Redemption and Reconciliation

J. H. Carpenter Barnes Author Interview

J. H. Carpenter Barnes Author Interview

Between the Ticks of the Clock follows a middle-aged executive who must deal with new angelic abilities. What was the inspiration for the setup to this intriguing novel?

The idea came to me while watching a skit revolving around woman who was consistently being passed over for promotion. She decided she would begin to apply positive affirmations to improve her productivity.

I thought that would be a great story to write, but dialed up a few notches with this executive being endowed with extraordinary abilities. I began with a male character disgruntled, frustrated, and dominated by fear. Once I began writing the story line quickly took on a life and direction of its own. I decided to follow the inspiration to see where it would lead.

This is a fascinating novel that is high in social commentary. What were some themes that you wanted to explore in this book?

I didn’t approach the story with a thematic intent. My tendency is to write in a linear fashion as opposed to laying out the plot. As the story and its characters developed I eventually saw what was staring me in the face since the first chapter, redemption and reconciliation. These two acts of grace are the cornerstones of the Christian faith, and many religious belief systems. Regardless of the path one chooses to express their beliefs, you will find redemption (being set free) from the negatives of life and reconciliation (being connected) to the goodness of the creator God..

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Coming up next is a non-fiction book entitled I Imagine, which I stopped working on to finish Between the Ticks of the Clock. It’s a personal development book with a focus on the paths patterns and principles to success found in several ancient texts (which includes the bible). I hope to get this one to the publisher by late November 2018.

The next fiction novel will the second installment of Between the Ticks of the Clock. In the final chapter a surprise character was introduced, so the second novel revolves around this strong female protagonist. It’s going to be quite a ride, I’m about seven chapters in already.

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Between the Ticks of the Clock by [Barnes, J.H. Carpenter]

Between the Ticks of the Clock is the story of Jamison Harold Donovan, who lives in the city of Sussex Falls. He’s middle-aged and floundering as an executive at Omni Cron Corporation.

Feeling trapped in his dysfunctional marriage to his wife, Emersyn Donovan, and a stranger to his own children, thoughts of suicide dominate his waking hours.

Jamison discovers he was selected before birth by the Al Mighty to receive quasi-angelic abilities. A coalition of Watchers and Holy Ones oversee his preparation for transformation, and subsequent instruction. Equipped with supernatural abilities, he becomes an attaché to a select group of celestial warriors. Jamison is now ready for the process of testing, elevation and then assignment.

He must overcome his fears as he battles to complete the process and become the Watchman of the region. Soon he learns of the formidable dark kingdom forces determined to prevent his ascension over their region.

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