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An Opportunity To Put Lifestyle First

Jeffrey Shaw Author Interview

The Self-Employed Life gives those that want to be self-employed a realistic look into the challenges and pitfalls, as well as how to be successful in self-employment. Why was this an important book for you to write?

It’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve never held a traditional job or received a paycheck from anyone. I realized this is a terribly underserved segment of society. A book was needed that spoke our language, that understood the realities of being self-employed. Business strategies that focused on relationships and not transactions. That were suited for one person businesses and small teams. An understanding of the emotional challenges we face and ways to improve our mindsets to reach our highest aspirations.

It’s always seemed that it’s the most innovative, creative, and bravest amongst us that chose to start their own businesses. To forge our own path and be different. Then without our particular needs being addressed, it seemed to reinforce we are “different”, not heard or as respected as we deserve. I want to change that.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you when you were younger?

That recognition is an important strategy of success. I’ve always been perfectly happy just being good at what I do without worrying about whether anyone noticed. Eventually you realize that recognition is an important component of advancing your career and having the impact you desire.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

To be proud of being self-employed. To see being self-employed as worthy of the highest level of respect and to join together as a community. That being self-employed is an opportunity to put lifestyle first and build a business that fits into your life rather than a life you’re trying to fit into your work.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have several ideas for the next book, but nothing decided yet. It will most definitely serve self-employed business owners again and I’m aiming for Spring 2024.

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From the host of the wildly popular The Self-Employed Life Podcast comes a compelling guide for self-employed business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, on creating a purpose-driven, heart-centered lifestyle.

To be self-employed means more than employing oneself. It’s a choice to challenge yourself to grow personally while building a business. Caught between entrepreneurship and small business, self-employed people often feel overlooked and left out.

Professional photographer and host of the Creative Warriors podcast Jeffrey Shaw believes that as we develop ourselves, we raise the bar—we’re capable of even more success. What self-employed folks need is both business strategies and personal development to reach and maintain that success. In The Self-Employed Life, Shaw offers a three-part ecosystem for success:

● Personal development: mindset, exercise, nutrition, and other healthy shifts
● Business strategies: marketing, finance, and other key tools for growing your business
● Sustainability: the daily habits that help you sustain success

This holistic approach will equip you over the long haul, beyond the mechanics of setting up and running a business.

Whereas Shaw’s previous book, Lingo, was about creating the secret language to attract ideal customers, this book is all about creating the environment, the Self-Employed Ecosystem, to attract the success you want. He shows you how to get clear on what you want to get away from what you don’t want, set clear intentions in a specific From-To format, and reflect on three big life questions to clear the way.

As Paul Jarvis did with Company of One, Jeffrey Shaw plots a path forward for the solopreneur who knows that small is better—except when it comes to how big you can dream. He shows you how you can set up your environment to create the success you want. You may be in business for yourself, but you’re not in business by yourself.

The Self-Employed Life

The Self-Employed Life is an extremely powerful book for business-oriented people. Author Jeffery Shaw has written an insightful book for self-driven individuals. Are you open to experimenting with new ventures? Does the idea of being a business owner excite you? Do you often dream of being a property proprietor? The Self-Employed Life has the tips, tricks, and advice you need to succeed in your self-employment.

The author introduces the reader to his world by relating his experience with self-employed business owners. Shaw is engaging from the start of this informative book. He openly talks about the fantasies that people dream of in self-employment. He shuts down the myths and the lies. By talking about his experiences and facts, readers will see real-life examples of the topics he discusses.

One of the best pieces of advice I found in this eye-opening book is that having your own business does not mean that you are in charge of everything. Numerous uncontrollable circumstances may cause you to take a back seat. When talking about the challenges self-employers go through Shaw shares solutions that have worked for him in the past. The methods Shaw uses are tried and tested, which is excellent as it gives his readers confidence in the advice he is presenting. The tiny snippets from the author’s life were the magic needed to make this book relatable to the ordinary reader. The author takes us into his world and tells stories of his personal growth, business relationships, and the letdowns that sometimes occur.

There are plenty of lessons in the book about topics that relate to self-employment. Topics about personal development, getting out of your comfort zone, marketing, building business models, creative and critical thinking, and referrals were terrific to read. Each of the 3 parts of the book has something that will benefit a student or novice in self-employment.

The Self-Employed Life is an intellectually invigorating book for readers that enjoy entrepreneurship, personal finance, and business-related content. Using the information contained in this book, readers will better understand what it means to be self-employed and what to plan for.

Pages: 258 | ASIN : B08SBKTFCD

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