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We Make Our Own Monsters

J. Tilbury Author Interview

Tales from P.I.T. Crew: Case of the Wayward Son follows a paranormal detective who prefers working alone and has to assemble a team to find the missing children. Is there anything about Dr. Darell Diamonback that came from yourself or your life experiences? 

Darrell is a lot like me actually, then again, so is the rest of the PIT Crew. It helps me keep their personalities in check as sometimes when you have a broad spectrum of charters, voices can get lost or even sound the same. When you break it down: Darrell represents my intellect, Charlie my youth, Jaiden my feminine side and my heart, Ed my time as a marine, my stubbornness and my dogged determination, even Stravinsky represents my common sense and reason (though Jaiden does have a place there too with her blog at the end,) and I love animals so Nicodemus and Pooky made sense to me; everyone has their roll. Having a love of biology, science, CSI, and a bit of my background over all did help add to the gritty realism I tried to keep with this book despite the paranormal aspect, because take away the fantastic portion of the book and your still left with the underlined message: As a society, we make our own monsters.

How did you come up with the idea for the antagonist in this story, and how did it change as you wrote?

I do so love antagonists. I have ever since I was a kid, and the stronger the backstory, the stronger the villain. That’s why I focused a lot on the bogyman’s backstory so much. People needed to not only understand who he was, but why he was who he was, (if that makes sense). People love a good hero, but if you can bring a strong villain to the story, I feel those are the best stories. I had a pretty good sense of who and what I wanted the bogyman to be from the beginning: a psychopath and hopefully I portrayed him that way. He was the product of abuse though, so in understanding that, hopefully readers are able to still draw a connection to him and understand him a bit more and if not empathize then maybe at least sympathize with him by the end of the book.

Will there be another story about Dr. Diamonback in the future? If so, when will it be available?

Short answer: yes. Book 2- Tales From the PIT Crew: Mystery of the Missing Heart (I hope) should be out before the end of the year and I am in the process of penning book 3 as well- Tales From the PIT Crew: Secret of the Severed Soul. I even have ideas for books 4, 5, & 6 but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

The legend of the bogeyman has become a reality.

CSI forensic psychologist turned paranormal investigator for a secret government agency, Dr. Darrell Diamondback hunts down the things that go bump in the night. But after a string of mishaps, he needs a solid win. Unfortunately, he is about to get more than he bargained for, especially when his handler is insisting the lone wolf detective start building a team.

But learning how to play well with others is the least of his problems. Children are being kidnapped across the Diamond Heights District of San Francisco by a psychopathic spirit, the bogeyman himself! While this detective must find the missing children, Dr. Diamondback is about to understand how personal this case really is.

Urban legend is true crime in this detective thriller featuring the supernatural. Fans of dark, witty, and haunting adventures will relish this exploration into a world where the monsters of our own making can bite back.

Tales From the P.I.T. Crew: Case of the Wayward Son

Dr. Darrell Diamondback, an intriguingly sardonic character, finds himself immersed in a chilling real-life mission akin to the plot of a spine-tingling horror novel: to rescue missing children held captive by the mysterious bogeyman. As a seasoned CSI paranormal investigator, Diamondback faces an unfamiliar challenge that runs counter to his solitary nature. He must assemble a team to aid in this perilous quest. An unenviable choice lays before him: foster collaboration or jeopardize the safety of more innocent lives.

Tales from P.I.T. Crew: Case of the Wayward Son, penned by J.M. Tilbury, is a riveting synthesis of a true-crime detective narrative interlaced with a spectral supernatural realm. From the outset, Tilbury exhibits a knack for engaging the reader, demonstrating a masterful command of descriptive prose that portrays the eerie ambiance of the novel’s setting. His consistency extends beyond mere backdrop details, encompassing the characters, their emotional ebbs and flows, and the vividly depicted scenes.

The dialogue, characterized by sharp repartee, succeeds in holding the reader’s interest, albeit occasionally succumbing to overly dramatic tendencies. Nevertheless, the characters, endowed with distinct personalities, are the beating heart of this novel. Their thrilling convergence is one of the many delights this book offers.

The book’s captivating descriptions, lifelike characters, and enthralling dialogue collectively contribute to an immersive reading experience that maintains suspense throughout. The overarching narrative quality, and indeed the engaging ensemble of characters, will have readers hooked. This page-turner is a delightful read, and I eagerly await the subsequent installment in the series.

This is one mystery that will have readers turning on the lights and checking on their families to make sure they are safe and sound. Tales from P.I.T. Crew: Case of the Wayward Son is a riveting paranormal detective novel that will have readers in suspense as they follow the thrilling adventure with Dr. Darrell Diamondback to rescue the children.

Pages: 252 | ASIN : B09V1BDKTX

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