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Being Out On The Road

Nathan  Pettijohn
Nathan Pettijohn Author Interview

Travels with Hafa details your exploration of the Pacific Northwest with your dog Hafa. What inspired you to capture this journey in a book?

The trip was pretty impromptu, but along the way I did start writing some notes about the interesting people I met along the way. I really decided to begin writing a book about it in April of 2020 while on lockdown in quarantine, as it enabled me to relive the experiences while stuck at home. In that sense, I wrote this book for selfish reasons to get out of my head and remember what being out on the road was like.

What is one thing that you remember the most from your trip?

The freedom of the road was exhilarating, and my dog felt it as much as I did. I remember the campfires with my dog by my side and watching the stars while unplugged for my technology and society for a short while. Most of my favorite stops were when we were boondocking out on our own, like on a ranch in Montana with 17,000 acres, or at empty parks by ourselves. Having that disconnection from technology and the beauty of nature with my dog was a very special experience.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you before you left?

I didn’t plan very much out or look at the weather during the trip. If I had planned my trip more, I probably wouldn’t have driven into snowstorms that ended up scaring me. I also had about every beginner learning mistake with an RV that you could imagine, but nothing too bad.

Do you plan to do more traveling and writing?

Yes, definitely! I can’t wait to get back on the road soon and hopefully share more stories.

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On the heels of a breakup, author Nathan Pettijohn rents an RV and takes off on the road with his dog to explore the Pacific Northwest for the month of October. Along their journey, Pettijohn and his dog Raphael, or “Hafa,” meet with locals in small towns and stay at sites ranging from national parks, trailer parks, and campgrounds, to parking lots and open spaces. While going to a number of iconic bucket-list road trip stops, Pettijohn shares his views on everything from dog training to dating apps, in a modern exploration of life on the road today in America for adventurers, vagabonds, and dog lovers.

Travels with Hafa

Travels with Hafa: In Search of Ourselves by [Nathan Pettijohn]

Have you ever wanted to pick up and go? Just take a trip, be spontaneous, and not look back? Sometimes, that’s precisely what you need to do, and it can change your life. Nathan Pettijohn decides to take a trip and travels with his faithful German Shepard named Hafa. Though a few people join him on the way, only Hafa is with him the entire time. He uses this time to gain perspective while exploring and seeing just what this trip could offer.

Travels With Hafa takes you on a  fantastic journey and I am glad that I got the chance to read this and experience it for myself.  As a child staying in an RV on vacation with my papa and noni, I was glad that it reminded me of what that was like. I also appreciated that the story stayed on track. I felt an incredibly bad case of wanderlust when I read this and even considered looking into RV’s so that I could go on a trip myself.

The author was able to piece this story together well. It’s engaging and gripping, which makes it hard to put this book down. I also loved the fact that it seemed that the trip was just as much for Hafa as it was for Nathan himself.

I would give this book top scores. The book has excellent details. Nathan has a great talent for telling a story in such a way that it makes you feel like you are with Hafa and Nathan as it happens. I laughed at parts where Hafa was loving the adventure and running by the lakes or playing. I also loved hearing about places that he traveled to. A fantastic choice for someone who has a severe wanderlust case and wants to see more of the world around them. I will be rereading this, and if I ever do get to take a great trip, this book is coming with me.

Pages: 246 | ASIN: B08G9YCV5W

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