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Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous

Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski’s latest book, Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous: 33 Keys to Creating Your New Life by Leaving Your Old Stories Behind, is a practical self-help guide that is destined to aid individuals dealing with personal issues, those hoping to better themselves, and people in need of a little motivation to keep going. The authors use their personal lives and the experiences of others as examples, sharing different human experiences and observations that made them great and that will make the reader more fabulous.

This step-by-step guide offers 33 keys that focus on specific aspects of human behavior, covering all possible areas that are critical in the self-improvement journey. But what is the fear of being fabulous? The authors define it as any way that you hold yourself back from being fully present in your excellence in any part of your life. This simple and clear-cut definition is excellent for introducing the reader to the topics being discussed.

Chapter one of the book is brilliantly written, with every discussion well-put and the main points given priority. As a reader, you automatically fall in love with the author’s writing style in the first chapter. Each key has a few mini topics and reflections that can help the reader ponder their life situation, applying a different style in their writing.

One of the most informative discussions is on the second key, which focuses on Jim. The discussion starts with the revelation of Jim’s mild stroke, which happened in 2016, and how it impacted him. Through this story, the authors enlighten the readers about being their inner critics. This discussion is a valuable lesson on how to overcome fear and celebrate one’s goings-on.

The keys are brief but gratifying, and the stories of both Jim and Judith are stimulating and a great feature in the writing. In addition, every introductory offers valuable lessons, including subjects like a failure, being nice versus being honest, regret, gratitude, handling disappointments, success, growth, and unconscious contamination.

Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous is a go-to book if you enjoy personal stories that come with life lessons. It is an engaging and professional self-help guide that will motivate readers to leave their old stories behind and create a new life. The author’s personal experiences and insights are an excellent resource for anyone seeking to improve themselves and their lives.

Pages: 230 | ASIN : B0BSFTSBGW

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A Path to Excellence

In A Path to Excellence: The Blueprint to Achieving Your Greatest Potential, author Tony Jeton Selimi explores the steps one can take to become the best version of themselves. Selimi offers guidance on cultivating excellence in every aspect of life and overcoming obstacles with determination and grace. The book begins by introducing the concept of excellence, discussing goal achievement strategies, and providing insight into the author’s inspiring story. As a minority, Selimi never allowed his identity or limited resources to hold him back, and the advice he shares is relevant to anyone seeking to transform their life.

Each chapter in this book is crucial to the reader’s journey. In the second chapter, Selimi writes about the requirements for reaching greater heights, inspiring readers to aim high and persevere. Next, the author addresses the topic of giving up, carefully listing reasons why people abandon their goals and offering solutions to overcome despair. The inclusion of exercises at the end of each discussion allows readers to reflect on their own experiences and growth.

Chapter three delves into the octagon of excellence, analyzing the eight cycles of life: transition, regeneration, focus, rebirth, balance, service, unity, and infinity. Selimi emphasizes the importance of practicing these eight principles and how they can positively impact one’s life. The author covers various topics throughout the book, such as mental confusion, facing challenges, confronting issues, and achieving goals. Selimi’s remarkable writing technique ensures readers can quickly grasp the concepts discussed, using accessible language to convey his ideas.

Upon completing the book, readers will be equipped with invaluable information to help them excel in various aspects of their lives. This book’s clear language and timeless lessons make for a standout read. In addition, the book’s organized structure and the breakdown of each topic contribute to its effectiveness.

A Path to Excellence: The Blueprint to Achieving Your Greatest Potential goes beyond the standard self-help genre, providing readers with insights into themselves, their surroundings, and the steps needed to climb the ladder of success and excellence.

Pages: 204 | ASIN : B0BG4LYXZB

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The Life Is Too Short Guy

The Life Is Too Short Guy by Scott White will show you how to change your outlook on life and make conscious decisions that enhance your attitude and experiences. This book is based on the various lessons Scott picked up in different life situations while consistently maintaining the perspective that life is short, which is referenced throughout the book.

