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Random Musings of the Left Hemisphere

Random Musings of the Left Hemisphere by Mike Joyner serves as a comprehensive anthology of his reflective insights on a myriad of political and social issues currently permeating the United States. Joyner critically examines the cultural trend of “woke-ism” and the embracement of progressivism, contending that such movements are, paradoxically, regressing American society towards historic European models of governance that our nation’s founders fervently resisted.

The book casts a wide net, exploring topics such as the Covid-19 pandemic, gun violence, the controversial Florida voting incident, impeachment, perceived leftist privilege, the Black Lives Matter movement, and even personal anecdotes like ‘Grandpa’s dating rule.’ By incorporating elements from his personal life, Joyner forges a human connection with his readers, fostering a relatable and engaging atmosphere.

True to its title, the book is a rich tapestry of diverse thoughts, presented in succinct chapters that streamline reader comprehension while maintaining their engagement. Joyner’s profound passion for the well-being of his country and its citizens is palpable in each chapter. His candid and bold commentary, driven by his desire for a safer and fairer nation, is both refreshing and thought-provoking.

One particularly poignant chapter sees Joyner express a deep-seated protective instinct, asserting that as a father, grandfather, and husband, he would courageously place himself between a child and danger, mirroring the heartbreaking sacrifice made by teachers during the tragic incident in Florida.

Readers concerned about the future trajectory of the United States will find Joyner’s book an enlightening and conversational read. Amid an era characterized by cancel culture and a lack of tolerance for divergent views, Joyner fearlessly articulates his perspectives on where he perceives the nation is faltering and how it can strive toward improvement.

Random Musings of the Left Hemisphere offers an insightful exploration of contemporary American issues. While Joyner’s views might not resonate with everyone, they undeniably provoke thoughtful consideration. Regardless of one’s political orientation, this book provides an invaluable opportunity to enhance understanding of current American challenges and the complexities of its political landscape.

Pages: 122 | ASIN : B0C2WMQNHH

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Learning To Balance Darkness And Light

Author Interview Patricia Leavy

Shooting Stars follows an author that meets the love of her life and realizes she must face the trauma of her past before they can live happily ever after. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

There’s an expression “hurt people hurt people.” Sometimes that isn’t true. Sometimes people in great pain are able to love others in extraordinary ways, and they only hurt themselves. That’s what I wanted to explore. I wanted to look at how people with both visible and invisible wounds can love each other unconditionally, and how in turn, that may help them heal.

Tess starts off confident but it is a facade, as that shell breaks away she transforms into a stronger person. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Tess is my favorite protagonist from any of my novels. In many ways, she’s an aspirational character. She’s enormously talented and successful, which has afforded her an enviable life on the surface. She’s also deeply kind—she sees the humanity in each person and treats others with grace. Despite all she has going for her, she’s haunted by trauma survived in her childhood, and for a long time she struggles to find any genuine happiness. While the details may differ and be more traumatic in Tess’s case, I think many of us carry deep wounds. So often people see our highlight reel on social media and may have a false sense of our lives, when in fact we may be struggling. So as I developed Tess, I wanted to peel back the layers, from what we see on the surface, to what she’s really dealing with on the inside.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

For me, this is a story about learning to balance darkness and light in our lives. It’s also about the healing power of love in all forms—romance, friendship, love of art, and love of community.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I fell so completely in love with Tess, Jack, and all their friends that after writing Shooting Stars I wrote 5 more novels based on these characters, for 6 in total. Each novel takes place about a year later—so it follows the characters for about 7 years. Each novel has its own story and theme; however, the collection as a whole also has an overarching narrative. It’s an epic love story about balancing darkness and light so that we may ultimately live in full color. There’s romance, laughter, tears, and some unexpected twists and turns. The title is Celestial Bodies: The Tess Lee and Jack Miller Novels and it comes out June 1. I’m so proud of it. Truly, of all my work it’s what I love and revisit the most. Reading it is a bit like being wrapped in a big hug. Here’s the amazon link:

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Tess Lee is a novelist. Her inspirational books explore people’s innermost struggles and the human need to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Despite her extraordinary success, she’s been unable to find personal happiness. Jack Miller is a federal agent. After spending decades immersed in a violent world, a residue remains. He’s dedicated everything to his job, leaving nothing for himself. The night Tess and Jack meet, their connection is palpable. She examines the scars on his body and says, “I’ve never seen anyone whose outsides match my insides.” The two embark on an epic love story that asks the questions: What happens when people truly see each other? Can unconditional love change the way we see ourselves? Their friends are along for the ride: Omar, Tess’s sarcastic best friend who mysteriously calls her Butterfly; Joe, Jack’s friend from the Bureau who understands the sacrifices he’s made; and Bobby, Jack’s younger friend who never fails to lighten the mood. Shooting Stars is a novel about walking through our past traumas, moving from darkness to light, and the ways in which love – from lovers, friends, or the art we experience – heals us. Written as unfolding action, Shooting Stars is a poignant novel that moves fluidly between melancholy, humor, and joy. It can be read entirely for pleasure, selected for book clubs, or used as supplemental reading in a variety of courses in communication, psychology, social work, sociology, or women’s studies/gender studies.

Shooting Stars

When Author Tess Lee met Federal Agent Jack Miller by chance, the two experienced what many consider love at first sight. The couple became inseparable, and nothing made them happier than to be together. They soon introduced each other to their friends who all agreed that this was a match made in heaven. After a whirlwind romance, the couple gets married. Jack soon discovered that Tess had been traumatized as a child, and the only thing that helped her overcome her trauma was Jack’s love.

Shooting Stars, written by Patricia Leavy, is a beautiful love story about the true value of love and friendship. Tess finally allows herself to love and be loved when she realizes that Jack will never hurt her and will always be there to protect her. Jack soon learns that Tess would not have become the person she did become had it not been for her close friends, who came to know and accept her just the way she is. Life is complicated, and if we can find someone to help us through the tough times, we can consider ourselves fortunate.

In addition to being a love story, it is a story about survival and resilience. Tess must learn about trusting her chosen family and herself. This novel is about healing and overcoming your past to keep it from stealing your future happiness.

I love Patricia Leavy’s succinct and easy-to-read writing style. Each character is introduced individually, and the reader learns more about their background, allowing you to connect with the characters. A few surprises are woven into the plot, which makes the novel more interesting and adds a new dimension to Tess and Jack’s relationship. Anyone who reads Shooting Stars will experience the importance of treating others with dignity and respect.

Shooting Stars is a heartwarming literary fiction novel about finding love, learning to trust, and discovering what it means to live. Anyone that enjoys a feel-good romantic story will find this novel hard to put down.

Pages: 155 | ASIN : B08THRSHPX

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