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The Cursed Fae

The Cursed Fae (Accessory to Magic Book 2) by [Kathrin Hutson]

The Cursed Fae by Kathrin Hutson brings back beloved badass protagonist, Jessica Northwood, into chaos again, after the intense events of the first book from the Accessory to Magic series. This time she has to find a way to fix the bank’s malfunction while predicaments from the past step slowly back into her life. And as if all of that isn’t enough, she has to handle the curiosity of numerous magicals, both inside and outside the bank, about the gateway upstairs, which she can’t satisfy since she doesn’t know a thing about what’s going on.

This creates a tense atmosphere of mystery throughout the book ensuring the reader is engaged throughout this well defined fantasy story. But it isn’t dense at all, there’s lots of humor to go with it! Jessica’s dialogue with the bank inside her mind are one of the highlights, witty even in the moments of action. The dialogue is humorous and sharp. It showcases the nature of her relationships, whether it is her verbal sparring with Leandras (yes, he’s back!) or her mysterious interactions with Mel. The best thing about the protagonist is her attitude, she doesn’t shy away from a fight or a sarcastic remark. But her fatal flaw is not wanting to face her past problems, a theme in the book and I bet in the rest of the series. Another highlight of the book are the actions scenes. The first part of the novel is a bit slow, but the second half has lots of action that propels us forward, using the well – written dialogue as foil for the physical conflict. At the end of the book, Jessica is closer to getting her answers, but not quite yet, since the book sets up a cliffhanger which is bound to make you grab the next installment as soon as possible.

With interesting characters, an intriguing fantasy world and engaging conflict The Cursed Fae is a lively urban fantasy novel that infuses just the right amount of humor into this dark paranormal story to keep you coming back for more.

Pages: 290 | ASIN: B08T9Y58PY

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Accessory to Magic

Kathrin Hutson
Kathrin Hutson Author Interview

The Witching Vault follows Jessica as she is given the responsibility of guarding the Gateway from the occult syndicate who want it. What were some ideas that informed this novels development?

Actually, the original idea was something I’d pitched to a ghostwriting client. In its first iteration, it would have been a spin-off of a different series we’d written together. But they weren’t interested, and so I filed the idea away for later use (and honoring NDAs means I can’t say which series sparked the idea, unfortunately). But as this single thought hung around in my head for a while, I started to see how it could be so much more than the original idea. And I was able to put my own much darker spin on it with a witch who’s also an ex-con. Why in the world would somebody take a job at a magical bank that can think for itself, who everyone wants to get their hands on, unless that person had created the bank themselves? No one, really. But now in the Accessory to Magic series, Winthrop & Dirledge Security Banking has a long history with choosing new owners who literally don’t have another choice. Jessica doesn’t either, because getting any job at all that lasts more than temporary work or that doesn’t really “fit the bill” is so hard for anyone who’s been institutionalized and newly released from prison. Even a witch released from magical prison. And that built Jessica’s entire character and her backstory that I’m still exploring in Book 2, The Cursed Fae.

You’ve created a unique fantasy world filled with odd happenings. How did you balance magic and its use throughout the story to keep it believable?

There’s always a fine line between inundating any form Fantasy work with so much magic that it becomes overdone and still pulling in that line of reality, where the characters struggle even with magic to achieve their goals. Urban Fantasy is a particularly unique genre for this, perfectly suited to balancing magic and its use with believability. Because in most Urban Fantasy settings, there’s a “majority population” of humans, people without magic, who really have no idea magic exists. It’s that idea of the hidden world within our already established world.

Jessica is an incredibly powerful magical (and I won’t give any spoilers as to what type of witch she really is), yet she’s removed half of her own magic in order to keep herself and the people around her safe. To not repeat the same mistakes that landed her in prison in the first place. And despite her powerful magic, she still has to deal with things like providing customer service to aggravating and horrifying clients, trying to keep herself fed when the building’s kitchen is almost completely empty and the bank won’t let her leave to stock up on food, and calling in a magical emergency to 2-2-9 and the Cleaners.

The balance is found in going through all the mundane things of daily life that we all experience in the world, just with an extra touch of magic and intrigue.

What were some ideas that informed the development of the bank and the occult syndicate in this book?

Like I said, the whole idea of a magical bank started as a spark of an idea I pitched to a ghostwriting client. But the fleshing-out of the bank as an actual character – with attitude from the very beginning and later with an ability to actually speak to Jessica in her mind – came purely out of necessity, honestly. The one magical who could have given Jessica answers is wiped off the map shortly after she starts this apprenticeship at the bank. And the idea of leaving Jessica trapped inside the bank with nothing and no one but an immortal lizard to keep her company didn’t sound like a particularly exciting storyline. And the bank had already chosen Jessica as its new owner. Why not make the bank a character as well?

