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The Intersection Of Her Two Natures

Andri E Elia
Andri E Elia Author Interview

Worldmaker of Yand – Yildun follows a spellcaster that must save her world from invaders while trying to build her family. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

In my previous book Queen of Highwings, one of my favorite characters is Snowfox, a yandar archer who, with his wife Asimia, left his homeworld Yand to a new planet seeking to make a new start after the ravages of the K’tul Wars. Gradually I worked up Snowfox’s back story, which became rich with new characters and magic. Prominently, his mother Yanara evolved as a powerful Celestial Wizard, a Worldmaker, the best defender against their enemy the k’tul.
To describe the devastations of the K’tul Wars, I drew on my personal experience. Many years ago my homeworld here on Terra was invaded and taken over, making half the population, including me and my family, war refugees.

Yanara is a very complex character with unique challenges in her life. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

With Yanara I wanted to reflect on contemporary issues about gender, women’s power, equality in love. Also the duality of nature that many women espouse. As a powerful wizard she is ruthless, devastating, terrifying. But as a wife and mother she is soft, loving, protective, with a huge heart. The intersection of her two natures is very interesting.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The biggest theme is the devastation of war on a world, a people, and a family.

Another is the breaking of gender stereotypes both professionally and in family relationships.

Another is that bonds of love can be as strong as bonds of blood.

A big theme I wanted to bring out in the subplot is that you love who you love, regardless of gender, or exclusivity. On Yand, marriage is whatever you put in your marriage contract.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have recently completed Worldmaker of Yand-Polaris, and it is available on Amazon under books and my name. The hardcover has many colorful illustrations.

I have just completed a collection of short stories that flesh out events that happened offline in Yildun. Battles, but a few romances as well. Told with humor at times.

I am now writing the third installment in the Worldmaker of Yand series called Eltanin, after the star in the Draco constellation.

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On the planet Yand live a species of winged humanoids. Yanara is a very powerful female wizard. She and her two spouses, her wife Mandolen and her husband Frost fight a very savage enemy that came at them from space. The three of them defend their planet against genocide, while at the same time raising their very special and unconventional family. Their star, Yildun, is the second star on the tail of Ursa Minor, below Polaris.

Worldmaker of Yand – Yildun

Worldmaker of Yand-Yildun, by Andri E. Elia, is the story of Yanara of Yand, a spellcaster. She is the Worldmaker, the only one of her kind until she gives birth to a daughter. She is tasked with keeping Yand safe from invaders. The story begins with Yanara narrating her life, what she has accomplished, and the people who surround her. Yanara is ranked the Queen and the savior of Yand. Much of the novel is about Yanara’s personal life, her marriage to multiple men and one woman, and wanting to start a family. An interesting focus for a book with humanoids and unimaginable powers. Yanara, alongside her family, saves Yand once again from an army of foreign invaders through the use of spells, telepathy, and her falcon Blackhawk.

This novel has a slow-burn style in the beginning. Elia spends a lot of time on Queen Yand’s back story, explaining how she arrived at the place the novel starts. There are a lot of different character interactions that go into this story and if readers rush through the opening chapters they may miss key information. One element of the story is the polyamorous relationships and the LGBTQ+ relationships. This non-traditional family structure is a key element to this coming-of-age novel. As the story continues, Yanara and Frost start building a relationship. This relationship advances the dialogue and storyline into something meaningful and engaging. The development of their relationship, and of their non-traditional family is an element that readers will enjoy discovering.

The writing style in this new-age book is extraordinary and irregular. The dialogue is written as though you were sitting in on the conversations watching it all unfold. The combination of artistic an writing style and a mysterious landscape will delight readers looking for something new to try.

Worldmaker of Yand-Yildun is the narration of the Worldmakers life. Readers of fantasy, action, romance, and other-worldly life with an LGBTQ+ twist will find this fantastic world unforgettable.

Pages: 299 | ASIN : B09BDGT47B

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