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Origins: A Descent into The Wicked

Origins: A Descent into The Wicked by [Will Alers]

The cover art of Will Alers’ Origins: A Descent into The Wicked promises an epic and high-concept science fiction adventure story with bold splashes of horror, and that is exactly what you get when you pick up this novel.

The story begins with a prologue of interviews involving miners who encountered the mysterious substance only known as “Dream Matter.” “It turned us into savages,” Prisoner #15 says, giving readers a sense of dread right from the beginning of this story and elevating the level of intrigue early. “Having children became a rare commodity; food became scarce.” This is a promising start to a novel with an intellectually stimulating premise. 

After the prologue, we meet our hero Samuel O’Dalis – an everyman who unwillingly discovers an ancient inter-dimensional alien species that threatens to destroy the very fiber of reality. This dark science fiction story reminds me of the literature of H.P. Lovecraft combined with the Alien franchise.

Video games have gotten pretty good over the years, and the dialogue in Origins sounds to me like it could have been from some forgotten video game in the early 2000’s. Or maybe I just played a lot of alien invasion video games. While the characters are interesting, I thought that their dialogue could have been more streamlined and grounded.

This is a high concept science fiction story with a lot of thought put into the ideas and science behind this epic fantasy world. There is a lot of time spent explaining all the different concepts and technical aspects of a variety of things throughout the story. Readers who like to delve deep into the technical aspects of a story and immerse themselves in the details of a fully fleshed out world will have plenty to enjoy in Will Alers sci-fi epic.

Just like the ancient alien species that terrorizes the world of Will Alers’ Origins, there is a good story lurking within these pages. Origins: A Descent into The Wicked is a fascinating alien invasion story with thought-provoking ideas inside of a detailed world.

Pages: 94 | ASIN: B09DQ9XMCW

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Traits and Emotions of a Salvageable Soul: A Conversation with a Touch of Class

Traits and Emotions of a Salvageable Soul: A Conversation with a Touch of Class: Volume 1 by [Crawford, Keeshawn C.]

Traits and Emotions of a Salvageable Soul by Keeshawn C. Crawford is certainly among the most interesting books I had the pleasure of reading this year, if not the best.  This piece of non-fiction is an apt example where in the author delves into a personal need of an individual for that special word of inspiration.

This book  has a clear vision of it’s purpose and direction and was a really good read. The focus of the writer is crisp and smooth. We are observing a world today that is experiencing more and more women raising their voice against violence and sexual aggression of men in power and influence. The first topic thus selected, aptly deals with the intrinsic build up of the common woman, and to take care of herself.

The subsequent topics have been laid out in a well-defined manner, starting with happiness, love and the concept of helping. The book further delves into other topics which form an important part of moral principles such as sacrifice, strength in troubled times, empathy, and many others. The author also touches on other equally important topics such as parenting, the ingredients for a well-nourished relationship, and accepting criticism constructively to become better. The author balances this with wise words of caution against weakness, ignorance and greediness.

There are many other word gems in this book as well, such as the ones highlighting wisdom of elders, the notion of self-respect, signs of a true friend, just to name a few. I was a bit bewildered at first at how much these moral principles influence, affect and shape our lives, and of those with whom we interact. The author however, seems adept in corralling these principles together with the physical constructs. I feel it important to point out that this book is not meant for speed reading to be just done away in a few days time. The real pearl of this work lies in soaking up the meaning in the words and continuously striving to build a strong mental platform upon which you can work to see your behavior change and be improved by the many areas which the author has pointed out in every chapter. The author fervently impresses upon the reader to conduct oneself in such a manner that would make it more pleasurable for others to follow their lead.

This book can be categorized as a self-help book, but it goes beyond and compels you to think and continuously strive to be a better individual and a good citizen. I am already looking forward for the next book from this author.

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