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The Jediran Quest 

Pre-teen Braven of Delta Colony looks forward to the class field trip on the planet of Jedira. Alongside his mother, chief botanist of the colony, Braven plans to explore and catalog the flora of the mysterious Towers, one of the few places on Jedira where plant life truly flourishes. But when an unexpected problem prevents Braven’s mother from accompanying him, the field trip begins to go sideways. Arriving at the Towers, Braven and his classmates are soon thrown into an epic quest, as the serenity of Jedira is shattered by an unimaginable threat. Together, Braven and his fellow companions must work together to overcome the odds if they have any hope of survival.

The Jedira Quest by Cal Davis is an exceptional tale of teamwork in the face of danger. Thrown into deadly survival situations with no guidance and few supplies, Braven and his cohorts must use every ounce of wisdom they possess in order to overcome the challenges they face. A story of travel and ingenuity, friendship and endurance, this incredible science fiction narrative contains echoes of prehistory as the preteens’ journey on Jedira continues.

This highly engaging story has perfect pacing, with the preteens facing regular challenges without the narrative becoming cluttered. The characters are each unique and lend their own abilities to the team. Stalwart Braven, wise Jauris, shy Whisper, brave Khara, steady Zhan, and roguish twins Dirk and Kirk all have a part to play as the quest develops. There are moments of laughter and serious intensity as the story weaves together, leading this remarkable quest to a satisfying conclusion.

This captivating story is a well-crafted tale that shines brightly like the two moons of Jedira. With its action-packed narrative, exceptional depth, and plot that resonates with themes of friendship and survival, The Jedira Quest is a must-read for science fiction fans. It is suitable for middle-grade readers and above who enjoy a thrilling and exciting adventure. Author Davis provides readers with excellent storytelling, perfect pacing, and compelling characters.

Pages: 168 | ASIN : B0B3V7PDZ6

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Novo the Space Robot: How to Solve the Mystery of Crying

Novo The Space Robot: How to Solve the Mystery of Crying, written by Charly Froh, is a whimsical story about a robot named Novo that lives on planet Infinita. It is a usual Monday morning when he goes about shopping and when he arrives home, his beautiful venus-bot flowers are ruined by a storm. Novo is so upset he begins to cry and cannot make the tears stop flowing, which makes matters even worse for Novo. So what will Novo do to make the tears stop before he rusts?

This charming children’s book is incredibly sweet from front to back. The illustrations are incredibly captivating and playful. The story is written with young readers in mind, given the simplicity of the verbiage, and is easy to follow along. I loved the message of expressing one’s emotions and being able to verbalize them as well, especially to our friends or family. It shows the importance of communication and how healing it can be. Demonstrating talking our feelings out is the best remedy. There is also a message of having confidantes and being a part of a community that comes together to help one another through difficult times.

Novo The Space Robot: How to Solve the Mystery of Crying is a well-written children’s book with fun characters and a meaningful message. I believe this would make an excellent addition to any reader’s library, especially families with young kids learning about emotions and how to express themselves positively.

Pages: 40 | ASIN : B0BNVKL6KQ

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Mangrove Sands, the Enchanted Seaworld and Beyond 

Mangrove Sands, The Enchanted Seaworld and Beyond, written by L. J. Nilsson, takes us on a magical adventure in Southeast Queensland, Australia. Following along as Tommy, Maria, Jake, and Wanjee receive tutoring from their Sea World friends during their school year and learn life lessons. Wanjee also teaches Tommy, Maria, and Jake about her aboriginal Muandik language, culture, symbolic art, bedtime stories, and more. The children enjoy learning about Wanjee’s culture, and she enjoys teaching them about her aboriginal roots. The school year goes by quickly, and the children start their transition to the next chapter in their lives.

Mangrove Sands, The Enchanted Seaworld, and Beyond is the sweetest book I have read in a long time! I love that it is inclusive of Wanjee’s character. Learning about her aboriginal tribe, the Muandik, was an absolute pleasure. Some of the words that were used in her language, such as didgeridoo, were words I had heard before. However, I did not know where they originated from. It was a wonderful surprise!

Maria’s character was so sweet. She seems to be very caring and eager to learn. Tommy seemed like he was clearheaded and thought problems through. He is mature for his age. Jake’s character seemed like quite a few boys I know. He was competitive but a good sportsman. He was also handy with tools and musically gifted. All of the Sea World friends sounded absolutely amazing! I really wish I had a friend named Parlow to talk to. Parlow is very wise.

Overall, I loved the book very much! I would recommend it to children and adults alike. In fact, more adults should read more books like this! Then they can learn to have more compassion and empathy for other living beings. The only part that confused me a little was when the children lay in bed and said their code of silence. They would then float onto Parlow’s back. I wondered if it was an out-of-body experience, but I wasn’t sure because of a couple of places in the book. One of them is when Jake gets hurt. That was the only part that confused me. I suppose it is a magical realm, so it may always remain a mystery.

I want to add that I loved the note L. J. Nilsson wrote at the very beginning. I think they nailed their intention and were very respectful. Also, I love that they included resources throughout the book for further research on the Muandik tribe.

Mangrove Sands, The Enchanted Seaworld and Beyond is a children’s fantasy novel that adults can enjoy and learn from as well. This heartfelt book teaches about friendship, empathy, and honor, among other things, and does so while taking readers on an exciting adventure they will not soon forget.

Pages: 108 | ASIN : B087N5QGDT

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James’ Ragtag Adventure in Questworld

James’ Ragtag Adventure in Questworld follows a group of five pals who find themselves stuck in a magical realm. They awaken the Goblin Queen and her army of goblins during an adventure gone wrong! Now they’ll need to find backup to battle her wicked majesty. Along the journey, they’ll come across fascinating and mystical creatures. Some good, some bad… Are they going to be able to defeat the queen? What is the origin of this mysterious land, and how did they get there? This adventure will have you on the edge of your seat. Follow James and his group of friends as they navigate the exciting world of Questland!

This adventurous book will have readers hooked from the very first sentence. One of the highlights of this story is the solid character development. This novel has a prototypical group of friends. M. Doyle has included the sassy one, the strong one, the brainy one, the shy one, and the leader. These familiar character types and themes will appeal to middle-grade readers as they can relate to the characters’ personalities and feel comfortable with the storyline.

M. Doyle has done an excellent job with pacing in this novel. There are pauses throughout, and it gives readers the feeling that they are sitting alongside the gang, resting and getting to know them better. The moments of rest come as a welcome break from the captivating and suspenseful action that the characters encounter in Questland. It seems like they discover new creatures and monsters at every corner and are constantly in danger.

James’s Ragtag Adventures in Questworld: Return of the Goblin Queen is a thrilling fantasy adventure novel for middle-grade children. This exciting novel takes place in a video game and is a great way to introduce reluctant readers to the fantasy genre and help them become avid readers.

Pages: 103 | ASIN : B093Z64K41

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