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Dragons are creatures of magic and might, and they have long been charged with protecting mortals. As part of their birthright that goes back thousands of years, dragons intervene when mortals are in danger and often use their powers to keep the peace.

In Origins: The Blue Dragon Society, Owen is on his first mission (a rite of passage) with his brother, Lann, as his mentor. They are dragons who are sent to investigate strange occurrences in the mortal world and determine if the mortals involved are being attacked by the plague or something more nefarious.

With the help of their new friends, Helen and Riva, Origins offers an enchanting and action-packed story that will leave readers racing to find out what happens next. The world is in a state of chaos with the outbreak of the plague. Demons and vampires have taken advantage of the situation, breaking into homes and abducting humans for their dark rituals. This has left humankind vulnerable and fearful for their lives. Owen and Lann are determined to restore order to the world and protect those who cannot defend themselves. Though they face many challenges, the dragons are determined to succeed in their mission.

Author S. Faxon’s writing hooks you from the first page, where you meet Anton. Someone I thought might be the protagonist in this story but turns out to be quite the opposite. The characters were highly engaging, and I enjoyed the characters’ growth, notably Owen, who I was not so much a fan of at first. He’s strong and determined but also grieving and vulnerable. I thought the author did a great job exploring his character, and I was surprised at how much I connected with his character. With the vivid imagery, the reader feels like they are on an epic journey alongside Owen, seeing what he sees. Just under 200 pages, this is a fast-paced and action-packed story that will have your imagination running wild.

Origins: The Blue Dragon Society is a riveting coming-of-age fantasy novel filled with personal growth and struggles, both internal and external. Those who enjoy reading about fantasy creatures such as dragons, vampires, demons, and lovable (and sometimes not-so-lovable) characters will find this exciting dark fantasy novel hard to put down.

Pages: 158 | ASIN : B09T8YBFRD

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Origins: A Descent into The Wicked

Origins: A Descent into The Wicked by [Will Alers]

The cover art of Will Alers’ Origins: A Descent into The Wicked promises an epic and high-concept science fiction adventure story with bold splashes of horror, and that is exactly what you get when you pick up this novel.

The story begins with a prologue of interviews involving miners who encountered the mysterious substance only known as “Dream Matter.” “It turned us into savages,” Prisoner #15 says, giving readers a sense of dread right from the beginning of this story and elevating the level of intrigue early. “Having children became a rare commodity; food became scarce.” This is a promising start to a novel with an intellectually stimulating premise. 

After the prologue, we meet our hero Samuel O’Dalis – an everyman who unwillingly discovers an ancient inter-dimensional alien species that threatens to destroy the very fiber of reality. This dark science fiction story reminds me of the literature of H.P. Lovecraft combined with the Alien franchise.

Video games have gotten pretty good over the years, and the dialogue in Origins sounds to me like it could have been from some forgotten video game in the early 2000’s. Or maybe I just played a lot of alien invasion video games. While the characters are interesting, I thought that their dialogue could have been more streamlined and grounded.

This is a high concept science fiction story with a lot of thought put into the ideas and science behind this epic fantasy world. There is a lot of time spent explaining all the different concepts and technical aspects of a variety of things throughout the story. Readers who like to delve deep into the technical aspects of a story and immerse themselves in the details of a fully fleshed out world will have plenty to enjoy in Will Alers sci-fi epic.

Just like the ancient alien species that terrorizes the world of Will Alers’ Origins, there is a good story lurking within these pages. Origins: A Descent into The Wicked is a fascinating alien invasion story with thought-provoking ideas inside of a detailed world.

Pages: 94 | ASIN: B09DQ9XMCW

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H.A.L.F. Origins

H.A.L.F.: ORIGINS (H.A.L.F., #3)

H.A.L.F Origins written by Natalie Wright is the third book in the H.A.L.F series. This book will please fans of the series, which is aimed at young adults. It takes a look at the characters that fans know and love, Tex, Erika and Jack Wilson. Tex and Erika are on their own adventures, running for their lives against the deadly alien virus that is spawning an epidemic around the globe. As well as predators attacking Europe and an organization whose conspiring to profit from chaos and forge a New World Order. It seems like these two have their hands full.

Tex and Erika need help from a Navajo healer when Tex falls gravely ill  The healer is their only chance at helping Tex live. Thankfully, Tex emerges from the experience with vital information which will help stop the predatory M’Uktah from overtaking the human population. Sounds crazy, hey! Very intense.

I really enjoyed that this book had a pronunciation and definition guide at the start of the book otherwise I would’ve had trouble keeping up with whose who.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the sweet acknowledgment at the start of the book, as many acknowledgments are at the back and I didn’t realize that she had written so many words (300,000 to be exact).

The story is really fast paced and throws you immediately into the deep end of the action. The writing is really clever and immerses the reader immediately into the world of the characters. You can really tell that the author has crafted these characters with care, as they’re all very different and have a different tone. I’ve noticed with some of the other books that I’ve read, authors tend to just reuse personality traits, but that was not the case with this book at all.

With The Makers and predatory creatures who want to enslave the human race, I found this book to be very enjoyable and action-packed. It was very sweet to read Erika and Tex’s budding romance, as he’s half-human and she’s into someone else. That was relatable as hell, I mean, apart from the fact he’s half human. These two broke my heart again and again. Why did they make everything so complicated!?

The complexity of the characters within this story is what kept me on the edge of my seat. Although I generally like it when characters are undoubtedly good or bad, it’s refreshing for me to read characters that aren’t always like this. This was the case with the main characters within this book, as you learn more and more about them as time goes on.

I really enjoyed this book. Is it the last one in the series? I hope not.

Pages: 377 | ASIN: B07263P84J

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