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How To Love Yourself, Be Happy With Your Life And Heal Negative Thoughts

Are you ready to change your inner dialogue and start thriving in life? If so, How to Love Yourself, Be Happy with Your Life and Heal Negative Thoughts is the book for you. Author Samuel C.A. comprehensibly explains the science behind why we struggle to deal with problems and gives some excellent advice about what we can do to change our mental habits.

The author touches upon subjects like the gut-brain axis, sleep, and support systems, showing us that the key to a positive mindset is deeper than merely our thoughts. Each topic is broken down into manageable chapters and interactive tasks, encouraging the reader to begin their own self-help journey from the beginning of the book. In addition, the book was structured in a way that promoted a change in the reader. Samuel C.A. uses checklists, bold headings, and direct instructions for an active learning experience.

After checking out Samuel C.A.’s music recommendations and following his instructions for meditation techniques, I was surprised at the positive effect I felt in such little time. I am convinced that, used over an extended period, this book could genuinely change the reader’s outlook on life.

At first, I felt like there was a lot of scientific information to digest, but Samuel reviews previously-mentioned vocabulary throughout the book, creating a more precise understanding as the book goes on. I would say that the book could have been organized better for greater fluidity, as it sometimes seems to jump from topic to topic. However, this was easy to overlook, as I learned much about myself and how the mind functions.

The book was highly relevant to present-day life, with references to the Covid pandemic and how this has affected our mental state. Samuel C.A. also explores how culture and assimilation affect our mental health. This was unique to other self-help books I had read in the past. I feel as if Samuel C.A. recognizes the difficulties we face in society and empathizes with our struggle to remain mentally healthy. He avoids sounding preachy and reminds the reader of the benefits they can receive by following his advice. He also makes each step easier for the reader, providing set time frames and routines. This is more than a book; it is a guide to improving your life from the core.

Pages: 91 | ASIN : B0B3T7T5JH

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Motion: The Art of Moving Forward by Creating Change

In Motion: The Art of Moving Forward by Creating Change, author Aileen Sideris shares ideas for a better life and tips that can help readers elevate their situations. In this motivating book, the author takes the reader through different steps that can help one achieve their goals as she explains why each step is crucial. Aileen Sideris introduces the reader to the book by giving definitions of fundamental terms that will be used throughout the book. The author starts by discussing motion and explaining in detail what motion is and how it can help you attain your goals. This style of writing is replicated throughout the book as the author brings in more new topics.

Every new topic has an easy-to-digest breakdown as the author shares her knowledge in both bullet point form and in prose. By doing this, the reader easily follows the discussion and even highlights key parts of the text. Aileen Sideris also shares how she pursues her goals and the paths she has taken. The personal experience feels intimate and gets the reader to further connect with her words. One of the primary things I like about Sideris is how assertive she is. Even when discussing challenges, the author uses affirming words that get the reader to be motivated.  Her soft tone while discussing important topics and the inclusion of day-to-day events make the text more relevant.

This well-written book will be your ladder to success. More importantly, the author will help you find the right path in life and get you to make constructive life-changing decisions. I like that the author uses real-life examples of renowned and celebrated icons worldwide to get her message. The author writes about successful individuals like Barack Obama, Stephen King, Oprah Winfrey, and Kate Winslet and how they made a name for themselves despite coming from humble backgrounds.

Motion: The Art of Moving Forward by Creating Change is a motivational and inspirational self-help book. The author’s humility in her writing and precision when discussing the various subjects make this book unique from others. No matter what stage of life readers are in, there is something in this book to help them improve their quality of life and achieve personal growth.

Pages: 404 | ASIN : B0B7X6GRQ2

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The Law of Love – Book Trailer

What does love mean to you?

Do you know that you can harness its energy and use it as a super fuel to create the life of your dreams.

In The Law of Love, Karen Weaver gifts insights into different aspects of love and how you can navigate it to get the most out of every scenario you encounter.

Love helps things grow and when you learn how to make it work for you, you will be the master of your own destiny.

The Law of Love in the fourth of seven life principles that multi-award-winning publisher, author, coach and TEDx speaker Karen Mc Dermott (Karen Weaver) uses every day in her life, and it is at the centre of the collection for a reason. It is the beating heart that helps her live life at the highest vibration, on her terms and all as a hands-on mum of six, author of over 40 books and CEO of 3 thriving publishing companies.

Are you ready to learn how to embrace love at a whole new level? The Law of Love has the answers your heart desires.

With contributions from Cliona O’Hara, Kym Oakhill, Taryn Claire, Patricia Lovell and Leanne Murner.

Paris Blue

First loves only happen once a lifetime, and as such are memorable, for better or worse. In that vein, what could be a more memorable, or magical, experience than finding that love in Paris, a city well known for its romance? For Julie, a 20-year-old music student from a small town in Main, that’s exactly what happened. Furthering her musical talents, and trying to broaden her horizons in a city full of culture, Julie meets Luc, an older man who shares her passionate love of music and art. As the story so often goes, from that moment on, her life was never the same.

