The Victim Became Human

Kwen D. Griffeth Author Interview

Kwen D. Griffeth Author Interview

The Ghost in the Mini Skirt takes an unexpected turn with ghosts, tortured souls and a darkness that leads Jack towards a supernatural mystery. What was the initial idea behind this story and how did that transform as you were writing the novel?

A few years ago, while late at night, I was driving across the desert in Arizona. I could see tumble weeds and sage brush along the side of the road and I started thinking that if an animal jumped out in front of me I would not have time to stop before hitting them. From wondering about an animal, my thoughts drifted to the same question except the victim became human. I chuckled when I thought, “How weird would it be if a human figure jumped in front of me, and I hit him only to drive through him?” From that mind game, the novel grew.

Jack is proud, smart and at times stubborn and the contrast between him and Terri makes for a unique pairing. What was your inspiration for creating the kind of relationship that Jack and Terri have?

Jack is a human computer, close to being devoid of the emotions the rest of us, at time, struggle with. He is successful with both status and wealth, but from the beginning of the book, we learn he is lonely. He longs for emotional companionship and doesn’t know how to go about finding it.

Terri had to be as strong willed as Jack (if for no other reason that not be intimidated by him) and attractive to the point of fantasy to attract him. Where Jack is strong in logic, Terri had to be strong in intuition. I think they make a great pair and they were fun to write about.

I felt that there were a lot of great twists and turns throughout the novel. Did you plan this before writing the novel, or did the twists present themselves to you as you writing?

Elmore Leonard said if he knew exactly where writing a novel would take him, he didn’t write it as it would be too boring. Maybe that is not an exact quote, but the meaning is there. Anyway, when I start a book I know the beginning, the middle and the end. As I write and develop the characters, I let them tell me where the story goes. It may sound strange to non-writers, but Terri demanded I delete and rewrite 37,000 words in this novel. Her ideas were better.

Do you see a possible follow up novel to this book? Where do you think you can take the story in the next installment?

Yes, Jack and Terri are too strong of characters to not have more written about them. Jack and Terri make an appearance in The Tenth Nail, Nate and Clare Book One, as well as Dead Men Walking, Nate and Clare Book Two. I am starting book two of the Jack and Terri series and the working title is “The Ghost in the Senate Chamber.”

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The Ghost in the Mini Skirt

Jack Mill was the king of hackers. He was a self-made man. He tested at the genius level and he had made a reputation as well as a fortune doing what he loved, hacking computers. Jack was not only in charge of his world, he ruled it.

Jack had no contemporaries and others in his field either respected him or feared him. Jack was the man in charge. Jack was the man in charge until the night he ran over a man who wasn’t there. A man, or what Jack thought was a man appeared in the traffic lane and Jack hit him, but he didn’t. There was no body, no damage to his car, and no blood. What was going on?

Suddenly, Jack’s life was out of control and he didn’t like it. One person was there to support him, an out of work show girl named Terri. As if he was given a protector, a way to stabilize his way through the mystery, Terri arrived only a few hours before the accident. Now, she helps him find his way back to stability and maybe a fuller life.

“The Ghost in the Mini Skirt” is a tale about ghosts, murder mystery and love story all rolled into one.

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