As I’m wrapping up the writing of Book 2 in the series, I’m realizing more and more that Jessica’s relationship with the bank as a sentient entity is incredibly reflective of her. The bank goes through some of the same magical mishaps as Jessica, though on a broader scale and within a sort of “life or death” situation for two entire worlds. Jessica’s magic is at half capacity by her own design, and the bank’s magic starts echoing this dilemma as well. Until she learns to come to terms with who she is and the fact that the mistakes she made in her past as a criminal and a fugitive aren’t tied to who she must become in order to protect the Gateway and keep even more chaos at bay.

Again, this comes down to hiding the extraordinary within the mundane. It’s so exciting to think that the most powerful and crucial portal in this Urban Fantasy world is tucked away within a bank. Yes, a magical bank, but still a daily necessity for humans and magicals. Jessica gets to live in the bank, work in the bank, and work with the bank to protect the Gateway all at the same time. But like with any adventurous Fantasy work, there are always “dark forces” who want to get their hands on what they’re not allowed to touch. If I say any more than that, I’m giving way too many spoilers for the entire series.

This is book one in your Accessory to Magic series. What can readers expect in book two?

In Book 2, readers will discover right alongside Jessica yet again more about who she is, where she came from, and what happened in her past to lead her to where she is now. Fortunately, advanced readers of Book 1 were hooked by the mystery of Jessica’s past, and I’m so excited to be able to bring more things to light about this in Book 2. There’s a handful of key characters who show up in The Cursed Fae to shed a lot more light on who Jessica used to be and what she did, but even they don’t know the full scope of Jessica’s past before she was inducted into a team of magical thieves and criminals. This is part of what Jessica ends up rediscovering herself in Book 2 as well. Because just like she performed a dangerous spell on herself to remove half of her most destructive magic (still keeping it close but refusing to use it), she also paid someone to remove memories she hadn’t realized she was missing. And now they’re starting to come back.

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Run the witching vault. Protect the Gateway. Say please. And don’t get killed.

After her release from magical prison, Jessica Northwood can’t hold a job to save her life. So when an apprenticeship opens up at a spellbound bank, no questions asked, she can’t exactly say no… But she definitely should have.

For centuries, the bank’s owners have stood between the Gateway in the upstairs hall and the occult syndicate who want it for themselves. As the current owner, the scryer witch is supposed to have that under control. But when the woman turns up dead, Jessica’s employment contract now says she’s the one tasked with this lethal responsibility.
Jessica has no idea what she’s doing…and the bank won’t let her leave. As she deals with magical clientele who know the stakes far better than she does, Jessica must decide just how far she’s willing to go to keep this job. Because if she doesn’t, she’ll end up as dead as the body in the lobby. Or worse.

Ilona Andrews’ Innkeeper Chronicles meets The Magicians in this snarky, fast-paced Urban Fantasy Adventure from International Bestselling Author Kathrin Hutson.

Sleepwater Static

Sleepwater Static (Blue Helix Book 2) by [Kathrin Hutson]

Bernadette Maney is an elderly lady who left the comfort of her home for someplace unknown and along the way made friends who have become more like family. However, that family is now being threatened. The Wyoming Sleepwater chapter is in danger from the government and we find our eclectic group of characters on the run again. This is despite one pregnant member being so close to her due date and Bernadette’s arthritis being especially bothersome. Bernadette assumes they will be safe in a cabin in South Carolina. But will they? How will they manage to deliver an infant with everything that is going on? How will the Wyoming Sleepwater chapter survive having lost so many members?

This is book two in Kathrin Hutson’s Blue Helix sci-fi series. In this installment, we get to dive deep into Bernadette’s character and experience her wisdom. This book touches on issues like racism in a way that is powerful and effective without being annoyingly political. While it is a second in a series, the first is not a necessary prerequisite. The book handles revisits expertly. Providing just enough information from the first book to give the backstory but not overwhelming the reader with information or regurgitating the first book.

Sleepwater Static is an excellent piece of thought-provoking literature. Wyoming’s Sleepwater chapter persecution parallel’s contemporary societal issues. The fight for LGBT civil rights is a global issue, but in Sleepwater Static it is distilled down to a group of friends, and driven by well defined characters with special abilities that still must overcome humanities abhorrence to diversity.

Bernadette was only a little more than briefly introduced in the first book. In this book, we get to see her in all her arthritic glory, exuding wisdom and life experience. But character development was something I took for granted as it was well on display in the first book and carries over to book two. Bernadette returns home only to find that trouble is hard to elude.

Sleepwater Static is a story that is consistently entertaining. It reminds me of Netflix’s recent sci-fi movie Code 8. If you have a chance to pickup book one in the series then do so, it will make book two much more enjoyable. In either case this is a fun book that you shouldn’t pass up.

