Ideas of Dreams and Mist

Michelle Murrary Author Interview

Michelle Murrary Author Interview

In The Dream Walker Miranda is having vivid dreams of a world full of castles, forests, ice caves, and dragons. I find this world brimming with possibilities. Where did the inspiration for Mystica come from and how did it change as you were writing?

The inspiration for Mystica came from the ideas of dreams and mist. A world full of castles, dwarves, knights in shining armour, ect. I think a lot came from other fantasy books I’ve read and enjoyed, The Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia, and so forth. Of course, I made the world my own and added little twists and turns to it. It didn’t really change much as I was writing, but expanded to include more lands and people. My husband created a map for me, which really helped! Readers asked for more information about Mystica and I’m working on some back stories. The possibilities are endless, and I look forward to delving into this world more and creating more stories and characters.

Miranda is a young college-aged woman who is sucked into an alternate world due to her powers as a Dream Walker. I found Miranda to be a refreshing character. What were some of the emotional and moral guidelines you followed when developing Miranda?

When developing Miranda, I used a lot of my own childhood experiences and my own emotional and moral guidelines. The idea of helping others with no expectation of getting anything in return reminds me of a time when we were poor and our neighbors and church often came by with food, clothes, and sleds at Christmas time. This has stuck with me through ought life, and I think it is refreshing in today’s society. I personally feel we need more books like mine, and less violent ones.

On Mystica, the evil wizard Midnight has been released and is gathering an army in preparation for war. How did you create balance in the use of magic to keep it believable?

I always had the idea for six wizards, three light and three dark to keep things in balance. In order for there to be a story, there must be some conflict. I had this idea in my head that Midnight would want to rule the world, after all that’s how he ended up being trapped in stone to begin with. He would use his magic for destruction, while Miranda would use hers to try to help by freeing Lightning. The balance of magic in Mystica came from there being three wizards on each side.

The Dream Walker is the first in the Land of Mystica series. Can you tell us where the book goes and where we’ll see the characters in the next book?

Currently, there are two more books and a short story. Readers have asked for more, so I’m working on a fourth. In Dream Walker’s Return, Miranda meets Brian a fellow magic user. She returns to Mystica to defeat the Darkness, which Brian has unleashed. Will he help or hurt her on her journey? In Dream Walker’ Destiny, the destiny of Mystica falls of Miranda. She must find the final white wizard Polaris and return him to Mystica before the dark wizard Spyder does. Mystica is breaking apart without the magic of all the wizards. She must travel to the Lost Islands to find Polaris, and Spyder and the Pirates are on her heels. In Ichra’s Quest (my short story), we learn more about the ice people, Ichra has turned 14, and he must go on a journey through the Ice Caves to find his magical stone, the one that will give him his adult name. Can he traverse the dangers of the Ice Cave and find his stone. And due to reader demand, Dream Walker’s Fight is being written. The darkness stalks Miranda and her dream magic. She must travel through the Dream Realm to defeat it once and for all. Night Shadow stalks her every move and waits for an opportunity to strike.

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Buy Now From Amazon.comMiranda is having vivid dreams of a world she’s never been to. A world full of castles, Forests, Ice Caves, and Dragons. She goes to a bookstore to see about these dreams, and discovers she is a Dream Walker. She has been called to save this mystical, magical world. On Mystica, the evil wizard Midnight has been released. Midnight is gathering an army, and preparing for war. Miranda needs to find and release the white wizard Lightning from his stone prison to save Mystica. Follow Miranda as she travels through Mystica. Can she find and release Lightning and save Mystica?

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