book provides value in more ways than one and is a critical tool in the digital age.

Pages: 238 | ASIN: B08Q1X44KX

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