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Death by Greek Fire – Book Trailer

After twenty years as a professional solider, Decimus Julius Virilis – distant kin to the Imperator himself – has been commissioned the third in command of the newly formed Legio XII Brundisium.

It’s his last assignment before retiring from Caesar Augustus’ legions – and turns out to be much more dangerous than he anticipated. After being shipped off to Dalmatia to fight the rebels waging war against Rome, the untrained legion immediately blunders into a death trap deep in enemy territory, leaving the commanding officer and his lieutenants dead.

Decimus is commanded by the heir apparent, Tiberius Caesar, to find the mastermind who planned the diabolical trap and is attempting to plunge the Roman Empire back into a civil war. But can the Roman tribune see the unseen and solve a crime others think is impossible?

Set in the time of the Roman Empire, Death By Greek Fire is the first book in B.R. Stateham’s ‘Decimus Julius Virilis’ series of historical mystery novels.

Roland Of The High Crags – Book Trailer

Warrior. Monk. Wizard. He is Roland Of The High Crags.

As a warrior monk he has taken vows to protect humanity from all forms of evil. To protect the innocent and the weak, and to unflinchingly face his foes, no matter the odds. For centuries, that meant that the Bretan monks faced the hordes of Dragon armies who pushed Mankind into the snow-capped mountains of The High Kanris.

But one day, a dragon nobleman asks Roland to take his remaining heir, a seven-year-old dragon princess, and save her from those who wish to destroy her. Accepting the challenge, Roland decides to raise the child in the ways of The Bretan, and teach her the vast magical powers of the Bretan Way.

Yet in his heart he knows the truth; that the child is the ultimate weapon, designed by the Dragon gods. A weapon forged in Dragon magic and charged with the command to destroy the entire human race. Yet Roland sees a glimmer of hope, a way to defy the prophecy. A way to take the ultimate weapon and turn it against the gods themselves.

It’s a gamble filled with treachery and betrayal, but it is a chance to end the forever war. For Roland, there is no choice but to accept this role.

And so, the adventure begins.

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