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What Unconditional Love Means

Carol McKibben
Carol McKibben Author Interview

Reign: The Assault of Lucifer Morningstar follows a powerful shifter as he defends the citizens of Florence from a satanic mob. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thrilling story?

I have written two vampire mystery thrillers previous to Reign: Snow Blood (a 5-book series about the original vampire) and Moon Blood (a sequel to Snow Blood) along with a Prequel entitled, Kane – The First Blood Son. Reign takes characters from those two books as well as introducing new ones (spawned from characters in the first books). Reign Book 1 was a natural progression and is soon to be followed up with Reign – The Rise of The Lich (Book 2 of the Silver Blood Knight Series.)

Honestly, I was inspired because I wanted to create something quite different from the vampire/paranormal stories I grew up with and loved.

Reign is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind his character development?

All my books are narrated by either dogs or wolves. They symbolize loyalty, persistence, a fierce protective nature, and unconditional love for all who are family and friends. I strive to have people answer this question for themselves: If they can love us in this way, why can’t we do the same for each other?

What were some themes you wanted to explore in this book?

Obviously good vs. evil. But more importantly, as stated above, I wanted to show what unconditional love means… loving a person or creature for who he or she is, and not what we want them to be. I wanted to examine what it means to be loyal and how some things aren’t what we think they are.

This is the first book in the Silver Blood Knight series. What can readers expect in book two?

Our heroes will be given another almost invincible antagonist to battle. I’ll dive deeper into the inner workings of the heroic band, and they will have to contend with numerous surprise attacks from unexpected sources in book 2. Through it all, their love for and loyalty to each other will shine.

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Supernatural hybrids. The wrath of the Devil. Can three chosen by God win the war against darkness?
Reign knows he was never supposed to exist. The impossible fusion of a vampire and a spirit wolf, the powerful shifter’s life is a divine miracle. But when the city of Florence is robbed of its memories, Reign stands between the innocent Italians and a hellish demise.
Teaming up with his bonded packmate and a young wizard, Reign storms the Tuscan capital to bring down the possessed mob leader. And with the Heavenly battle raging against Satanic gangsters, the God-chosen crossbreed must risk his own inconceivable life to annihilate the forces of evil.
Can Reign survive his ordained mission to save the world from damnation?
Reign: The Assault of Lucifer Morningstar is the extraordinary first book in the Silver Blood Knight paranormal vampire series. If you like epic conflicts, unexpected revelations, and unique twists on supernatural creatures, then you’ll love Carol McKibben’s out-of-this-world tale.
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Reign: The Assault of Lucifer Morningstar by [Carol McKibben]

Reign The Assault of Lucifer Morningstar is the first book of the Silver Blood Knight Series. The city of Florence is pushed to the pinnacle of agony and torment by the recent zombie plague planned by the Evil Satan.  But his plans are more sinister. He is in direct rivalry with God, the father, and is prohibited to fight the Vampires; God’s Warriors. But there is always a loophole. He joins forces with the head of the Italian Mafia, Gamino to inflict torture and murder on the people of Florence. Hence, began a war against darkness by the most supernatural hybrid- Reign accompanied by the Z brothers, James, and a child wizard. But there is a price to pay. Will the God-chosen miracle beings risk the lives of those they love to save the city from the lethal forces of the satanic mob?

This book is yet another product of Carol’s profound imagination, adorned with supernatural yet believable characters, powered by a strong and stimulating plot that is propelled forward at a quick pace with an action-packed storyline. The book has all the right ingredients to keep you on your toes; thrill, suspense, and an ounce of mystery sprinkled with drama. It took me just one sitting to complete the book, that’s how much it captivated me with its mystical charm.

Author Carol Mckibben is a master of creating and transporting her audience to a fantasy realm. I really enjoyed the fact that the book was narrated by the spirit wolf and hearing everything from his perspective was both fun and adventurous. The book starts off with great tension. At first, I felt like there is nothing new about these supernatural characters, I mean a vampire and a pack of wolves, rings a lot of bells, right? But as you progress, you see so much more depth and uniqueness to the characters and how truly they are miracle creatures, that you can’t help but admire the creativity that went into creating this world. The development of the characters is amazing and happens at such a natural pace despite the book being a short-read, which by the way is another great thing about this. Usually, fantasy books are too long to read over the weekend, but I was able to get through this book fairly quickly.

Reign: The Assault of Lucifer Morningstar is a thrilling fantasy adventure that utilizes a unique blend of creativity and imagination to deliver a consistently entertaining story.

Pages: 99 | ASIN: B08LQSZ4S7

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