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My Best Days

My Best Days chronicles John Conrad’s life, including his trials and triumphs. With his own hands, John Conrad has created the Conrad development and married his high school sweetheart, Natalie Freemont, the small-town beauty queen. Now, John has two children, Jack and J.T, the eldest of which works in his father’s office and the younger of whom works in his own office, but both struggle for their father’s approval. The Conrad family is like any other ordinary family, with a strict but good father, a philosophical grandmother, a worried mother, and two young children having problems with their love lives. Their lives all change when a tragic accident occurs, and the Conrad family must cope with their loss while finding a way to keep living their own lives.

Author N.M. Corcoran writes a short and realistic narrative that illustrates the fact of life: things may not always be perfect, but life will go on, and you will eventually find happiness. Corcoran has created a charming story that captures many everyday occurrences in a way that keeps readers intrigued and wanting to read more. Readers will feel like they have stepped into the town and right into the family through the author’s tone and welcoming writing style.

This thoughtful novel is streamlined and entertaining to read, capturing the reader’s interest right away. The brief story encapsulates the entire life cycle, leaving you with the mystery of life. As the family comes together readers will get the sense that they are part of the family as they all bond together offering help and compassion to one another.

My Best Days is the type of novel you pick up and take to the beach. This is perfect if you’re a reader looking for a light read that you can finish in an afternoon. This is a realistic and endearing story that will leave you with a smile.

Pages: 124 | ASIN : B07GQTR6W6

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Tom – the Cat

Poetry holds a magic all its own. There is not a situation that cannot be conveyed through verse and be transformed into something more beautiful, more tragic, or even more humorous. The sonnet is no exception to this rule. The flow of a sonnet makes for a beautiful reading experience, no matter the topic. Elizabeth Reinach knows this and uses it to her advantage in Tom–the Cat: The Life and Work of Tom Cat in Sonnets. She covers a myriad of topics in this masterfully penned collection of sonnets centered on Tom the cat, the animals in his neighborhood, and the humans who know him best.

Tom–the Cat: The Life and Work of Tom Cat in Sonnets, by Elizabeth Reinach, is influenced by Shakespeare but only loosely. With each sonnet’s first line being the first line from a Shakespearean sonnet, Reinach sets the stage for a most interesting take on poetry and gives readers quite the realm to explore. Tom, the cat, serves as the focus of many of the sonnets. Still, Reinach has included a great blend of other characters to give readers a nice variety and increase the relatability of the writing.

The love for Tom the cat on the narrator’s part is evident. We don’t have any love equal to that love we feel for our pets, and Reinach communicates this very effectively. There are many different situations depicted, and each one shows Tom as quite the character, but they are always enveloped in tenderness. Sweet black and white illustrations pepper the text and add to the effectiveness of Reinach’s work and the feeling of genuine love.

When I read the introduction, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the Shakespearean aspect of the writing. In all honesty, I didn’t know how well it would work with the subject matter. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly Reinach combined a more modern sonnet with Shakespeare’s classic lines. It all comes together for a fantastic and engaging read.

Tom–the Cat: The Life and Work of Tom Cat in Sonnets will captivate various readers, animal lovers, poetry fans, and those who enjoy exploring new and different genres will enjoy Reinach’s work. This superb collection of poetry is a must-read for pet owners.

Pages: 51 | ASIN : B07VGD5SGQ

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Playtime in Vella Dera

Enauria is living with trauma, trying to move forward with her life, and she is looking for answers. Among other things, Enauria is a princess. She carries a secret that can give others peace, and she knows the time has come to reveal the hiding place of Queen Caneria. It is finally time for her daughter, Fiona, to accept the crown. This is a mission that should be simple for someone like Enauria as her powers place her far above those around her. Enauria, however, doesn’t want this to go so smoothly–she wants to leave magic behind and do this the hard way.

Playtime in Vella Dera, by author Benzon Ray Barbin, is a fast-paced science fiction short story centered around the rescue of exiled Queen Caneria. The short story’s main character, Enauria, is strong-willed and determined to bring Caneria and her daughter back together while at the same time helping Sedrinar find the only thing he has left of his past–his memories. Readers will find Enauria fascinating. As strong and capable as she is, she is still riddled with the guilt of her past decisions. Watching her growth throughout the plot is quite satisfying.

Playtime in Vella Dera, by Benzon Ray Barbin is a riveting short story. Filled with drama, suspense, a main character battling herself as much as others, and a nicely-paced plot that wraps up cleanly while leaving a nice teaser for a possible sequel. Both science fiction and drama fans will find Playtime in Vella Dera a great quick read.

Pages: 58 | ASIN : B09HNP2XM1

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Faces Of Evil

Faces of Evil- a memoir by Edwin J Kitchen, is a powerful recollection of Berta Eisfeld Kitchen, who lived in a brutal world ruled by Hitler and Stalin. In this riveting historical memoir, the author narrates their mother Berta’s remarkable life, and how she sets out on a tumultuous journey to find freedom from the terror of World War II.

Representing a normal woman from the most oppressive era, Berta is one of those unsung heroes who suffered a great deal, but never shied away from helping others in the face of adversity. Kitchen gives chronological details of Berta’s childhood and lays a strong foundation to the events that took place in her life.

As a reader, it is easy to navigate through Berta’s life – her war stricken tragedies, and ultimately her quest to conquer misery to pursue a free life in the U.S. As a writer, Kitchen is impeccable with words in describing Berta’s free spirited life, and offers readers fascinating details on human courage and resilience. For someone who loves to read historical memoirs based on a true wartime story, I was happy to become a witness to Berta’s extraordinary life, with Kitchen’s straightforward writing.

Faces of Evil is simple, yet grand, and celebrates life, death and every human emotion. There are many occasions when readers can admire Kitchen’s attempt to provide meaning of foreign words, and clarify several scenarios in a simple manner. Berta Eisfeld is brave and her story gave me a hint of Anne Frank in the Diary of a Young Girl. Though Berta’s outcome was completely different than that of Anne, they both suffered insurmountably. One important feature of Faces of Evil is the short length of each chapter. Berta’s life events are well presented in those chapters, and it does not feel any stones are left unturned.

Faces of Evil is Kitchen’s way of giving Berta a voice. This memoir gives readers a bird’s eye view of Berta’s life in an enthralling and engaging manner. A superb recollection of a brave woman, Berta Eisfeld Kitchen, whose life was turned upside down during the reign of Hitler and Stalin; and how she took hold of her life in spite of all the sufferings, to pursue a life that gives her freedom to live peacefully.

Page: 76 | ASIN : B09FJ7CSY1

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