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From Intent to Impact: The 5 Dualities of Diversity and Inclusion is a business memoir by Monica Diaz,. She discusses her personal and professional life as she gives advice on how to be progressive in various corporate sectors. Monica Diaz shares memorable moments in her life while leveraging humor to give the book a warm and inviting feel. This book will educate readers and entertain them. In addition, the author provides tips that will come in handy in different areas of life.

The author starts the book by discussing identity in diversity. This part of the book is fundamental as it gives sense to every other topic discussed in the book. As a reader, you are made to reflect on your character, question your identity and understand unknown parts of yourself.  Monica Diaz’s words are relatable to readers from minority groups, as the author perfectly captures what most minorities experience. This chapter is also excellent as it helps one understand how different everyone is.

The author then introduces the reader to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), explaining in detail the terms and taking the reader through every crucial step in diversity and inclusion. She uses research and individual experience to further explain the significance of diversity and inclusion and its impact in different settings. Reading this book was a delight as the author uses common examples to bring the point home.

In this informative book you not only get lessons on leadership but are also enlightened on ethnicity, politics, and the corporate world. Monica Diaz writes without concealing hard truths. She is candid in her writing, adding gusto and zeal.  The author understands what the reader wants to read and delves more profound in every topic.

From Intent to Impact: The 5 Dualities of Diversity and Inclusion is an excellent read for individuals climbing the career ladder and hoping to get into leadership. The author shares practical examples and gives logical answers to readers’ questions. The 5 dualities Monica Diaz wrote about were Connect and Learn, Think and Know, Pain and Possibility, Risk and Invest, and Perform and Innovate. There are gems in the form of corporate advice in the chapters that discuss the aforementioned dualities. Other chapters that stood out for me discussed leadership impact and the ethnic label dilemma. Overall, Monica Diaz’s book can be described as engaging and informative.

Pages: 379| ASIN : B08GL3CZRV

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The Exceptional Life R-Evolution

To live a fulfilling life is the goal. Every human being wants to lead a life that brings them joy and happiness. In her inspirational book The Exceptional Life R-Evolution: A practical guide to reach peak performance and create exceptional experiences in our workplaces, homes, and communities, author Jessica Tietjen discusses in depth the purpose of life, how to grow as an individual, and living the dream life. Reading this insightful book will open your eyes to different aspects of life. The author uses real-life examples to expound on the topics and personal touch on every subject she talks about.

Jessica Tietjen’s engaging nature is what makes the reading experience beautiful. The author knows how to get through to the reader. She writes about fascinating topics and gets the reader to reflect on the things being discussed.

Jessica Tietjen is modest, kind, and humble. Her language gives readers a look into her personality. Reading this book will encourage you to pursue better things in life. The Exceptional Life R-Evolution will provide you with the tools to make that 180-degree turn in improving your life balance. The content in the book is rewarding and will get you to achieve goals that you may not have imagined.

The four sections in the book have specific content. The first section is about performance. How do you get to perform? How many milestones can you hit? Are you ready for your peak? Jessica Tietjen helps you create exceptional experiences and progress to peak performance in the first section. Section two of the book focuses on the challenges we face as human beings. I appreciate the author for the discussion in this section. While reading about the challenges people go through at work, relationships, and how one can mend broken relations, the author talks of her experiences and gives advice on navigating the barriers we come across. This section of the book was my favorite because I connected with the author personally.

The last two sections of this book have life lessons. If you want to learn how to navigate the modern workplace and come up with solutions for problems at the workplace, then this book is for you. The author prudently writes on how to interact with colleagues, friends, and family and learn human behavior. My favorite part of section 4 was the discussion about leadership. This topic was informative and will get the leader out of you. Jessica Tietjen’s writing is impactful. Every subject has something beneficial for modern men and women. The author also talks about the status quo and how to bring positive change wherever we are.

The Exceptional Life R-Evolution: A practical guide to reach peak performance and create exceptional experiences in our workplaces, homes, and communities, is a valuable self-help and personal transformation book. This well-written book will help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Pages: 503 | ASIN : B09HQL5FDP

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The Team Game

Every adult dreams of success and making it big in whatever career or business they are in. To be successful, however, you need to be disciplined, focus on your goals, gain knowledge everyday and use your skills the best way you can. In The Team Game: How Your Business Can Dominate Year after Year authors John Bucsek and Bellaria Jimenez share valuable advice on how to grow a business, build a team, and be at the top of your game. This book will be helpful to you especially if you are a growing entrepreneur. The authors have immense knowledge about running businesses and give pragmatic guidance. If you are in business, and are stuck, or do not know what method to apply to grow your business, then this book is for you as the authors have everything covered.

While the discussion in the book is mainly about business and reaching your goals, the authors use a positive tone that is encouraging and optimistic to those reading the book. Both John and Bellaria share their personal stories, and from their experiences one can tell that they had a few challenges before they made it. Readers will appreciate reading about real life experiences as they give a perspective of how things are run. One of the major lessons in the book is that it is okay to fail; what separates failures from those that succeed is how you rise after failing.

Unlike other books in this genre, the authors of The Team Game do not just suggest ways in which you can grow, they give step by step instructions and go a step further by quoting known businesses that have used the techniques successfully. The authors use facts and statistics to show how using these proven measures can move you from the bottom to the top swiftly. Some of the chapters that readers will enjoy are about coaching staff, the process of sales, choosing roles and responsibilities and team building.

Readers will appreciate the easy to comprehend style in The Team Game: How Your Business Can Dominate Year after Year by authors John Bucsek and Bellaria Jimenez. This is an informative and well researched book that shares practical and actionable advice that will help entrepreneurs and leaders create high functioning teams and, in effect, grow their business.

Pages: 244 | ASIN : B07R25K514

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