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I Experienced True Freedom

Victoria Davis
Victoria Davis Author Interview

Addicted to Health is a roadmap for improving your health, mind, body, and soul with deeply personal testimonies. Why was this book important for you to write?

As someone with an extensive background in health and wellness, I knew that I needed to write it because of the fact that my identity was so wrapped up in what I did. Instead of living from a place of health and freedom, I ended up in utter bondage, living a life ruled by fear. I was afraid to let people down for fear that they wouldn’t see me as legitimate or credible. I knew that I used to struggle with feeling like I had to have all of the answers, yet deep down, I felt like I couldn’t be alone in that. Freedom in how I viewed health in general, how I viewed my own health, and how I coached and consulted others on their health journey didn’t come until I experienced three miracles. Once God radically healed my body, I knew that it wasn’t my doing, but his. I had never experienced that kind of love before. After years of trying to heal my body on my own, I kept hitting a dead end. I felt like I was a failure and disappointment to my Creator. But when I invited God back into the process on his terms, he flipped my understanding of his nature upside down and I was able to get freedom from all the lies I believed and the insecurities I hid behind in both my health and my career in health.

Once I experienced true freedom and asked God to highlight how to handle my health, he gave me downloads for what to do next – just the next step. As I began walking this out, six different people who I didn’t know or barely knew (all in the span of one year) asked me if I was writing or told me I would be. I violently rejected that idea, but realized it was coming directly from God. So, once I surrendered to what He was asking me, the words just flew out onto paper.

All this goes to say, I realized I had to write the book for people to be able to experience freedom in their health journey. We need to go to the source of our health in order to get the map or blueprints for what to do next, and Addicted to Health is a roadmap dedicated to helping people figure out what they believe and why, and what to do next, all while asking the One who made them.

What is one thing about health that you think is misrepresented in the media?

There are so many things! But for starters, the media is typically biased and they should not be the ones defining what it means to be healthy. Unfortunately, given the monopoly we have with the media in the United States and the fact that negative or chaotic news gets more publicity, there seems to be a constant agenda in regards to health. Much of what we are fed through mainstream media is defined on their terms and in favor of their agenda. While it may not always be true, it’s important to seek out information about health from legitimate sources not in the media. Instead of allowing or encouraging people to think for themselves and make their own health choices, there is so much fear, condescension, and misinformation. For example, with everything still going on with the pandemic – it’s surprising how much sway the media has when it comes to telling us what we should and shouldn’t do with our bodies. Each person’s body is different and the media should not be advising people on what’s right and wrong as if it applies to the masses. Having an opinion is one thing, but reporting information in a way that fits each media outlet’s personal agenda or opinion is completely unacceptable.

What was one of the hardest parts in Addicted to Health for you to write?

Honestly, I didn’t want to bring God into it! That’s funny to write now, but I thought that I could share testimonies or provide steps and tips without even mentioning him. But without my encounters with Jesus, and without partnering with the Holy Spirit to actually write the book, it wouldn’t have even happened. In fact, I was a child with dysgraphia, which means I was able to verbally articulate my thoughts well, but sentence structure and clarity went out the window when writing. I think I was afraid of sounding “preachy” or “fake,” but after having a heart to heart with God, I realized I was just letting my fear of what people would think get in the way of what really needed to come out. So, writing this book became an opportunity for people-pleasing to die and to allow God to use it however he saw fit, and I’m glad it turned out how it did!

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Great question! I’ve got a short baking book filled with alternative, health-centered baking recipes called “Baking Free with Tori” (available for download now on Amazon). As for another book, there are a couple in the pipeline, but I’m working on one that will be about how dreams and fantasies within your heart can actually be a possibility in the natural world. I’ve experienced the supernatural on so many levels in my life and I’ve also had dreams come true that I believed to be too fantastical and impossible. God had to rewire my thinking so much so that it offended me, but when I let him do it, he began to show me new ways to think and live, and many of my dreams became a reality.

As radical as it may seem, many things that occur in fantasy and superhero stories contain elements from the kingdom of heaven and they should be more of a norm in our world, but we aren’t taught to live life believing it’s true. I think that’s why we’re all so attracted to these stories – because some elements resonate deeply with our true identity. More to come!

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Addicted to Health teaches the steps to change how we view health and find lasting freedom without obsession or punishment. In a world where everyone is aiming to find the perfect solution to their health problems, what happens when we go too far? Healthy living is incredibly important; however, anything deemed as “healthy” is often seen as negative, too difficult to make a part of your lifestyle, or too confusing to know what to do and who to trust. This is NOT what “healthy” should look like for anyone. It’s time to redefine health culture and to walk in lasting freedom and joy with God in your health.

This book gives specific steps for how you can experience personal freedom, lasting transformation, and constant joy in your health journey.

Addicted to Health

In her book Addicted to Health: Going with God to Break Free from a Health-Obsessed Culture, Victoria P. Davis preaches about healthy eating and healthy living in a different way. The author talks about societal norms, dieting, good health fused with faith and belief in God. The content in this book is far from the usual health advice that we read about every day. Victoria P. Davis shares proven ways in which readers can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Victoria P. Davis invites readers into her world, and shares her wins, challenges and the battles she has fought. She uses examples from her interactions with family and friends to show how God has been faithful to her and why it is possible to beat every challenge in life if you have faith. For someone that battled and won the fight with Tourette’s Syndrome, skin issues, and hormonal imbalances among other things, Victoria P. Davis sure is an inspiration to many. Her life is a true testament to the fact that nothing is impossible if you are determined.

One thing stands out in this inspirational self-help book; it is how she writes about the various topics and blends mini-topics in every chapter. Addicted to Health has three parts, each covering crucial topics that are somehow related. The first part of the book covers topics on health addiction, health obsession and different views on health. In the second part of the book, Victoria P. Davis tells her story and gets personal. There is a lot to learn just by reading stories of people that have gone through challenges that not many openly talk about. Victoria P. Davis’s writing style shows her compassion for others and their unique situations. When reading about steps to freedom and leading others to freedom, one can realize that the author is a kind soul that does not mind helping those in need.

Addicted to Health will restore your faith in humanity even as you work on your healthy living. The author’s words will also help you live righteously. The text in the book is well written and arranged in a meaningful and easy to follow manner.

Pages: 139 | ASIN : ‎ B096L68VL9

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