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From Intent to Impact: The 5 Dualities of Diversity and Inclusion is a business memoir by Monica Diaz,. She discusses her personal and professional life as she gives advice on how to be progressive in various corporate sectors. Monica Diaz shares memorable moments in her life while leveraging humor to give the book a warm and inviting feel. This book will educate readers and entertain them. In addition, the author provides tips that will come in handy in different areas of life.

The author starts the book by discussing identity in diversity. This part of the book is fundamental as it gives sense to every other topic discussed in the book. As a reader, you are made to reflect on your character, question your identity and understand unknown parts of yourself.  Monica Diaz’s words are relatable to readers from minority groups, as the author perfectly captures what most minorities experience. This chapter is also excellent as it helps one understand how different everyone is.

The author then introduces the reader to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), explaining in detail the terms and taking the reader through every crucial step in diversity and inclusion. She uses research and individual experience to further explain the significance of diversity and inclusion and its impact in different settings. Reading this book was a delight as the author uses common examples to bring the point home.

In this informative book you not only get lessons on leadership but are also enlightened on ethnicity, politics, and the corporate world. Monica Diaz writes without concealing hard truths. She is candid in her writing, adding gusto and zeal.  The author understands what the reader wants to read and delves more profound in every topic.

From Intent to Impact: The 5 Dualities of Diversity and Inclusion is an excellent read for individuals climbing the career ladder and hoping to get into leadership. The author shares practical examples and gives logical answers to readers’ questions. The 5 dualities Monica Diaz wrote about were Connect and Learn, Think and Know, Pain and Possibility, Risk and Invest, and Perform and Innovate. There are gems in the form of corporate advice in the chapters that discuss the aforementioned dualities. Other chapters that stood out for me discussed leadership impact and the ethnic label dilemma. Overall, Monica Diaz’s book can be described as engaging and informative.

Pages: 379| ASIN : B08GL3CZRV

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Keep My Passion Alive

Roger Darnell Author Interview

The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan outlines the steps that people should follow to have a successful career in public relations. Why was this an important book for you to write?

To clarify just a bit, this book is definitely intended to help people have successful PR careers – but it is also more focused on independence, and building, operating, and even selling one’s own shop. Since finding my way onto this career path, I’ve felt very fortunate. What exactly did I learn that allowed me to become self-employed, land clients, build success, and enjoy the many rewards that make up what many people call a dream career? My goal was to put everything that seemed essential on the table, in the hope that it would work as a blueprint others could follow to blaze their own trails and build their own businesses.

I want to add – together with its companion volume, “The Communications Consultant’s Foundation,” these two books give readers everything I had in mind to share, and a lot more. Many of the brightest people I’ve ever known contributed content for the greater good. Importantly, thanks to my PR industry mentor and former boss Michael Terpin, book two also contains invaluable contract language that can be used to establish win-win relationships with readers’ own clients. It took me over a decade of exploratory diligence after college graduation to gain access to this particular key to the kingdom. Thanks to Michael’s generosity, everyone who reads “Master Plan” has direct access to it, and all the other information they need to know to land and manage accounts successfully.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

In a letter I still hold onto, our dear family friend, Mrs. Gay Henderson, made a very big deal over something I wrote back in 1995. In that, she urged me to “keep my passion alive in my writing.” A little of that kind of encouragement can go a long way, and I am still able to warm myself at the virtual bonfire she made for me, to make me feel like my writing was important and worthy of a larger audience.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

With book one, I wanted to illuminate a new way of working and provide the guidance and toolset to help anyone exploit it. With “Master Plan,” as mentioned, readers have everything they need to launch their careers as independent consultants, build a business according to their ambitions and passions, and plan out the rest of their career in extraordinarily fulfilling ways. My hopes are being achieved each time someone proceeds on this path, due to what I’ve written.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Yes. More extended writing projects are in the works, and I appreciate you asking about them. I hope your readers will visit my website, sign up for my mailing list, and keep in touch with me. There is a great deal shaping up, and I am seriously looking forward.

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This volume builds on Roger Darnell’s The Communications Consultant’s Foundation by providing insider knowledge gained over the past three decades atop the field of communications consulting, incorporating lessons learned serving businesses in the global creative industry.

Going beyond the basics of a communications consulting business, this book parses and distills the knowledge of top business management luminaries, helping readers build and expand their expertise to heighten their opportunities, and maximize all aspects and phases of their businesses, from start-up through to succession. It discusses essential topics including:

• The business of running a PR agency, with emphasis on landing clients and honing expertise to remain exceptional

• Advanced PR practices including investor relations and strategic planning

• Agency expansion, addressing growth and exit strategies

Working PR professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and recent graduates will appreciate high-level insights from a seasoned business owner, as well as templates for proposals, campaign planning, and more. Read with The Communications Consultant’s Foundation or on its own, this book will lead readers on life-changing journeys and help a new generation of smart communicators take their professional pursuits to the highest levels.

The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan

Roger Darnell has a master plan for you if you are looking into public relations and communications. This book is all you need to know how to navigate the appealing and sometimes challenging waters of communication, especially if you run an agency. The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan: Leveraging Public Relations Expertise for Client and Personal Success has the basics, the crucial information, and essential tips on being a better communicator whether as an individual, running a business, or as a representative in the corporate world. You will enjoy reading this book as the author shares the knowledge he has acquired over the years most subtly.

This book’s most important topics touched on winning and managing PR accounts, the right marketing plan, the art and craft of presentation, and agency management. Anyone running, heading, or planning to start an agency should focus on part two of this book, as it has every cheat code to manage a successful agency.

The author does a superb job breaking down his points into manageable chunks for the reader. When discussing subjects like Agency business, for instance, the author gives both hypothetical situations and real-life examples to drive his point home. Reading Roger Darnell’s work is a delight because of how engaging he is. Also included is his personal story; sharing this information will give readers an insight into how challenging and fascinating the PR life can be. Roger Darnell is not only great at explaining but also giving examples. Sharing his highs and lows in the industry was a fantastic concept as the reader can connect with him to a certain degree.

The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan: Leveraging Public Relations Expertise for Client and Personal Success will help you grow your business, attract clients swiftly and become more professional in your craft. Anyone that needs public relations in their professional or personal life will find this book beneficial.

Pages: 209 | ASIN : B09LBB8RJR

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