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Power Without Responsibility

Rick Stepp-Bolling
Rick Stepp-Bolling Author Interview

The Battle for Imperiana follows Meesha and her allies as they uncover a plot to restart another war which threatens Imperiana. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thrilling story?

In the first PATCH MAN book, I explained how the origins of the war between Imperiana and Summia began as a result of depopulation by the developer of the Labyrinth, Julius Gelfson. President Gelfson’s plan to destroy Summia is reminiscent of several of today’s world rulers who think power is the best way to get whatever they want, but power without responsibility, without compassion is simply a threat, and there will always be Meeshas of the world who will confront that threat.

Meesha is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some ideas that guided her character development?

Throughout the first three books of the PATCH MAN series, Meesha grows both chronologically and in her maturity. We see her as a young, one-armed girl in book one who is unflagging in her optimism, but in book two, like many teenagers, she is moody and controlled by her emotions. During these first two books, Var and Zefa, her adopted Father and Mother, guide her character’s development through their unconditional love. In book three, The Battle For Imperiana, she has matured, but her love for Ten becomes her driving force. She is both fiercely independent and emotionally attached, as I suppose many of us are.

I enjoyed the detailed and intricate world you’ve built in your Patch Man series. What were some themes that were important for you to capture in this book?

Two major themes are hard to miss: 1. War is destructive 2. Family can help us overcome adversity in life. Of course there are numerous subthemes as well. Balance is needed in any community if we are to live healthy, productive lives. In the book, this is shown through the loss of technological power and the rise of magical power. The Chunee are a good example of how a people have found balance in their lives. Another subtheme is a warning that children who play computer games all day may not interact well on the human level when they become adults.

This is book three in your Patch Man series. What can readers expect in book four?

Book four and book five have already been written, so I can talk to this question with some insight. Book four is Ulan’s backstory. It describes the forces and events that led her to become an assassin. Book five continues in Summia with Meesha expecting, but events soon have Meesha, Ten, Riata and Ulan thrown into a Doppelganger domain where they meet their opposites in a world no longer covered by desert but by oceans.

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With the war in Summia over, Imperiana becomes the new battlefield. Var arrives in Adriat hoping to convince President Gelfson to end his insane attempt to create an army of dead Imperialists and invade Summia to complete his plan of total genocide. Meesha, in an effort to save Ten, travels to Imperiana only to discover Moab has set a diabolical trap for her. Now she must choose between freeing Zefa, her adopted mother, or Ten, the love of her life. One will live and one will die.

The Battle for Imperiana

The Battle for Imperiana (Patch Man Book 3) by [Rick Stepp-Bolling]

As Imperiana is recovering from its great war the story follows Meesha and her group of allies to uncover a plot to restart another war which threatens Imperiana. The world they know is threatened by former enemies and their intentions for destruction become clearer as they race against time to prevent catastrophe. Former warriors of the previous war must find their own ways to save those that they hold dear to them. Enemies of the past along with a world on the verge of breaking from a fragile peace is about to erupt into war once again. With Meesha and her allies slowly piecing together the mystery of who is causing plans for destruction, they slowly realize that the war itself had never ended completely.

As I first started reading the book, it became quite clear that the “Patch Man Book III” is the third installment of the series. If your new to the series and jumping at this point, it’s a little disorienting at first, but after a few chapters I felt comfortable and enjoyed the story. In either case, the tension throughout this book is palpable. The story line is a fantastic mix of adventure, romance and military suspense. War and its nature of destruction are clear elements which all the characters are familiar with, must endure, and face on their own terms. The number of characters was numerous and sometimes hard to keep track of. But it reminds me of a well developed universe that is reminiscent of Lord of the Rings or Star Wars in the way it introduces the universe as a well established world we’re just being invited into. Nevertheless, the world in which the story takes place is fascinating and intricate. A blend of tribal culture mixed in with cutting edge technology made for some interesting concepts regarding old ways and the new. I especially liked how the author took the time to describe how the characters thought, their methods of battle, and the description of their skills. This added together with the uniqueness of each character made them each important in their own way. Roles assigned to certain individuals with certain skill sets and talents were placed into difficult situations but were able to overcome them using their own style. Some characters are so hyped up that my expectations of them were set high, and when the end came I was a little disappointed to find that they didn’t live up to my expectations. By the very end of the book I was very satisfied with how things ended in general and I was even satisfied with the loose ends that need to be tied in upcoming installments. For readers that like their science fiction to be well thought out then I recommend The Battle for Imperiana.

Pages: 324 | ASIN: B089S8TQ1P

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