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Labyrinth or Mayhem

Efthalia Author Interview

Phantasia follows demigod ex-cop Carissa who is hellbent on clearing her father’s name. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thrilling story?

The single myth that drove this story forward was the one with Alkippe, Ares’ daughter who was raped by Poseidon’s son. Ares retaliated and killed him. Poseidon was obviously unhappy about this and Ares’ became the first god to be tried for murder on the Areopagus. The Areopagus, a hill in Ancient Athens was where judicial business took place. This myth is the over-reaching story arc that spans from book one, right through to book three, which I am writing as we speak. Book one was the kill, book two the trail and book three is the verdict.

Carissa is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind her character development?

Apart from the basic ideals and psychological needs, I want her to go from ordinary to extraordinary and she still has a bit more learning to do before she hits her full potential. When I sat down to write the series, Carissa was standing in the middle of a labyrinth or mayhem, that said, you are here, and she needed to find her way out of the maze both internally and externally. There is a lot that we can take away from myths and we only need to look at our own life experiences to see how much we grow and change due to life throwing things at us.

I enjoyed the infusion of Greek mythology throughout the book. What kind of research did you undertake to keep things accurate?

I am so pleased to hear that. I loved myth when I started my first book and it seemed natural to me. I have always loved Homer’s representation of the gods because they are so vivid and intervening. I wanted my gods to exude the same presence of Homer’s and I do play a little bit on that whole anger and revenge cycle. In terms of research, I am in the middle of a degree in the Classics and Archaeology. A little late in life but why not? 😃 So, I guess I can say that I have a bit of arsenal up my sleeve. 😊

This is book two in the Phi Athanatoi series. What can readers expect from book three?

Spoiler Alert: I keep saying, and apologies for being so cliché, it’s going to be bigger than Ben-Hur. You can expect more craziness from Carissa’s family. A character may not survive. The gods are as intervening as ever, and Xen and Carissa may go through a small learning curve before they get their Big Fat Greek Wedding. 😃 Definitely some fun moments to deal with the darker elements.

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Torn apart by separate missions, can their love survive an impending apocalypse?Demigod ex-cop Carissa Alkippes is hellbent on clearing her father’s name. But when she’s sidetracked into saving Zeus’ life, she’s forced into a dangerous mission to locate missing deities. To find them, she must face a horde of bloodthirsty demons.
Xen Lyson shouldn’t dwell on Carissa when he’s supposed to be stopping demons from feasting on humanity. But the sexy vampire worries her solitary journey to Olympus will put her in grave danger. And with absent gods causing devastating natural disasters, he must trust her father, Ares, to keep her safe.
With every mortal sphere at risk, Carissa races to retrieve a magical codex believed to hold the key to defeating her enemy. And when Xen discovers the true source of the threat, saving both humans and gods will put his own immortality in jeopardy.
In between battling Titans, gods, missing keys, and baklava can Carissa and Xen summon the power to conquer the sinister foe and return to each other’s arms?
PHANTASIA – A Bad Day on Olympus is the second book in the Phi Athanatoi paranormal series. If you like strong women, adrenaline-filled action, and fun twists on Greek mythology, then you’ll love Efthalia’s passionate page-turner.

Phantasia: A Bad Day On Olympus

Phantasia: A Bad Day On Olympus (Phi Athanatoi Book 2) by [Efthalia Author]

Phantasia by Efthalia is the second installment in Efthalia’s Phi Athanatoi series. This novel follows Carissa, an ex-cop and demigod granddaughter of Zeus, as she embarks on the greatest mission of her life thus far – saving a few morally astray Greek gods from causing ruin and chaos to not only their ethereal realm in Mount Olympus, but also to the susceptible and unknowing mortal world below. Efthalia’s entertaining way of storytelling and character building, combined with a unique plot that blends romance, adventure, Greek culture, and Greek mythology, are all key aspects that make this a thrilling paranormal romance.

Even though this is the second book in her Phi Athanatoi series, Efthalia does a great job at building each character so that even if a reader picks up the book out of sequence, they have enough context about important details to still be able to follow the story line. Carissa and Xen’s romance is hot, steamy, and palpable in all the right ways, while still making apparent the couple’s devotion to one another. Even auxiliary characters, such as Carissa’s mortal family members, are given the chance to shine, reminding readers how embedded loyalty and familial ties are to Greek culture. All the characters are likable, realistic and have their own sense of morality that adds to the depth of the overall novel. Each scene is portrayed in a way that allows the reader to easily envision happenings as they unfold.

Efthalia is a brilliant writer who also uses her work as an opportunity to highlight Greek culture. Her numerous and regular Greek vocabulary and cultural references add significant depth to the reader’s experience. The Greek glossary at the end of the book, which provides definitions of all Greek vocabulary used throughout the text, is a further welcome touch. Her vivid depictions of each of the Greek gods in the story, from Zeus to Ares to Hades, reflect the well-researched nature of her storytelling.

There are definite aspects that are reminiscent of popular thrillers, such as Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Since there are sexual scenes, depictions of alcohol use, and some images of violence, this novel is best enjoyed by an adult audience. I would recommend Phantasia and the rest of the Phi Athanatoi series to anyone with an interest in the adventure romance genre, as well as any aficionados of Greek mythology.

Pages: 289 | ASIN: B083TBWNPH

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