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No Cyberbullies

No Cyberbullies is a tremendously informative book for parents, educators, and adults who care about children’s well-being. The author, at length, writes about child bullying, discussing issues like the types of bullying, conditions that lead to bullying, and aspects like culture, religion, social conditioning, and appearance, among other central topics. In his book, author Brian Parkin brings to light the menace of bullying and gives a practical guide on handling bullied kids and their bullies.

One key point in this book is that we need more awareness about bullying to not just children but adults responsible for their care. Not every child that bullies others does it because they enjoy it; instead, it is a way of dealing with past or current traumas. The author does not in any way condone bullying, nor does he side with the vice. Instead, Brian Parkin educates and encourages parents, teachers, and guardians to investigate the root source of the problem.

How does bullying start? Even before writing about what makes bullies get into that behavior, the author started the book by writing about the history of bullying. He writes about how bullying has existed for centuries and how bullied children have endured the issue. The author mentioned the book Tom Brown’s Schooldays by Thomas Hughes as a good reference material with examples of school bullying, a book everyone should read.

This book is short, but the knowledge is immense. One of my favorite chapters is chapter 15. Parkin has notes to help you with what to do about cyberbullying in school. The author has well-written notes for victims of cyberbullying, the parents, school teachers, headmasters or principals, and cyber bullies themselves. Every message is well-packaged, and the text is concise and easy to follow. Chapter 16 was another great chapter, as the author brought a legal angle. There is plenty of advice on one’s legal rights if they are being bullied, and the author used simple language to cater to readers of all levels. Chapter 16 will be helpful to victims and their families as not many people are aware that one can take a legal approach when it comes to bullying.

No Cyberbullies is an eye-opening book that I recommend to all readers. Everyone needs to lend a hand to put a stop to this behavior. The anonymous effect of bullies online is a problem that needs to be dealt with, and this is why lawmakers should be among the first to stop cyberbullying witnessed in various parts of the world. This book can be a great starting point for policymakers and enforcers.

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The Psychopathic Mind O A Serial Killer

Brian Parkin Author Interview

Manifesto for a Serial Killer follows a brilliant and likable young socialite woman who also happens to be a serial killer. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Manifesto for a Serial Killer was a complete diversion from my normal self-help books, photography books, and my cookbook.  While I had written a couple of other novellas, I hadn’t delved into the psychopathic mind of a serial killer, particularly a female one!

I got the idea for a murder app for a phone from different conversations I have had with friends and relatives.  Someone said how there seems to be an app for everything.  We talked about possibilities for apps that might make money, and I said “wouldn’t it be strange if there was one for confusing the police about motives, locations, and types of crime? If the crimes were completely random, could they determine a modus operandi?

That got me thinking about a possible book based on this premise.  How about  I made it into a female psychopath serial killer?  Lots of opportunities for an app to come up with random variations of the theme.

I chose Australia as the base of operations because I live here and it’s huge! The killer could travel for hundreds of kilometers and not double back on themselves ever.

When will book 2 be available? Can you give us an idea of where that book will take readers?

There is a sequel to “Manifesto for a Serial Killer” and it will be entitled “Emergency Services.  Who do you want to kill today?” (Yes, I know it should be “Whom” but that’s my choice).  As you would surmise, Jessica Harper, our socialite psychopath has grown tired of killing average Joe Blows and wishes to move on to something a bit more exciting.  She plans to use the Manifesto app to murder first responders at accident scenes.  Accident scenes she causes, mind you!  

I’m not sure whether everyone will be happy with my choice of victims, but these types of attacks happen in real life too. Killers do set up traps for emergency services personnel, just like the enemy does in war situations.

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Jessica Harper is a young woman who kills for the thrill of it. She murdered her first victim at the age of 12. By age 16, she was a millionairess – after killing her parents! At 21 years old, she has killed 20 people. She would continue to do so, and without getting caught by the police. To completely randomize the whole process of killing, she devises an app that dictates the who, the when and where of her next kills. Press a button for the kind of victim she is looking for. Another button provides the date of the next murder. Yet another button and she knows which town in all of Australia will be her killing field. Jessica Harper is thorough, meticulous and dispassionate about her chosen career.
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