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The Wings of Adversity

The Wings of Adversity by Vanessa Caraveo is a collection of poems with the general theme of learning from one’s adversities and hurdles that life throws at you. It is an inspiring and powerful work that pushes you to break the shackles designed to hold you down and use them as a boost instead to propel yourself into greatness.

This inspirational collection of poetry is divided into three different sections: “Illness and Disability”, “Cultural Adversity”, “Heroes of Adversity”, “Empowerment through adversity”. Each section focuses on specific themes while following the book’s broader theme. Each poem is unique and follows varied rhyming schemes and structures. This is visible while reading the poems and in the visual layout with center/left alignment, the spacing between the sentences, and the length of the sentences. The visual appearance is just as important as the words in these poems.

The collection covers a wide variety of topics and experiences to ensure that people can find something for themselves, something that speaks uniquely to them. Some of the themes are heavy and moving, while others are motivating and inspirational. It tries to cover the diverse experiences that people from various backgrounds face in the world. Rather than trying to fit it all into one mold, the collection celebrates this uniqueness and tries to cover and honor this diversity.

The best part about this book is that it ends every poem positively. It doesn’t shun out the negatives; instead, it embraces them. It tries to overcome adversity not by avoiding it but by embracing it and coming out of it flying.

The Wings of Adversity is an uplifting collection of poetry for the worn-out souls battered by life’s challenges. If you are looking for something inspirational and motivational, this is the book for you. Readers can keep this book at hand and come back to it again and again or even share it with others in need of a few words of inspiration.

Pages: 115 | ASIN : B08PG286QQ

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Voices of Diversity

Voices of Diversity by Vanessa Caraveo, is a collection of poems explaining the cultural and belief constraints that face different groups of people and how they solved their dilemmas. The book mentions recognizable heroes and heroines in an attempt to highlight the importance of empowerment, unification and inclusion. The poems contain themes of gender equality, apartheid, slavery, tourism and cultural differences. The author depicts how women and girls have lower leverage in education and employment. She also shows how black and brown races achieved political and socioeconomic freedom. The ideas in this thought-provoking book chronicle heroes of multiculturalism.

The collection of poems included in this vibrant book touch upon sensitive issues that many face today. The author tells stories of both famous and anonymous heroes in her poems. Vanessa speaks of colored parents as champions to their children letting them know that their diversity makes them special and urges them to embrace the difference. Citing “I Have Dream” she narrates how Martin Luther King Jr fought for emancipation of African American’s rights. She also includes the story of Rosa Parks as part of the civil rights movement. The poems are not limited to political topics, but also humanitarian issues as well. Included is an excerpt on “Mother Teresa”, who is lauded worldwide for her work with the needy.

This insightful collection would appeal to teachers to read to kids in school, and parents wishing to introduce these topics to kids in a gentle way. This inclusivity makes this children’s book fun and captivating.

Pages: 86 | ASIN : B085PPXV6B

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Thiago the Tiger and the Light Within

Thiago the Tiger and the Light Within by [Vanessa Caraveo]

Thiago the Tiger and the Light Within is a charming children’s story about a tiger that is born with colorful stripes that glow. Although he is a cute and magnificent little cub, the children at school make fun of him. But when things get dark on a school trip, only Thiago the tiger can save the day.

This is a very colorful and bright book, which suits the idea of Thiago the tiger having multicolored stipes that shine. This story reminds me of Rudolf the Red Nose reindeer and how he was shunned because of the very thing that made him special. Author Vanessa Caraveo has a written a simple story that easily conveys a powerful message of acceptance.

This is a fun and educational children’s picture book that shows kids how to recognize the differences in others and see the beauty in those differences. Children will surely be drawn to all the colorful art throughout this book and they will easily be able to pick up on all of Thiago’s emotions as well.

Thiago the Tiger and the Light Within is highly recommended for parents and teachers with children that are learning about diversity and inclusion.

Pages: 37 | ASIN: B07L9FW7K1

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