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Raise the Dead

A doctor who happens to also be a necromancer named Emilio finds himself in the presence of his queen, but she is no longer alive. Queen Marisol has been murdered. Her spirit finds its way to Emilio, so she can finally be at peace. First, however, the truth must come out to those nearest to her as someone, or something, is impersonating her.

Raise the Dead by Tony Fuentes and C. S. Kading takes readers on an adventure that Emilio is unsure of, but he is willing to do anything to help his queen. The pair encounter skeptics of his work, shades, and other undead creatures as they search for a way to help Queen Marisol uncover the truth and share it with those nearest to her. However, during this time, unexpected feelings are growing between Emilio and Marisol.

The authors have created a unique, riveting dark fantasy novel with a slow-burn romance. The chemistry between the two main characters is subtle and sets readers up for a more extended storyline beyond this one novel. I found myself anxious to get to the moment when they would finally be together. The slow pace works with the story, as there is more at stake than love. The narrative and plotline flow smoothly, giving readers a complete picture of what is happening. Bringing the truth into the light comes off as the story’s focus and romance complement it perfectly.

Raise the Dead is a gripping dark fantasy and paranormal romance novel that takes readers into the world of necromancers. With richly developed characters, magic and adventure, there is something for readers of all fantasy to enjoy. This novel has a lot of potentials to be a fantastic series. I look forward to seeing how Tony Fuentes and C. S. Kading develop this budding romance.

Pages: 243 | ASIN : B0BKJP16PX

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Sanctum Is Coming For You Once Again!

Tony Fuentes
Tony Fuentes Author Interview

Sanctum: Forests of Avalon follows a knight and his companion on a quest to save the dying world of Avalon. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

In our first book when we had Isolde come to Setesh, and she was a stranger in a strange land. For the readers – we wanted them to experience the “newness” of the world through her eyes. With Forest of Avalon – we wanted to create context for the audience to understand what kind of world she came from and how VASTLY different it was to Setesh in both culture & environment. Both CS & I are fans of Arthurian Fantasy so the concept of the land dying and being poisoned at its heart was our nod to those stories of old, as well as giving us an opportunity to put a spin on it.

How long did it take you to imagine, draft, and write the world your characters live in?

For Avalon – CS began in November of 2020, but then holidays and the world going politically crazy – we really started the engines again in early 2021 and finished officially in September/October. So basically 10 months to create new characters/creatures, personalities, as well as give the land of Avalon substance.

What character did you enjoy writing for? Was there one that was more challenging to write for?

While I can’t answer for CS – personally, it isn’t so much as a specific character – but the back and forth verbal sparring between the main & side characters. My goal is to always make sure that the characters you meet are more than two-dimensional cameos. I want them to seem like they have lives and responsibilities beyond their interaction with the main characters.

While both CS & I write for both Isolde & Tulok – the most challenging thing is ensuring that there isn’t any character bleed. If I write the actions of one character one way – I want to be sure that the attitudes and actions are consistent when I write. This way, when CS takes up the pen for her sessions – she can look back at that consistency, and know where she can go with her take. Since we don’t occupy the same living space, and have our own lives – we end up sending messages and DMs to one another asking why the other did this or complimenting the direction that was taken. Writing solo is one thing – but writing as a partnership is challenging but extremely satisfying when we’re in tune.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

We are currently working on the third book of the series (to be named) and ideally we are also aiming at completing it by the end of the year. So come December – watch out! Sanctum is coming for you once again!

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Avalon was dying …

Or at least that was what the dreams said. Charged by Faith and Justice, Knight Wanderer Isolde and the Radiant Priest Tulok must abandon the arid Realm of Setesh and travel across the sea to a land of ancient magics and even stranger customs. A place where the Fae and Morpheum creatures hold court, and the Gods themselves walk alongside mortals! Racing to end the machinations of a rogue Vidria, and the growing corruption of a crazed ancient of untold power, can the knight and her priestly companion reach them in time, or will the land be forever severed from its magic?

Tread lightly in Avalon, for the land is alive, and watching …

C.S. Kading and Tony Fuentes return to the World of Sanctum with the second installment in this epic sword and sorcery series.


Sanctum: Sands of Setesh by [C.S. Kading, Tony Fuentes, Todd Filek]

Isolde duAvalonne, Knight Wanderer, wakes up in the most strange of circumstances. Flashes of her childhood cross her mind as she begins to regain consciousness and take stock of her surroundings. She hears more than she can see and tries with all her might to take it all in. When she finally has her wits about her once more, she is introduced to Father Tulok, and the questions begin. Isolde is a Wanderer and was on a mission when she was discovered. Still apprehensive about her surroundings, she begins to tell the tale–a tale that begins with the Undead.

Sanctum: Sands of Setesh, by C.S. Kading and Tony Fuentes, is a uniquely spun fantasy that rivals any I have read in all of 2020. So accustomed to the typical fantasy with mythical beings and dialogue fraught with rich and, at times, over-the-top terminology, Kading and Fuentes’s work was a real breath of fresh air. It was simply refreshing to read exchanges between characters that contained more modern phrasing and interactions that felt more in tune with the 21st century. It’s a combination I wasn’t expecting but one for which I was thankful once I began delving into Isolde’s world.

Life has its humor, and I think fiction writing should always incorporate lighthearted moments and periodic banter between characters. Kading and Fuentes fit the bill with Sanctum: Sands of Setesh. The quips and jabs made throughout the book make the fantasy world more relatable and much more appealing. They have done with this book what so many other authors fail to do in fantasies–they bring the characters full circle.

I quickly became invested in the story unfolding before me. Isolde’s journey is one readers can easily follow, and they will find themselves caught up in the imagery that laces each chapter. I love that this quest is one more about the characters and less about violence and bloodshed. Fantasies can be predictable in that way, but the authors far surpass any of the usual measures of the fantasy genre and have created their own brand.

Sanctum: Sands of Setesh will give fans of the fantasy genre a new way of looking at their favorite genre. Cover to cover, this lengthy novel contains everything needed to hook readers, transport them to another world, and keep them coming back for more.

Pages: 478 | ASIN: B08GKBY5KP

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