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A Black Woman’s Journey

“You live, and you learn” is an idiom we have all heard often, and those lessons can come at a disproportionately high cost when it comes to relationships. Learning to navigate the roads of life and love can be difficult, but author Melissa Owens has resolved to keep moving up despite past mistakes. A heartbreak, however painful, can always be an opportunity to discover a new truth, whether it be about yourself or the world around you, and it should never be viewed as the end of the world regardless of its hurt.

A Black Woman’s Journey: Memoirs Of Love, Pain Loss, Comfort, and Forgiveness is Melissa’s personal travels through relationships as she tries her best to become more than her childhood and inopportune beginnings. She begins by acknowledging the societal influences that lead women of color toward a life of unfilled and unrequited love, then immediately jumps into her own story with no hesitation.

Pulling no punches, Owens unflinchingly talks about her teen pregnancy, her first genuinely satisfying sexual experience. In these situations, she’d thought she’d found “the one” and every bit of good, bad, and ugly in between. It’s a fast-paced memoir that shows the power of perseverance and learning to recognize your own needs. Owens never shies away from her own flaws, fleshing them out as naturally and objectively as if she were talking about anyone else. This story could easily be received as a cautionary tale, but at its heart, it is more optimistic than that, telling others to live a life without regrets. Owens detailed an immense amount of pain and heartbreak, all at a relatively young age, but her message is always to focus on yourself and move on. Personal accountability plays heavily into her story to a refreshing degree.

I enjoyed A Black Woman’s Journey as it was a quick read and didn’t get into much depth with any of the encounters. However, it was an interesting insight into the resilience that is necessary for survival sometimes, whether it’s within the world of dating or just life in general. In addition, Owens writes with a candor that makes it seem as if she were beside you, simply having a conversation, which makes it a much more personal read.

Pages: 72 | ASIN : B0BD5F8L6D

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The Gentleman – Book Trailer

Featured in: BBC Radio Leeds, Female First Magazine, Ujima Radio, Siren FM, Business Matters Magazine, Global Woman Magazine

This is Book 4, the last book in Series One.

The Gentleman is a short suspense thriller that asks the question: How far are you willing to self-sacrifice for an obligation to the family? In the last book in series one, all the previous killers meet up to plot a significant murder, but the final victim turns out to be very unexpected from the initial plan.

Keaton Fountayne is a Mastermind.

He has a vast capacity for understanding, thinking, and reasoning. He does not waste time with emotions, desires and wishful thinking. He is a gentleman that is methodical, logical and organised.

If you have a project that requires skilful directing or creative intelligence then there is no other person to call. As long as you have the funds and understand that once the game is in play, there are no take-backs.

The next book is Mrs Davies by CE Okwera which is Book 1 in Series 2

Outcast – Book Trailer

Tirrell Ellis has always felt like an outcast. His loving grandmother takes him in after the death of his parents and his very existence becomes the source of much conflict between him and his half-brother.

Feelings of being unwanted fester inside Tirrell and he eventually explodes in fits of anger. His unbridled temper gets him booted out of the military, and he violently unleashes his frustration on his girlfriend when he discovers a secret that she’s been harboring.

Tirrell believes things are finally turning around in his favor when he meets Alexandra Solomon. Blinded by the trappings of the lifestyle she offers him, he ignores the warnings of his grandmother to stay away from her.

By the time Tirrell finds out that Alex Solomon is not who she appears to be, it’s almost too late, as he puts his life and the lives of his family in danger.

With his world falling to ruin, will Tirrell be able to right the wrongs he’s done and prove that he’s not he pariah his family believes him to be?

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“either locked up or dead”

P. W. Freeman
P.W. Freeman Author Interview

The Prodigal Dream follows two kids on different paths out of a troubled neighborhood and explores how their choices affect their lives. What was the inspiration for the setup to this riveting story?

