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The Saga Of The Janus Key

Thomas Reilly
Thomas Reilly Author Interview

Chasing Time follows a retired professor who races against the clock to find a lost magical key that has the power to save his terminally ill wife. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I’ve heard so many real-life stories of patients, including friends and acquaintances, diagnosed with debilitating or terminal diseases that I wanted to create an uplifting story, albeit fictional in nature, that could provide some hope and optimism even in the most difficult times in dealing with such diseases. I added a fantasy element, i.e., the Janus key, to provide an additional level of suspense and adventure. My experience as a biomedical scientist provided much of the basis for the scientific elements throughout the book.

Tony Lucas is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

The schoolboy Tony is modeled after many of my own experiences growing up in Brooklyn in the 1960s. I reasoned that a history professor was a perfect role for the adult Tony since Chasing Time deals with integrating past, present, and even future events, and what else is history but studying the past and applying such lessons to avoid future mistakes and mishaps. Ann, the wife, is portrayed as a strong and impactful woman, whose unique insights perfectly complement Tony’s grit and determination.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

An important ideal throughout the entire book is the importance of family in providing support and love. Another critical theme is the value of persistence and resilience in achieving goals. Finally, olive oil plays a central role throughout the entire story because it has long been held as a symbol for many of the characteristics I tried to express in Chasing Time including: victory, perseverance, wisdom, and health.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The saga of the Janus key continued with a new cast of characters. Brian, a disgraced and downtrodden scientist, seeks redemption through his interactions with Julie, a young college student touched by tragedy but determined to achieve her goal of becoming a veterinarian. To achieve their goals, and to prevent a medical tragedy, they must unravel clues to future events provided by a strange Janus key, handed down to Julie from her father. This next chapter in the Janus key series is expected out in early 2022.

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Chasing Time by [Thomas Reilly]

Devastated by his wife’s terminal illness, retired teacher Tony Lucas seeks to recapture a lost magical key from his youth that has the power to predict the future and use it to unravel additional mysteries that could save her. Racing against time as the disease extracts its unforgiving toll, Tony embarks on an amazing quest involving a series of unexpected plot twists, cryptic clues, and memorable characters.

Driven by a strong male lead, this heartwarming book combines realistic medical elements with a hint of fantasy to create a gripping, suspenseful narrative. Reilly spins a compelling tale of a devoted husband’s resilience and perseverance as he pursues a life-saving mission that extends from Ancient Rome to modern-day America to the olive orchards of Spain.

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Chasing Time

Chasing Time by Thomas Reilly is a thrilling blend of realistic and supernatural fiction. The narrative begins in Rome in around A.D. 40-50 with Lucius Fabius Antonius, a Roman oil merchant with an aptitude for predicting events, and his mysterious bronze Janus key ring. It then takes a great leap to Brooklyn in 1965 with the Roman merchants’ mirror image, Anthony Lucas, an eighth-grader. The story revolves around Anthony’s arduous journey to seek a cure for a terminal illness, with the help of a clue he found from an uncanny bronze Janus ring he found by chance 54 years ago.

In order to provide readers with a plot that fills them with eager anticipation, no stones have been left unturned. Along with the protagonist of the story, I found myself trying to put together several puzzle clues. Also, the fact that the latter part of the novel is connected with contemporary life adds more realism to the story. There’s talk of a time prediction key ring on one hand, but there’s also talk of baseball, Google, and the ever-expanding technology on the other.

The plot is clearly shaped by the author Thomas Reilly’s knowledge and expertise as a retired scientist with a background in pharmaceutical and biotechnology. He did inculcate his vast knowledge within the plot, with many instances in the book with terms and language associated with a scientist’s role, but it took me two readings to fully comprehend those particular paragraphs. It did not, however, prevent me from enjoying the novel’s intriguing plot.

Another interesting aspect of the book is the historical facts in it that are again a testament to the amount of research that went into the writing. Everything in the book is well examined to fit them to the overall development and excitement of the story, whether it is Janus key ring, Olive Oil, or several facts about ALS disease.

Chasing Time is as fascinating as it is unpredictable. At times, the plot twists and supernatural elements had me believing that I was watching a movie. Chasing Time is a perfect book for readers who like the thrill of adventure and mystery. One can also discern many hidden messages within the fictional plot by digging deeper. Whether it is the faith of Anthony’s family in him and his mystifying stories, or the several cooperative and significant people he encounters along the way, the story demonstrates hard work and resilience are essential to achieve any unimaginable goal.

Pages: 213 | ASIN: B09DTJPPLR

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