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S. Kirk Pierzchala Author Interview

Solitude of Light follows a brother that has dedicated himself to God’s will as he tries to save his atheist brothers’ soul and fix the broken relationships they have. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The conflict between Tomás and Francisco was already a theme in the first two books in my “Beyond Cascadia” series (“Echoes Through Distant Glass” and “Eclipse Rising”). As I got to know these two characters better, I found that Francisco’s self-centered, antisocial behavior had painted him into a very nasty, confined corner, psychologically-speaking. I was curious if he would stay in that dark place forever, or if he could be enticed closer to the light. When Tomás advanced on his own spiritual journey, he became the perfect foil to test Francisco. That’s when I had the idea for a stand-alone story that was virtually independent from the rest of the series.

Tomás has made dramatic changes in his life and wants to follow the path God has directed him to. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Tomás has an innate, natural sincerity and hunger for truth and love—two things that were scarce in his childhood. After following a few dead-ends and suffering more heartbreak, he finally finds peace and solace in God. He is zealous about sharing the truth and love he’s discovered with the one person he knows needs it the most—his arrogant, estranged brother.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The importance of admitting when you are wrong and have hurt people is one theme. The set-up between the two brothers also became an opportunity to explore some of the darker ramifications of the idea of self-sacrifice. Another is that sermons ultimately don’t touch people the way examples and actions do. However, I feel the most important theme is that love in action is much more demanding–but can be more rewarding–than mere words on paper.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The next book in the series is entitled “Harshest Dawn. The action in this new novel takes place right after the conclusion of “Eclipse Rising”, and includes events only vaguely hinted at in book three. Unlike “Solitude Of Light”, which is sort of a psychological side-quest, “Harshest Dawn” returns to the more political-action, thriller type story. It’s still very character-driven, though. I hope to have it published by the end of 2022 or early 2023. I’d be delighted if readers followed me on Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter or my website to get updates!

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The remote Ad Astra seminary, located on the Mongolian border, trains dedicated recruits to survive in harsh Lunar or Martian environments, becoming men of holiness and purpose. Here, Tomás Chen-Diaz hopes the strict routine of study, prayer and work will mend his broken heart and offer him a meaningful alternative to the world of back-stabbing intrigue he rejected when he left his family’s powerful corporation.

Yet living within the sacred confines of a seminary is harder than he expected; soon, he’s challenged to learn new skills while navigating both minor jealousies and global politics—all while making friends and maturing as a person.

But will his virtues of patience and humility help him when he is ultimately put to the test?

Because when he finds himself at the very ends of the earth, he must confront his exiled brother Francisco and force him to face the twisted and deadly shadows of their shared past…and he may not survive the encounter.

This stand-alone entry in the Beyond Cascadia near-future saga is a unique, intense and intimate journey through tangled human relationships, exploring how—and if—remorse and forgiveness can ever be enough to conquer the darkest heart.

Solitude Of Light

In Solitude of Light’s not-too-distant future, Tomás Estéban Chen-Diaz engages in a heartfelt attempt to save his brother’s soul by joining him on a remote island. Believing himself to be following God’s will, Tomás spends years training at a facility for Christians hoping to travel to Mars before being ordained. He faces challenges to his faith along the way but none more difficult than his brother Francisco’s strict and aggressive adherence to atheism and his disdain for religious practices of any kind. Francisco’s attitude makes attempted reconciliations for past wrongs difficult, and if Tomás is to succeed, he must prove faithful to what he believes is right and just.

S. Kirk Pierzchala’s Solitude of Light takes place in a creative near-future setting with much to recognize from our own time and with the added fictional elements complimenting our own technology rather than appearing too far advanced to be realistic. Because of this, the fictional future seems plausible, perhaps distressingly so given some of its darker elements, as scientific advancements continue along the same trends they follow today.

With the narrative split into two parts, the first often seems slightly removed to the extent that it appears to be a lengthy prologue to the second part, which is where the real heart of the narrative resides. Despite this, part one is essential for the context, which gives part two much of its emotional weight.

With only two characters alone on an isolated island, there is potential for the story to become repetitive or drawn out. Still, Pierzchala manages it admirably with an excellent and often emotional portrayal of two diametrically opposed brothers engaging in a battle of wills. Interspersed between these moments are excellent scenic descriptions which lend their backdrop to this narrative of fraternal compassion, arrogance, and self-superiority.

Solitude of Light is a thought-provoking dystopian novel that takes readers deep into the emotional battle between two brothers. The suspense builds as the brothers battle for moral ground and examines their complicated relationship.

Pages: 474 | ASIN : B09WG4VY3N

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