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The Sweetest Things a Parent Can Do

Kairen Alaina
Kairen Alaina Author Interview

I Can Do That: A Little Girls’s Day of Big Challenges follows a little girl that, through playing a game with her parents all day, learns some independence and responsibility. What was the inspiration for your story?

Watching my daughter’s journey, with her four young children, reminded me of my bringing up my own three little ones.

Having a busy lifestyle means teaching your children new skills can be frustrating (for both the parent and the child) and time consuming. Sometimes it almost seemed easier to continue doing everything for them, particularly when your child is hesitant or has a fear of failure. Success, however, in imparting those new skills, is rewarding and satisfying. Watching a child glow with pride is one the sweetest things a parent can hope for.

What experience in your life has had the biggest impact on your writing?

I was a prolific writer and reader in high school. Yes! That was quite a long time ago…but it was my escape and my creative outlet. My English teacher was wonderful, so encouraging and with great critiques that, even as a teenager, made me think more about what I wanted to write and how I wrote it. Those lessons have stayed with me throughout the years.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

With ‘I Can Do That’..I wanted to portray a fun, no pressure way for a child to attempt new tasks. I believe the best inspiration comes from watching others succeed and felt that witnessing Scarlett’s satisfaction and pleasure in her new found independence could just be the gentle persuasion needed. I also wanted to highlight that just trying, and doing tasks in your own way, is enough to be considered a success.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Well, I have four more grandchildren. They all want to join Scarlett in having a book written about them so I am committed to at least four further books. I do have a story idea for the youngest (18 months) to star in, so that will probably come out next. I both write and illustrate (and have a day job) so it’s not a fast process, so I’m hoping within the next 5 months it will be complete.

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Scarlett is a little girl who is used
to having everything done for her,
but she is growing up fast.
What happens when she faces a
day of BIG challenges ?
Will she overcome her worries and prove to herself that,
YES! She really CAN do it ?

I Can Do That

Scarlett is a little girl, and her mom wants to play a game all day long. The game is mommy and daddy will give her different challenges all day, and she has to see if she can do them all by herself. Challenges like making her bed, cleaning her room, helping with shopping, and even playing at the park and drawing a picture make for a full day of fun. Scarlett spends the day thinking she is playing a game but is really learning and growing as she completes each of her challenges.

I Can Do That: A Little Girls’s Day of Big Challenges is written for preschoolers and kindergarten level children; this book introduces taking responsibility in a fun and creative way. Scarlett has a mantra she repeats with each task given, “I can do that!” This phrase is often heard from small children and allows them to feel empowered and able to accomplish things. Finding age-appropriate jobs and helping them succeed is a delicate balance, and this picture book demonstrates a creative way to engage children. Learning while playing is a crucial developmental skill, and Scarlett jumps right into this activity despite the fear that she may not be able to do everything. Her mom, however, offers encouragement and tells her all she needs to do is try and ask for help if she can’t do it.

Author and illustrator Kairen Alaina is immensely talented and does a fantastic job composing this children’s story and providing whimsical artwork to follow along. Reading this playful story aloud will entertain children and adults with a positive and energetic narrative.

I Can Do That: A Little Girls’s Day of Big Challenges is a remarkable picture book that will delight children and adults. Parents and teachers will love having this charismatic book on hand to help teach children about responsibility and building self-confidence.

Pages: 31 | ASIN : B09KNWFK5T

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