Paris Blue is a superbly written memoir by Julie Scolnik about finding unexpected and intense love, in a foreign country. I loved the descriptions of Paris and how the city became such a part of Julie’s story, creating the sense that the love she shared with Luc was literally impossible anywhere else. Scolnik’s wonderful prose perfectly captures the atmosphere and energy of Paris, and the first half of the book reads like a love letter to the city itself. Paris has had more than its fair share of lines written in its honor and this book joins those ranks, painting vivid pictures of bustling streets, quaint cafes, cultured inhabitants, and the serenely bucolic nature that the city still manages to maintain despite all the activity. Julie’s relationship with Luc takes more of a center stage in the latter part of the memoir, as their relationship progresses and then regresses in turns, leaving the reader unsure where the two may eventually land. Throughout the entire impassioned book, Scolnik keeps the tone deeply personal, opening each chapter with an excerpt from one of Luc’s letters, providing hints to events that occur later in their blossoming friendship turned to romance. She never shies away from her feelings or actions, portraying them all as accurately as one can imagine they were at the moment in time. 

Music plays a big part in this story. It is music that brings them together in the first place, and the thing that they bond over so intensely, creating an emotional connection well before anything else. The music is so instrumental to their relationship, in fact, that Scolnik provides an index at the end of the pieces that meant the most to them. It’s a sentimental addition that creates another layer of vulnerability to the story being told.

Paris Blue is Julie Scolnik’s memoir, it will captivate readers that love Paris with her vivid descriptions. Readers that enjoy a true story romance will find this biography appealing and heartwarming.

Pages: 285 | ASIN : B09FVBXCJ1

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How to Live a Life of Hope

Unlike many self help book authors, Alphonsus Obayuwana does not just sell you hope, he shows you how you can navigate the difficult paths of life with ease. Reading How to Live a Life of Hope: A Roadmap for Achieving Personal Fulfillment is a gift you can give to yourself because the content in the book is refreshing. The author talks about succeeding in careers, building personal relationships, growing as an individual and building communities among other things.

The advice in the book is practical. As a reader, you will find logic in the steps that are described. I appreciate the author for talking about both the successes and challenges that human beings face. The author does not write about utopia, he instead tackles real issues and explains how one can live a fulfilling and happy life. The content in the book is serious but the author manages to add a little humor every once in a while. I enjoyed the light moments where the author shared a pun or funny jokes even when talking about grave issues. The content is not plain nor does the author get boring at any point. The topics are well articulated and the reader finds pure joy when reading.

How to Live a Life of Hope: A Roadmap for Achieving Personal Fulfillment by Alphonsus Obayuwana is the ideal book if you have lost hope or are still trying o figure out which path to take. This book is for everyone, teens, college students, young adults, adults in all stages of their careers, and even senior citizens. This book is a must read for people that enjoy motivational content, reading about human realities and reading life changing stories.

Pages: 134 | ASIN : B091TDR8CZ

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Mind, Body, and Spirit

Sameer Bhide
Sameer Bhide Author Interview

One Fine Day inspires readers to overcome adversity and embrace life by sharing candid but ultimately uplifting stories from your life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I felt grateful and thankful that I had survived the massive and rare stroke and was fortunate to have this second lease on life. I had done so many treatments/therapies in Western and Eastern medicine to help me heal my mind, body, and spirit. I wanted to give back to society somehow by sharing my stories, experiences, lessons learned from my journey to help others going through any adversity or life changes. I also wrote it as a letter of gratitude to the hundreds of compassionate caregivers, family, friends, colleagues, and supporters in both my adopted country and my country of birth. As I wrote the memoir, I also realized that doing it was also helping my healing.

I appreciated the personal stories you shared in the book. What was the hardest part of yourself to share with readers?

I am a very private person by nature. As I was documenting very openly many personal things in my life, it definitely made me anxious and that was the hardest part. The other thing which was hard for me was to decide on whether to use real or fictitious names for family, friends, and the various health care providers and caretakers in India and the US to ensure their privacy. In the end I decided to use real names for some – first or last names only, but for others used full names when it was required. It just did not feel right using fictitious names. Also I wanted to thank the many people who aided in my recovery and saved my life.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

There were many ideas,tips and suggestions I wanted to share based on my experience. So through out the book I included them in a grayed out text box.

Some ideas/tips were:

  • The importance of enrolling in Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD) during Open enrollment. Many folks don’t do it or not aware of it.
    Thank goodness I had signed up for it. It has kept me afloat.
  • The importance of talking with a clinical psychologist to help you heal from whatever adversity or life changes you are facing.
  • The importance of doing yoga and meditation to give you the best chance to heal your mind, body and spirit.
  • The importance of being independent in your healing – ordering online groceries using Instacart, and using Uber to go about doing your business.
  • The importance of contributing to Social Security from your paycheck and how the benefits you receive are not a handout by the government, but based on what you pay in to the system.
  • The importance of periodically eating and finishing food from the fridge and pantry first and then only order new groceries.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