The “almost made it”, “If I had it all to do over again” and “either locked up or dead” stories that permeate communities throughout the US were a catalyst. As a child the reality of hearing adults lament these narratives was hard to digest.

The Prodigal Dream became a creative way to provide an educational perspective of what can happen over a young adult’s lifetime based off their aspirations, choices, and actions.

Joe and Marlon are intriguing and well developed characters. What were some driving ideals behind their character development?

Like many youth today, both of these want to attain a great lifestyle, yet the were both also missing the presence of their Fathers. Since both characters felt the pain of poverty and this heightened their desire for a better life. Their bond of friendship was solidified by the harsh reality of their environment.

The individual paradigms and accountability-or lack there of- for their actions were two major factors. Also both the levels of high school matriculation and incarceration rates for their specific demographic provided context for character development. The other characters that they encounter on their journeys also influence their life’s trajectory.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The power of a Dream. Setting goals. Working hard. Walking by faith. Spoken Word. True friendship. Growth. Overcoming adversity. Forgiveness. Self-actualization. Letting your mistakes become your lessons. Never giving up-In a lot of ways Life really is what you make it.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The Prodigal Dream Sequel. It will be available contingent on The Prodigal Dream‘s success.

Author Links: Twitter | Facebook

An ambitious young student barely escapes a nefarious neighborhood environment after he is challenged to attain a college education. The intense conflict encountered on the road to success tests his endurance; leaving him profoundly changed. Like brothers, trying to figure how to be successful in life; driving full speed without a road map, best friends Joe and Marlon often speculate about the quickest way to achieve the American Dream. They even beat the odds to graduate from high school together. Yet as young adults pursuing the goal from drastically different perspectives, they arrive at destinations that redefine the meaning of success and the price of achieving it. In the face of urban decay and limited options, The Prodigal Dream contrasts the youthful desires of opulence against the discipline of academic study and hard work. The Prodigal Dream uses gripping realism and spoken word to highlight the power of choice. It asks the reader: where do you want to go…and how do you want to get there?

Arlington Heights Book Trailer

Arlington Heights follows the course of a gifted and beautiful black woman who overcomes the stigmata of a youth of mistakes to become one of the more powerful forces in New York’s fashion and business scene. Arlington Cavanaugh has past her prime as a model and has committed her life to the building of the highly regarded fashion magazine, HEIGHTS. Through the novel she takes a journey that speaks not only to the incredible climb up the ladder of success, but also details all of the consequences of decisions made along the way by a woman so focused on escape from her past that she nearly loses her soul.

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Precarious Situations

Lance Oliver Keeble Author Interview

Lance Oliver Keeble Author Interview

Globes Disease is a fast paced thriller that follows seven individuals as they suffer from the affliction of lycanthrope and are being hunted by a vampire because of it. What was the inspiration that made you want to write this suspenseful novel?

The original idea began as a short story about a black man named Terry who is infected by a lycanthrope. As he walks down the street he wanders if people are looking at him because of his infection or because he is black.

As I added more characters, more stories grew, and eventually a lot of the back stories became short stories, that became novellas and before I knew it, a novel!

The characters, I felt, were well developed and really stood out as unique in the end. What was your favorite character to write for and why?

Its difficult to say. I like them all. I have seven kids and four grandchildren, and a good number of nieces and nephews, I truly have no favorites. I love them each based on who they are.

Lets just say, everyone that survived my book are my favorite characters (laughing). Though some of the ones that died had to die to move the story forward.

I will say that Terry and Quake stand out to me for the males and Jodi and Goldy stand out for the females.

I love your review of my book, it’s so dead on. I could never say in words what I was thinking when folks asked me what my novel was about. You hit the nail on the head.

You mentioned names, believe it or not, Quake is based on someone I know, named Dozer, and Quake comes from a name I know of someone named Earthquake. I combined the two. As far as Ano, I went to school with an Austrian fellow who was a big guy and natural athlete name Onno, that’s where that name came from.

