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Press for Champagne

“This is the magic of Champagne. You only have to speak of it to make somebody happy.” Author Christopher S. Ruhland is an avid wine lover who has spent years of his life amassing wine knowledge. While he has knowledge of and enjoys all kinds of wine, he has a special place in his heart for the sparkling one; champagne.

As someone who has dedicated a significant portion of his life to the art of wine tasting, he has come up with a guide to make it easier for everyone who wants to taste and appreciate a beautiful glass of champagne. Ruhland takes the work out of going through hours and hours of research to find the best method for tasting and experiencing champagne. The guide doesn’t tell you what is superior and what isn’t. It just tells you what’s noteworthy and guides you in the journey of discovering the sparkling wine.

This informative book consists of six chapters and thus is a quick but valuable read. Readers will find a vast treasure trove of information within these pages. It has a structured approach in order to guide the reader through the steps and explain why he suggests doing things in this order. Ruhland has written with energy and warmth, giving the reader the feeling of having an actual conversation with a wine enthusiast over the dining table.

Press For Champagne: A Guide To Enjoying The World’s Greatest Sparkling Wine has a clever name; it is engaging and informative and incites curiosity in anyone interested in wine and champagne. This exciting book is written on a level that those that have never tasted wine before can understand. It also provides information that a more seasoned wine drinker will find beneficial. If you want to know more about the art and expand your pallet Press For Champagne is perfect for you.

Pages: 186 | ASIN : B09LPBVF1K

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking

Who knew cooking would be so much fun, even for those that do not love cooking? In The Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking, Randy Motilall shares exciting and interesting ways of cooking. The author uses a variety of recipes to show his culinary skills. Have trouble making your favorite chicken curry? Bacon-wrapped shrimp? Peruvian Lomo Saltado? Or even Brazilian Cheese Bread? Randy Motilall has got you covered. The author guides readers through creating a satisfying meal and teaches readers the importance of experimenting with different cuisines of the world.

Randy Motilall not only teaches the reader how to make delicious foods, but he also shares tips on table etiquette. Many people are not aware of how to properly set the table for an elegant meal. Setting the table is the first thing your guests see and the backdrop to showcase the prepared meal. The author guides you on where and how to place the dinner plate, soup or salad bowl, wine glasses, various forks, knives, table napkin, salt shaker, among other things. In addition, there is an illustration of how to place different cutlery and how to use them. Finally, the author has categorized the various meals so readers will have distinct recipes for appetizers, drinks, bread, salads, soups, sides, entrees, desserts, what to have the following day, and extras. Every meal the author writes about is accompanied by pictures, encouraging you to try them out. The text combined with the beautiful images of the recipes made reading this book a wonderful experience.

After reading this book, cooking does not appear tedious at all. The foods shared in the book can take as little as 20 minutes for some. You can make a meal for one or a group, and it will still be delicious. With The Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking, you will feel like you have stepped into kitchens in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and many other parts of the world. The recipes are excellent, and the author shares personal stories and insights with the reader as he talks about the foods.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking is filled with engaging language and humor. With this book, Randy Motilall may have targeted a specific demographic, but it can be recommended for anyone who enjoys spending their time in the kitchen preparing meals. In addition, readers who enjoy cooking, want to learn about cooking, and just love all things food will find the information and stories in this book and the recipes refreshing.

Pages: 176 | ASIN : B08XYV163C

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