Pages: 397 | ASIN: B085S7ZG3S

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Words as a Physical Weapon

Kathrin Hutson Author Interview

Kathrin Hutson Author Interview

Sleepwater Beat follows Leo as she is thrust into Sleepwater’s guerrilla war, hunted, and used as a weapon. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thrilling novel?

The inspiration as a whole came from what actually became the tagline for this book: “They say the pen is mightier than the sword. In Sleepwater’s world, words are literally more powerful than bullets.” As a writer, I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of the written word. The thousands of books I’ve read have all impacted me in various ways. The written word has the power to incite plenty of action, or positive change, or emotional awakening not just in individuals but on a broad scale. I actually have the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword” in Latin tattooed on my arm above a feather quill. So I’ve always loved the sentiment behind it – words and ideas are more powerful and lasting than the physical scope of an experience (and yes, in many contexts, “peaceful discourse over violent acts”).

I can’t remember exactly why or how the thought occurred to me, but I do remember wondering what things would look like if “the pen is mightier than the sword” were translated into something more literal. What would the world look like if the spoken word wasn’t just a means of expression but an actual tool for physical effect? What if a traditionally unarmed person stood up against someone with a gun or a knife or even just a raised fist and could not only physically defend themselves but also attack and maybe even hurt that other person with nothing more than their words? Or words as a physical weapon, “literally more powerful than bullets”?

And that’s where the premise of “the beat” began. The rest of this Dystopian world and especially Leo’s part in it was a long process of not knowing what I was doing until I workshopped the original short story in a writer’s group in Charleston in 2014. The group’s love of that short story (also originally titled “Sleepwater Beat“) and their honestly ravenous desire to know more about the world on a broad scale when faced with the issues I only brushed on in the short story inspired me to flesh this thing out and create what later became the novel. And now, after having written it, that short story of 30,000 words has fueled an entire trilogy, at the very least, and maybe even more books beyond that.

Leo is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some ideas that drove that characters development?

In all honesty, I’d say about 75% of Leo is me. And the other 25% is partly who I feel like on the inside without anyone else seeing it and partly who I wish I could be in certain situations. I think that plays a really big role in why she feels so well-developed and fully rounded. Leo and I share so many of the same experiences, background, and struggles (in different variations, of course), and I found myself writing certain scenes in this book for Leo that came directly from true, real-life experiences I’ve had myself. I could go on and on about the similarities, but it would be a very long list. I can say that the supporting characters Alex, Carlos, Kaylee, and the twins Tony and Don were all modeled off of people in my own life as well. The garage where Sleepwater stays for the night and where the group of beat-spinners are interrupted by one of those intense action scenes (I don’t want to leave any spoilers) was based on what I remember of a real place in Denver, Colorado. So many of the dark places Leo experiences in this book come from my own dark places, some of them very, very real. That wasn’t my intention starting out, but the more I wrote, the more I realized I could funnel my own life experiences into this character and make her that much more perfect for the role she inhabits. It was also the first time I’d done this with any of my characters, so it was a little nerve-wracking, to say the least.

The unique ability that Leo has is something that was well developed and fascinating. How did you balance this to ensure things were believable throughout?

In speculative fiction of all sub-genres, whenever there’s a “great power”, there always has to be something to balance it out – a “catch”, so to speak. With the beat in general, Leo learns very quickly that the ability she’s used most of her life to get her out of sticky situations (and sometimes into them) doesn’t work at all when heard through technology: radio, audio devices, recordings, intercom systems, etc. That’s the one thing Sleepwater has to combat, too. A group of people with an ability that could wreak devastation if using their ability for the wrong reasons find themselves up against shady organizations who know what will render the beat “ineffective”. There’s also the fact that being inebriated with any substance kills “the beat”. There’s a certain sharpness of mind necessary for “spinning a beat”, which we also find out quite quickly.

The balance in keeping it believable lies with the truth behind this idea of the proverbial pen being mightier than the sword. There’s also a lot of commentary on social media use and technological advancements in this book, where “hearsay” and “fake news” are oftentimes believed and hyped up and perpetuated beyond reason. This comes from something I’ve always valued in my own life: the importance of hearing all available sides of the story not through gossip or what’s “trending” but straight from the source itself. Hence the balance of technology and any kind of mind-altering substance wiping out the beat’s effectiveness. I also touch upon the idea that people with this ability must be very careful with how they use and what they’re feeling when they do. Emotional outbursts (a common trope with “powers” in speculative fiction) can trigger the beat without a person intending to use it in the first place. It’s my way of shedding light on a warning I try to always keep in mind in my daily life too: letting our emotions get the better of us comes with its own set of unintended consequences.

