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Shedding Light on the Darkness

Kenneth Liddane Author Interview

Finding Happiness In The Dark explains how the search for happiness is flawed and how happiness is unique to everyone and is ever-changing. Why was this an important book for you to write?

In the past I really struggled with depression, hindsight gave me the opportunity to realise how subtle thoughts and feelings can easily develop into a totally debilitating critical thoughts, unpleasant feelings, emotions and unhelpful behaviours. As a result, what I was actually resisting and fighting against were my own feelings, I ended up being depressed because I was depressed. As I eventually learned, the feelings themselves aren’t actually the problem, they are simply trying to guide and protect me to help me survive. We will always experience all types of feelings both pleasant and unpleasant, without them we simply wouldn’t survive.

As a society we have developed a need to be happy and focus on positives, to the point that all unpleasant feelings are rejected and avoided. The fact is, if we feel bad then we feel bad and pretending we don’t isn’t going to resolve anything. Unpleasant unresolved feelings aren’t going anywhere, instead they become an underlying filter to how we perceive our thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours, our environment and others. As a result, we keep our minds occupied and distracted as we strive towards goals, activities and products that bring us moments of joy. These moments don’t last long though, and the unpleasant feelings come to the surface again and again. Because of this, “I will be happy if …” becomes a common phrase and belief, the work is not to search for the happiness, instead to allow ourselves to get comfortable exploring the darkness so that happiness reveals itself naturally.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about happiness?

Unless it is a significant moment of being submerged in pure joy then it doesn’t really count.

I am happy about thousands of things right now, I’m happy I’m sitting on a comfortable chair instead of a cactus, I’m happy I’ve got the opportunity to discuss my book with you instead of giving up after a case of writers block, and the list goes on.

When we disregard all of the little moments of happiness, at what stage do we draw the line and say “OK, I’m happy now!”

What is one piece of advice that you would give to someone who says they are ‘searching for happiness’?

Stop searching! When you accept all feelings, happiness will appear naturally.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

The darkness is not that dark when it’s accepted. When you allow yourself to accept all feelings you will see that happiness is all around us.

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Have you ever said

Did you ever achieve that? And if so, what happened next? Are you living happily ever after, or did you set new goals and update your “I will be happy if…” statement?

In this book, I address the fact that the search for happiness is flawed! Happiness is unique to each individual, it is ever-changing and conditional.

By searching for happiness, I am actually just reminding myself that I am not happy now! After all, why would I search for happiness if I am already happy?

I can tell myself that I am fine, but that doesn’t change how I actually feel, and how I actually feel directly impacts how I perceive the world around me, which affects how I think and behave.

So why do I endure this darkness while I try and persuade myself and others that everything is OK?

Finding Happiness In The Dark directly links our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours with the same core instincts and drives as every living thing on this planet.

With this insight, you can see how unhelpful thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours develop as we try to navigate through life’s challenges both internally and externally.

By considering the knowledge, skills and possible supports highlighted in this book, you will see that you no longer need to avoid, suppress or endure any part of your true self.

All aspects of your natural self are valuable, and by learning to realise your full potential, you can utilise all of the resources that are at your disposal, and become better able to face any challenge and life experience that comes your way.

Let Finding Happiness In The Dark help you emerge from the darkness,
so happiness has nowhere to hide!

What are you waiting for?

Finding Happiness In The Dark

Finding Happiness In The Dark is an insightful self-help book with actionable tools and pragmatic tips that will help readers find their genuine self and discover authentic happiness. The book covers issues such as depression and other mental illnesses in a raw and real way. What I found compelling was the way in which the author does not shy away from these difficult topics, but instead faces them down with information, experience, and sober guidance. Author Kenneth Liddane shares his own experiences while putting the focus on the overall human experience. The book doesn’t just focus on mental health struggles but rather on the journey we call life and the fact that we are faced with constant ups and downs.

Liddane’s knowledge and experience as a holistic counselor and mind coach shows in his writing and in his thoughtful approach to helping others. The author dives into the conscious and subconscious mind, perception, and concepts that are crucial in psychology but also crucial in understanding ourselves and the people around us. Liddane helps readers to identify obstacles, both internal and external, that effect us negatively and provides ways to overcome them.

This is an inspiring book and the author’s writing makes the text feel like you are speaking to a sympathetic life coach. I appreciated how concise this book is, wasting no time to dive deep into topics, but what I really appreciated about this book was how easy it is to understand.

The author states that the ultimate goal of this book is to provide knowledge and support so that anyone can learn to accept all aspects of themselves. Once you can accept all aspects of yourself you can gain a greater understanding of your own subconscious mind, and learn to work with it instead of against it.

Finding Happiness In The Dark is an enlightening guide that will help readers reach their full potential. This book can be a powerful tool for readers who struggle with with negative thoughts, and struggle with finding happiness.

Pages: 112 | ASIN: B09BW1LX16

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