That we all are one fine day from a new normal and we have to be prepared to accept those life changes with positivity, grace and gratitude.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Life can and will change for good or bad. Whether sudden or planned, physical or emotional, personal or professional, big or small, one fine day we will all have to face a new normal. When your day comes, what will you do?
One fine day, unimaginable tragedy happened to Sameer Bhide. His entire life came crashing down, starting with a life-changing, debilitating stroke, the loss of work, and a divorce. One Fine Day is the amazing story of his struggle to come back from the brink with the help of a diverse community of friends and caretakers, as well as an integration of Western medicine with Eastern holistic care. Sameer’s example of positivity, gratitude, and grace will help you accept a new normal— whatever it may be—as a gift. In sharing his personal story, experiences, ideas, approaches, and suggestions, he hopes One Fine Day will help readers:

> build resilience to face any life change or adversity
> find positivity, express gratitude, and build perseverance in the healing process
> look at the unexpected benefits and find possibilities in any life change
> find possibility where most people would see none (the art of the possible)
> adjust to a new life that they may not have chosen
> supplement cutting-edge Western medicine with holistic Eastern medicine and care

One Fine Day

One fine day, is an exhilarating and inspiring autobiography of Sameer Bhide. The author chose to express his gratefulness to  each and every person that has contributed in his recovery after suffering a debilitating weakness. Sameer Bhide’s  life changes one fine day when he has a stroke. He was in a coma for about a month. Despite trying both eastern and western treatments, the question ‘why me?’ keeps striking him incessantly. As he progresses into recovery, he adopts a mantra, ‘it is what it is’. Surprisingly, it alters his ‘why me’ attitude to ‘try me’.

I found author Sameer Bhide to be an embodiment of optimism. He always looks at the brighter side of things. He is a loving father, affectionate husband, and a caring son. His gratefulness to life and every aspect associated with it makes him inspiring. When a bad or unpleasant event takes place people lament over it blaming everyone else except themselves. But Sameer was wise. When he and his wife got divorced he was of course sad, but he quickly recalls his mantra, it is what it is, and instead of crying over spilled milk, he cherished all the moments he spent with his dearest wife and wished her well from the bottom of his heart. This bears testimony to the universal fact that acceptance brings peace. Despite his firm belief in the aforementioned fact, he did not wish to write much about his divorce and it was clearly stated that he would not want to discuss it further. I found this a bit contradictory. Nevertheless, it’s a personal choice.

Despite a debilitating weakness, new normal, and a heart-wrenching divorce, Sameer Bhide remained happy portraying unparalled strength. Sameer’s case also bears testimony to the widely acknowledged truth that the love of family and friends is the best medicine especially to emotional trauma.

One Fine Day shows readers how everything is incumbent on your attitude toward life and that happiness is a deliberate choice. This book can prove to be a magnanimous asset to the people that need hope and strength in life. One Fine Day delivers a potent message of inspiration with riveting anecdotes, uplifting words, and thought-provoking ideas that will motivate you to embrace life.

Pages: 260 | ASIN: B08PZHJBTM

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Love’s Story of Why We Are Here

Love's Story of Why We Are Here: And What We Can Do About It (Making Sense of It Book 3) by [O'Neill, Francis]

Why are we here? Where did we come from? Is there a bigger picture than the existence that we know? Is human life purposeful? Humans have contemplated the answer to these questions, and others that are similar, for much of our history. Here, author Francis O’Neill makes his own attempts to provide answers through a mixture of science, religion, the supernatural, and some ancient mythology. O’Neill’s theories lead to a definitive “yes, we are here for a reason”, but the journey to his conclusion is more interesting than the resolution itself.

In Love’s Story of Why We Are Here, O’Neill explores one of humanity’s most philosophical conundrums from a wide variety of angles. By his own admission, the theories that are proposed are speculative, and therefore untestable. For that reason, much of what he provides as answers can’t be considered true science. Many might argue that there is no science involved at all since much of the book focuses on the idea of a living Earth (not terribly far-fetched) and the importance of extraterrestrial life in human evolution. Despite the very unusual ideas that are discussed, O’Neill’s theories are presented in a well researched and organized manner, often including quotes from well known scientists in a plethora of fields. The professionalism of his work protects the subject matter from ridicule. The excessive use of commas throughout the book seems to imply a casual, conversational tone but instead creates long and circuitous sentences which often hide O’Neill’s intended meaning. I had to read many sentences multiple times, which interrupted the flow of the text and made it difficult to comprehend some of the concepts.

The theme of this book is simple- existence, purpose, and an explanation for both. Curiosity is a basic human trait that propels us forward and O’Neill uses that interest in the unknown to explore these ideas from a fresh standpoint. While some of what he discusses is not exactly new, he creates a fresh combination out of multiple theories that have been proposed in the past. It is also interesting that he uses both science and religion to support his theories, since those two schools of thought are typically contradictory.

There were parts that laid out simple rules for happiness and self-care, which everyone could stand to be reminded of. There was also a quick lesson on quantum theory that is thorough yet simplified, and incredibly interesting. Ultimately though, much of the book had a very new age and enigmatic feel. While this would be appealing to readers that are already interested in such subjects, it would likely make very few converts out of those that are not.

Pages: 163 | ASIN: B07FDG9FSL

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