Really, while “the beat” is completely made up and definitely the most “improbable” aspect of this book, it’s just another reflection of society and how we conduct ourselves individually and as a whole. People with this ability are normal, everyday people. Yet they have something the rest of the world doesn’t understand and are summarily feared and hated because of it. That theme doesn’t change throughout the rest of the books planned for the series.

This is book one in your Blue Helix series. What can readers expect in book two, Sleepwater Static?

Sleepwater Static may just be the most emotionally charged project I’ve worked on (for me personally, and hopefully for my readers). It has so much to say, just like Sleepwater Beat does, but in a very different way. We see the same characters for the most part, but the main character of book two is Bernadette Manney. I know readers fell in love with Leo (as did I), and while she’s still a part of things with Sleepwater, I wanted to explore a few other characters I didn’t get to dive as deeply into as I did with Leo in the first book. Bernadette fascinated me when I wrote her, and she’s got an incredible story to share.

Book two definitely takes it down a notch on the “explosions, fist fights, and running for their lives” scale, but the suspense is still there throughout. Through Bernadette, we get to see much more of how Sleepwater started, of what people with this ability went through before Leo ever came into the picture. And there were incredibly important topics I wanted to touch on with book two that I didn’t get to explore in book one. The story continues, but the focus doesn’t turn nearly so much onto the “seedier underbelly” of Leo’s world. Instead, I explored the way this Dystopian world has changed and what’s headed down the pipeline through the lens of race and racial tension, transracial families, bigotry, isolation, motherhood, age. Bernadette undergoes a surreal and uncomfortable return to her “Southern roots”, all while trying to protect her new Sleepwater family from the nationwide hysteria turning the people she once knew and trusted against her. It may be as heavy as book one, just in a different way.

I’m so excited to share Bernadette’s story when Sleepwater Static releases on May 26th this year. And I’m even more excited to dive into the next book after that. There will definitely be at least three books (maybe more, if the story begs me to continue it), and the endless possibilities have me itching to keep going.

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Sleepwater Beat (Blue Helix Book 1) by [Kathrin Hutson]

Leo could always make people believe anything she says—really believe. When her chest burns and the words come from her mouth, her targets’ eyes glaze over, they forget their own thoughts, and they’ll do anything she says. It’s what keeps her alive after being on the run and living on the streets for years. But after using it on her girlfriend and her dad’s drug dealer, it’s also what got her here on the streets in the first place.

Then Sleepwater finds her. When Leo discovers there are others out there with similar powers, scattered across the country, she can’t say no to the underground organization. After all, what’s a little sit-down with the only people who may ever understand her? What she doesn’t expect is to be thrust into Sleepwater’s guerrilla war, hunted by government agencies, and used as a weapon. Worse than that, she might be more valuable not for what she can do but for who she was before they found her.

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Sleepwater Beat

Sleepwater Beat (Blue Helix Book 1) by [Hutson, Kathrin]

Leona has had an irregular life. She has a secret. Spinning beats gets her out of situations. It helps her survive on the cold hard streets. Until one day Karl sees her for who she really is. He knows because he can do it too. He knows other people who might be like her. Sleepwater is not what she thought it would be. She expected days lived with people who understand and maybe finally, some peace. However, her life becomes chaos when she starts being hunted. She will have to run from something worse than what she had run from before. Will the agencies catch up with her? Will Leo catch a break? Can she finally understand her abilities?

Kathrin Hutson has combined so many fan-favorite elements in this book. There is an LGBTQ romance that is well developed and refreshing. Sleepwater Beat provides a suspenseful story filled with surprising twists and a lot of emotion. The plot seems like the author let her imagination run wild. The plot is peppered with escapades and exciting events.

The characters are artfully sculpted. The way Leo is described and introduced to us complete with her attitude is so vivid and detailed. You can almost feel her tangled hair between your fingers. You can smell the cigarettes on her clothes. You hear the slight tobacco-induced rasp in her voice as she gives sass and ‘beats’ people. You will almost fall for Karl’s intentions as he picks up Leo and offers her exactly what she needs. The author has done a great job with the characters. They make you look forward to following them through the Blue Helix series.

The style of writing in this book is a bit gruff. It has a certain quality that puts you right in the street. Maybe it is the wording of the dialogue. Maybe it is the way the words are delivered and by whom. The words just help build the scene for the reader. It is the kind of writing that perfectly fits this kind of story with these kinds of characters.

The alternative throwbacks are especially lovely. They help you compare then and now and give you some insight into the why of now. They give you a better understanding and enhance the connection between the reader and the characters/story.

Sleepwater Beat will bring you face to face with unconventional situations. You will wonder how to handle a clever Leo who maintains a flirty crust while having a broken center. Kudos for successfully thrusting the reader right into the thick of it and keeping them gripped enough to resist leaving.

Pages: 410 | ASIN: B07JZXBRLC

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