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A Different Way to Learn

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Lisa Jacovsky Author Interview

Let’s talk! A story of Autism and Friendship teaches readers about autism and accepting others through a fun and engaging story. Why was this an important book for you to write?

It was important to me for a few different reasons. Working in this field I get asked all the time by parents if I think their child has Autism and then they tell me how afraid they are of the diagnosis. I feel that this is sad because Autism is just a different way to learn and is actually beautiful. I wanted to write something that showed families it is ok that their child has Autism. I also wanted to show people the way I see Autism as just a different way to learn. There Is not enough research out there on Autism and there is still that negative connotation. That is something I am striving to change with this book and the rest that are coming in the series.

The art in the book is vibrant and charming. What was the art collaboration process like with Blueberry Illustrations?

It was so simple and easy. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to self publish or is looking for an illustrator. They followed my instructions to the letter. They also were so kind and gracious when I had one illustration that needed to be changed. They sent me a work schedule that they either stuck to the day of or would send me work early. They really made the process enjoyable and I am now working with them for the third time on my second book.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I really wanted to explore the idea of friendship. I wanted to show that child like innocence of our children that is open to anyone no matter our differences. I also wanted to make sure my characters were of different ethnicities than I am. That specifically was done to show that Autism can happen to anyone, of any race. Because it is primarily seen as a white disorder. It does happen to others they just don’t talk about it and that I would like to change as well.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My next book is called Lets Talk! And go to the zoo, the sequel. It will be available April 2, 2021 from amazon, barnes and noble, Walmart and any small independent book store that can order it or from me and my etsy shop palepinkadventures.

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Harper, a seven-year-old little girl that is typically developing, loves going to the pool. One day when she gets to the pool, she meets a new friend, a little girl who is also seven years old . She has no idea that this friend is any different than her. All Harper knows is she has a new friend that wants to play in her tube with her. They both love to swim at the pool and want to play together however, Emma has little communication skills. Emma can make sounds and not words and flaps her hands when she is excited. When Harper realizes she cannot communicate with her new friend she becomes determined to find a way to. In talking to her mom, Harper is told that Emma has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Determined to not let this stand in the way of her new friendship she becomes determined to learn how to communicate with Emma. She begins to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder and asks Emma’s mom to show her the different ways she can communicate with her new friend. Harper becomes excited to begin to use her new tools to communicate with Emma. The two become inseparable from that day on. Harper introduces Emma to all her friends and teaches them how to communicate with her. Harper and Emma become the center of their circle of friends and begin to have many more adventures together.

Let’s Talk! A Story of Autism and Friendship

Let’s Talk! A Story of Autism and Friendship, by Lisa Jacovsky is a fun and educational children’s story about a little girl named Harper. While at the pool one day, she meets a girl named Emma. She tries to talk and play with her, but she notices something’s off. Emma doesn’t speak, and she just stands there, flapping her arms. Harper offers to play in the pool with Emma and once she does, she learns that Emma has autism! Even after knowing why Emma behaved the way she did, she didn’t mind and Emma still became her best friend.

Let’s Talk! A Story of Autism and Friendship is a light-hearted and engaging story that teaches young readers a valuable life lesson. Author Lisa Jacovsky is able to write about a sensitive topic while keeping it easy for kids to understand. The colorful and detailed illustrations allow for the reader to better visualize the story and the characters. I really enjoyed how the story shows what it is like to have a friend with autism, letting the audience know that they may think differently, but they are still fun people to be around!

Let’s Talk! A Story of Autism and Friendship is a touching and easy to read picture book that will make it easy for parents and teachers to begin a discussion about autism with children. It teaches kids about the importance of accepting others and learning how to make them feel more comfortable, and Lisa Jacovsky does it all within an entertaining story.

Pages: 14 | ASIN: B08CBDT71J

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