Jodi is based on some Japanese and Chinese friends of mine who have traditional parents. I just turned them in to one girl. Goldy is based on the women I grew up listening to; beautiful, smart, professionals, and the challenges they faced in their lives.

This book seamlessly blends many different genres. Was this planned before writing or did it happen organically?

Organically, I actually like to tell stories about people and put them in precarious situations and see how they react. The genres you mentioned in your review are genres I know and love. So I naturally lean towards telling stories in those genres.

I can honestly say that I would love to be the hybrid of King, Tarantino, Lee, Palahniuk, Shyamalan, Chaykin and Gaiman. I love how Gaiman has written comics, novels, movies, etc. That seems very natural and fluid to me. Writing what strikes you. Writing when you are inspired and writing in the genre and medium you want has got to be the best of feelings.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have completed the prequel to Globes Disease. I am waiting on the editing to be finished. I am currently working on the sequel as well…

In the mean time I am working on a comic, some short stories, a guest blog and a few other things…

Author Links: Twitter | Facebook | Website

Globes DiseaseJodi and her friends all suffer from the same affliction. Each of them compelled to deal with their struggles in their own personal way.

These unfortunate residents of the small quiet town of La Mort Douce must band together as their peace is threatened by a mysterious Vampire, Hunters who treat them like wild game and a Government Agency with promises of a cure.

With many more threats looming, this eclectic group must come together to achieve a common goal.

They must fight for their humanity or die alone, like animals.

Globes Disease

A thrilling action-packed novel about Lycanthropy through the eyes of 7 brave souls who suffer from the disease.

Do you have it?

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Angie Brown: A Jim Crow Romance

Angie Brown: A Jim Crow Romance5 Stars

Our tale centers around the life of one woman, Angie Brown, as she struggles to live and love in an unforgiving world. Angie Brown, A Jim Crow Romance was originally written by Lillian Jones Horace 68 years ago. Angie Brown is a window to the past: a look at what life was like for black people during the Jim Crow era. It opens with heartbreak as Angie is denied medical care for her ailing child. Angie is at a disadvantage for her entire life simply for being black. Her child is black. Therefore, they are treated as less than second-class citizens. The beginning of Angie’s heartbreak occurred before that moment, but is amplified as her child dies in her arms: denied a potentially life-saving treatment solely based on the color of his skin.

Many books about this subject can feel like textbooks, but this book is beautiful and heartfelt. Wrapped up in an emotional love story, Angie Brown will teach its readers about life from the point of view of a young woman. She has loved, she has lost both her husband, Jim, and her son. She finds herself abandoned with no way to return home. Her religious mother has forsaken her and Angie must persevere if she wants to survive. Through her sorrow and her uncertainty Angie rises above the hand that life has dealt her. She works her hardest to become someone she can deem as worthy.

While there is activism in this book on Angie’s part, it doesn’t overshadow the romance. It is important to understand that Angie is not going to take her fate lying down. As she learns and exposes herself to the world she begins to understand that she can make a difference if she wants to. Her eyes are opened to the trappings of the world and she realizes that someone must stand up for the young black children who are disadvantaged solely because of their skin color. Described with powerful words the reader may feel as though they are there as Angie involves herself with politics and does her best to support Roosevelt in his bid for president. He desires to be a president for all people, something that Angie believes in.

Angie loves. She loses and she finds herself in sorrow. She sees the disgusting side of the world and she sees the beauty in it as well. She builds herself up from the timid young girl to the successful woman at the end of our tale. Angie Brown, A Jim Crow Romance by Lillian Jones Horace will show readers the beauty and agony of love against the backdrop of a time where injustice was rampant in the South. There are reading comprehension questions at the end of the book which make this an excellent selection for further classroom reading or even as an addition to a book club roster. The romance is beautiful in this tale but the underlying message is just as important. Whether you’re reading for fun or reading to learn more, you will not be disappointed with this book. Even though so much time has passed, this timeless piece remains poignant and elegant.

ISBN: 1478773030

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