The author does an incredible job of sharing genuinely inspiring and astounding transformational events of the individuals interviewed for the book. It’s a great read that helps readers learn how to choose their attitude and own it, how to be more deliberate with how they use their limited time, the value of humor in life, and how to embrace life.

When you prepare the read this book, clear your plans and dive in – you’ll be hooked from the first page. Scott White includes a wealth of thought-provoking anecdotes and exceptional occurrences that taught the author to cherish life more than ever. I couldn’t get enough of his valuable perspectives and insights, cleverly selected from motivational accounts of other people with life-changing experiences. Despite harrowing accounts and difficult realities, the stories in this book offer an empowering, motivational approach to taking greater control of life.

The Life Is Too Short Guy by Scott White is a profound, practical book that offers insightful quotations, research data, and a helpful appendix. I have found significant, doable concepts in the book which have contributed to my life and perspective. It’s a solid 5-star book, and I found the captivating stories and razor-sharp insights will help anybody who is feeling trapped in life and weary of their daily routines. It’s a great read that I highly recommend to everyone!

ASIN B0BR1MQVSH | Pages: 183

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How To Be Successful In Life

Author E. W. Buck Lawrimore’s How to Be Successful in Life presents a precise formula for success in 19 short sections. These sections individually focus on the importance of developing and identifying your strengths and personality, believing in the power of the mind, reprogramming the subconscious mind, following a Simple D model for decision-making, and taking better care of your body. The following sections discuss emotional management and the importance of seeking help, meditating, connecting with a higher power, improving communication, getting better financing, and building careers that can be fulfilling. Finally, the last few sections shed light on business success, focusing mainly on building business strategy, building a solid team, providing value, and discussing the 4 Ps of marketing.

This informative book is a must-have handbook written by an author with practical knowledge about how things work for personal and business success. I found helpful advice on my mental potential and focusing on physical and psychological stability. I love every aspect of this book, and it is hard to highlight my favorite sections. The Simple D method of decision-making, connecting with God, and rediscovering that our mind has infinite power and how it directly influences our journey was exciting. This is one of my key takeaways from this book. The central theme of this book is controlling your thoughts and thus changing your destiny because whatever we think becomes our reality, be it negativity or positivity.

How To Be Successful In Life: Discover and Use Your Unique Success Power For Maximum Results is a powerful self-help and motivational book that will benefit teenagers, people starting businesses, or those looking for a successful life. With practical information, real-world examples, and some well-placed spiritual guidance, readers will be a better version of themselves after following the steps outlined by Buck Lawrimore. This thought-provoking book was a worthy read; it helped me make clear plans and inspired me.

Pages: 287 | ASIN : B0BMNVSWKM

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The Self-Employed Life

The Self-Employed Life is an extremely powerful book for business-oriented people. Author Jeffery Shaw has written an insightful book for self-driven individuals. Are you open to experimenting with new ventures? Does the idea of being a business owner excite you? Do you often dream of being a property proprietor? The Self-Employed Life has the tips, tricks, and advice you need to succeed in your self-employment.

The author introduces the reader to his world by relating his experience with self-employed business owners. Shaw is engaging from the start of this informative book. He openly talks about the fantasies that people dream of in self-employment. He shuts down the myths and the lies. By talking about his experiences and facts, readers will see real-life examples of the topics he discusses.

One of the best pieces of advice I found in this eye-opening book is that having your own business does not mean that you are in charge of everything. Numerous uncontrollable circumstances may cause you to take a back seat. When talking about the challenges self-employers go through Shaw shares solutions that have worked for him in the past. The methods Shaw uses are tried and tested, which is excellent as it gives his readers confidence in the advice he is presenting. The tiny snippets from the author’s life were the magic needed to make this book relatable to the ordinary reader. The author takes us into his world and tells stories of his personal growth, business relationships, and the letdowns that sometimes occur.

There are plenty of lessons in the book about topics that relate to self-employment. Topics about personal development, getting out of your comfort zone, marketing, building business models, creative and critical thinking, and referrals were terrific to read. Each of the 3 parts of the book has something that will benefit a student or novice in self-employment.

