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Taiwan Butterfly

Amadeus Rockefeller Author Interview

Taiwan Butterfly follows a British missionary who comes into possession of a powerful Tibetan grimoire called ‘The Book of the Butterfly’. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Taiwan Butterfly is the second installment of a series I am writing called The Book of The Butterfly. The prequel will be released later, which details the adventures of the main character Jonathan Woods and his travels around Asia as he searches for occult material. Something Jonathan has been obsessed about since a teenager. The beginning of Taiwan Butterfly picks up from the ending of the first novel ‘Book of the Butterfly.’ I released the second book first, ‘Taiwan Butterfly’ because it deals with death and resurrection. I am an English teacher and recently had a young twelve-year-old private English student of mine pass away from a childhood stroke. She had been my student since she was five years old. So I released Taiwan Butterfly first as a tribute to her and with a wish that it could be true.

Jonathan Woods is an interesting character that was fun to follow. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Jonathan Woods is a composite character formed from Indiana Jones, Merlin, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Three of my favorite fictional characters. All I had to do then was imagine what such a character would be like and do.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The death of someone we love and how it affects our belief in life was what I wanted to explore. I wanted to say that life is precious, and we should cherish it. Too many books and entertainment glorify death and the killing of people for fun or without hesitation. I find it very sad that people disrespect life so much. We are only here once on this earth. We will never be here again. Respect life and love it while you can. That’s what Taiwan Butterfly is about.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m multi-tasking on that one! I am writing four books at the same time. First to be released will be a gothic-horror story called ‘Formosan Vampire’ in mid-July 2023. The second will be a political thriller called ‘The Illuminati’ regarding a secret world order that has been controlling everything happening in the world, both good and bad. The third will be the prequel to ‘Taiwan Butterfly’. And the fourth is a sci-fi epic called ‘Conquest of our Forefathers’ about an ancient alien race that created an experimental lifeform and placed it on planet Earth to see what would happen. The human race is that experiment! Then, after a break, I will write the prequel to ‘Legend Blade’, my first novel that was published in 2021.

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Award Winning Book from author Amadeus Rockefeller. An ancient and powerful Tibetan grimoire called ‘The Book of the Butterfly’ that has existed secretly for thousands of years comes into the possession of a British missionary named Jonathan Woods during the Chinese Civil war. Jonathan flees to Taiwan with the ancient spell book and takes up residence in a high mountain township at the centre of the island. There he tutors a rich landowners daughter Chen Mei-Ying about language, life and sorcery. Mei-Ying enthusiastically takes to the dark arts. But when she is killed in a freak accident, her boyfriend Huang Lee-Yang approaches the sorcerer, hoping to learn the power he wields to bring her back to life.

Taiwan Butterfly

Taiwan Butterfly is a riveting gothic fantasy novel that begins in  December 1949 in China when 35-year-old British missionary Jonathan Woods is in the middle of a battlefield and finds his mortally wounded friend, Chen Ming-Yu. On his dying breath, Ming-Yu asks Jonathan to go to safety, to his homeland Taiwan and find Ming-Yu’s daughter Chen Mei-Ying. Before he dies, he vows to Jonathan to use the enchanted butterfly book for something greater. Eventually, Jonathan gets to Taiwan, transferred, and injured. His path to Mei-Ying leads him to experience love, loss, and magic.

Taiwan Butterfly offers readers a unique fantasy world with a backstory that is well thought-out and lore that feels deep. Set during the Chinese Civil war this rousing book combines historical fiction with fascinating magical elements that keep readers intrigued throughout the narrative. I enjoyed this book because of the clear writing and mystique surrounding the elements of the storyline. This was a fun book to read because the characters are easy to follow and understand, but also because we get glimpses of the mystery throughout the story and those glimpses are so compelling. What is the secret Book of the Butterfly and which purpose does the book have?

The authors writing style is succinct and gives the narrative voice a unique quality, making this an easy book to read and makes it perfect for young adult readers. But even with this we’re still treated to gripping scenes with vivid descriptions, imaginative world building, and creative use of magic.

Taiwan Butterfly is a fast-paced teen fantasy story that cleverly combines romance, mystery and magic to create a dark magical realism story that kept calling me back every time I put the book down.

Pages: 184 | ASIN: B0B74Q82BN

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