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My Mom has Superpowers

Lillian is a young girl that has a big secret; her Mom is a superhero. Or at least that is what she thinks. Her Mom seems to help her ace her test and help a neighbor find his lost dog without even leaving the house, and a patient at the hospital where she works gets well enough to go home! Lillian thinks this is some supernatural ability, but her Mom confides in her about her superpower. Lillian’s Mom prays. The power of prayer is what brings about the amazing things that happen around her.

My Mom has Superpowers by author Vera Harris is an inspirational picture book for kids and families to recognize the fantastic power prayer can have when people believe. This children’s book explains in simple terms that kids will be able to understand that prayer plays a vital role in self-confidence and helping those in need. It also highlights the need to serve others; Lillian’s Mom does not pray for things for herself; instead, she prays to help the people around her, which, in turn, brings her joy. Lillian’s Mom shows a true servant’s heart that Christian readers will recognize and appreciate.

This heartwarming story is illustrated by Ishika Sharma, the artwork is bright and engaging, and children will love following along page by page. Each illustration has depth and details that bring them to life, especially the praying hands; you can just envision the angels in the clouds receiving the prayers from below.

An additional resource at the end of this book is the included pages to write your own prayers on. This is the only thing I did not love about the book. Not all children that read this will have a mom, dad, or siblings, and having pages dedicated to those titles may be off-putting to some kids. Nevertheless, I love the idea of having a place to write your prayers; I just wish it had been generic.

My Mom has Superpowers is a beautifully written story about learning to pray and passing that superpower on to the next generation. This would make an excellent book for families and religious education classrooms to have to show the power of prayer in a way that kids can understand and appreciate.

Pages: 40 | ASIN : B0B5BD1WCJ

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Grandma, Granddad, We Want to Praise God

Grandma, Granddad, We Want to Praise God is the third book in the Families Growing in Faith series. This beautiful children’s book follows children as they question their grandparents about how and when they should praise God. They want to know what praise is and how they should go about offering praise to God. The answers they get sometimes surprise the children, and they are astonished at all the ways that they can show God thanks and praise each and every day.

Author Vanessa Fortenberry, with illustrator Sharon Grey, tells the heartwarming story of children, from all ethnic backgrounds, asking their grandparents about God. Each page shows a different family and asks a different question. The rhyming stanzas will engage and entertain young readers and make for fun family reading. Each situation can be read and discussed as its own topic, making this a great study book for young children as well. Kids will love seeing how things they love to do each day, like singing, dancing, and attending church, are all ways that you can praise God.

The illustrations are done in a soft portrait style using a combination of bold and muted colors to create dynamic images that will capture the attention of children looking through this book. The diversity of scenery and subjects makes it so that each child can find a situation they can personally relate to in this fantastic book.

Grandma, Granddad, We Want to Praise God is a beautifully written picture book that captures the meaning of faith and love for God. The lyrical story combined with the memorable images create a children’s book that preschoolers and kindergarteners will love to read over and over again. Adults will find the story meaningful and will want to read it as much as the kids. This lovely book will teach praise and worship in a gentle and engaging manner.

Pages: 30 | ASIN : B08SJ1N7M6

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Ships, Sleighs and Christmas Lights

This stunning picture book captures the spirit of Christmas even if told from a perspective most have never heard of. Based off of the biblical story of Saint Nicholaos, the author intertwines how other cultures have added their twist to the story to lead it to the familiar story of a red suit and hat with reindeer.

Young Nikolaos was raised in Patara, a shipping town where he was taught to pray and about the life of Jesus and God. Inspired by the stories of Jesus, Nikolaos traveled to Jerusalem to visit all the places he learned of. He embodied the spirit of Jesus by giving all he could to those less fortunate than himself. When he was returning home his ship ran into a bad storm and he prayed that they would return to land safely. His faith and kindness are examples of where the spirit of the modern Saint Nick comes from. Saint Nikolaos was known for leaving gifts outside children’s windows, or just handing out things that they needed as he could. The tradition of gift-giving was started as a means to show kindness and help each other.

This picture book will entertain young readers and give them a historical perspective without dampening the excitement of the holiday season. This thought-provoking children’s book allows children to see that different cultures believe different versions of the same story. Captivating illustrations accompany the narrative and make for an engaging experience.

Ships, Sleighs and Christmas Lights: The Origins of Saint Nicholas is a delightful picture book that religious educators and families can all enjoy around the holiday season. It focuses on the meaning of Christmas and not the commercialization of the day. The historical fiction in this children’s book is a great conversation starter as well for what life was like in the fourth century.

Pages: 44 | ASIN : B09M3QXBLB

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