The Self-Employed Life is an intellectually invigorating book for readers that enjoy entrepreneurship, personal finance, and business-related content. Using the information contained in this book, readers will better understand what it means to be self-employed and what to plan for.

Pages: 258 | ASIN : B08SBKTFCD

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Negotiate Like a CEO

Jotham S. Stein not only has brilliant advice on how to be at the top of your game in business and the corporate world, but he also gives insight into how ruthless capitalism can be. Negotiate Like A CEO is a helpful guide for building confidence as you go about your entrepreneurial or employment activities. With the author’s experience, he provides advice to help readers understand what to ask for at work, beat your competitors, the power of your signature, be bold, and understand the art of negotiation.

Stein’s writing style is direct and easy to follow. His advice for business leaders such as executives, founders of organizations, entrepreneurs, and company decision-makers is realistic and blunt. In addition, the author gives a step-by-step breakdown when introducing a new topic to ensure comprehension.

The author uses personal stories to share his ideas and present his concepts. By writing about his encounters, challenges, and wins, Stein connects with his readers on a basic level, showing he has been where they are before. I appreciate the author for addressing people employed by organizations and those who are self-employed. The author balanced the guidance he has for the two groups flawlessly.

In addition to the in-depth discussions on negotiating, Stein includes a section in the book where he tells stories of entrepreneurs and executives. What I loved most about this part was how moving the stories felt. They were told with honesty and without sugar coating the experiences. The conversations were interesting and captivating to follow along with. Each story ended with a lesson for readers to take away with them.

Negotiate Like A CEO: How to Get Ahead with Lessons Learned From Top Entrepreneurs and Executives is an educational book that will give readers a realistic view of what it takes to get ahead in business. With an introduction to new entrepreneurship concepts and learning how executives get to rise to positions of power, readers will come out with more knowledge of how the business world works.

Pages: 294 | ASIN : B09TG125BQ

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The Exceptional Life R-Evolution

To live a fulfilling life is the goal. Every human being wants to lead a life that brings them joy and happiness. In her inspirational book The Exceptional Life R-Evolution: A practical guide to reach peak performance and create exceptional experiences in our workplaces, homes, and communities, author Jessica Tietjen discusses in depth the purpose of life, how to grow as an individual, and living the dream life. Reading this insightful book will open your eyes to different aspects of life. The author uses real-life examples to expound on the topics and personal touch on every subject she talks about.

Jessica Tietjen’s engaging nature is what makes the reading experience beautiful. The author knows how to get through to the reader. She writes about fascinating topics and gets the reader to reflect on the things being discussed.

Jessica Tietjen is modest, kind, and humble. Her language gives readers a look into her personality. Reading this book will encourage you to pursue better things in life. The Exceptional Life R-Evolution will provide you with the tools to make that 180-degree turn in improving your life balance. The content in the book is rewarding and will get you to achieve goals that you may not have imagined.

The four sections in the book have specific content. The first section is about performance. How do you get to perform? How many milestones can you hit? Are you ready for your peak? Jessica Tietjen helps you create exceptional experiences and progress to peak performance in the first section. Section two of the book focuses on the challenges we face as human beings. I appreciate the author for the discussion in this section. While reading about the challenges people go through at work, relationships, and how one can mend broken relations, the author talks of her experiences and gives advice on navigating the barriers we come across. This section of the book was my favorite because I connected with the author personally.

The last two sections of this book have life lessons. If you want to learn how to navigate the modern workplace and come up with solutions for problems at the workplace, then this book is for you. The author prudently writes on how to interact with colleagues, friends, and family and learn human behavior. My favorite part of section 4 was the discussion about leadership. This topic was informative and will get the leader out of you. Jessica Tietjen’s writing is impactful. Every subject has something beneficial for modern men and women. The author also talks about the status quo and how to bring positive change wherever we are.

The Exceptional Life R-Evolution: A practical guide to reach peak performance and create exceptional experiences in our workplaces, homes, and communities, is a valuable self-help and personal transformation book. This well-written book will help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Pages: 503 | ASIN : B09HQL5FDP

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