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Good Old Fashioned Heist

Quintin Peterson Author Interview

Quintin Peterson Author Interview

LT: The Voynich Gambit follows Special Police Officer Blalock as he is put to the test when D.C.’s most infamous artifact dealers set their sights on a mysterious treasure. What was your inspiration for this novel and how did it develop as you wrote?

Quintin Peterson: The Folger Shakespeare Library was the inspiration for The Voynich Gambit, like its prequel, Guarding Shakespeare. I worked there as a special police officer with its Department of Safety and Security following my retirement from the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC on April 23, 2010. (

LT: The novel is set in modern day D.C., where you describe polished skyscrapers, historic landmarks, and endless traffic. Why did you choose this as the setting for you book?

Quintin Peterson: I wanted to write a noir mystery thriller using the Folger Shakespeare Library as the backdrop. The Folger Library is located in my hometown, Washington, DC. (

LT: Lieutenant Norman Blalock works at the Folger Shakespeare Library as a security guard protecting its treasures for over two decades. What themes did you want to capture as you developed Norman’s character throughout the novel?

Quintin Peterson: I just wanted to write an entertaining and enlightening good old fashioned heist story. I had the same goal for the first in the Norman Blalock Mystery Series, Guarding Shakespeare, and I have the same goal for the third installment, The Shakespeare Redemption.

LT: What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Quintin Peterson: Right now I am working on the second installment of my Private Eye Luther Kane Series, The Last Goodbye. Afterward, I will working on The Shakespeare Redemption. Like all of my books, The Last Goodbye will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indie Bound, et al.

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The Voynich Gambit: The Sequel to Guarding Shakespeare (Norman Blalock Mysteries Book 2) by [Peterson, Quintin]Special Police Officer Lt. Norman Blalock, who has been guarding the treasures of the Folger Shakespeare Library for 25 years, has been coerced into a plot to heist from the Folger Museum “the most mysterious book in the world,” the Voynich Manuscript, on loan from Yale University. Under threat of suffering the consequences of their involvement in the botched plot to heist another priceless artifact from the Folger underground bank vault several months earlier, Blalock and his partner-in-crime Kavitha Netram are once again under the thumb of nefarious businessman Rupert Whyte, and have no choice but to play along.

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A Lieutenant Beaudry Novel

Michael Kent authorBlood Tail is a murder mystery novel set in Canada with twists at every turn and the plot going deeper than just who killed who. When you first sat down to write this story, did you know where you were going, or did the twists come as you were writing?

I took the advice from one of my favorite authors Janet Evanovich. I do a rough outline of most of the novel, including dropping a red herring, or some foreshadowing that may or may not happen. But, in the writing, things do change and I have to modify as the tale progresses.

I enjoyed the depth of the main character, Lieutenant Beaudry. What was your process to bring that character to life?

I planned a series knowing that the main characters would appear regularly. I wrote a short background and description for each, more in depth for Beaudry. I’m still adding details that make him bigger that life (no pun on his size).

Did you do any research for this novel? Regarding crime and murder and how the police department handles those things?

I don’t read, I devour mysteries from many top selling authors; it’s the best way to learn the craft. I also had the opportunity to attend The Writer’s Police Academy ( where I gained a wealth of hands-on knowledge from experts in law enforcement and seasoned police instructors. As I write, if in doubt, I Google to check the facts.

Blood Tail is the first book in the Lieutenant Beaudry series. What can you tell us about what’s next for Lieutenant Beaudry and when the next book will be available?

Each Beaudry adventure is a ‘stand-alone.’ Reading the prior one is not required (but would be nice). His next is ‘Folded Dreams’ a bit more violent as Beaudry vents some of his frustrations at losing his wife. He’s in a gun battle with —- Oh, can’t spill the beans. The novel is available on Amazon Kindle and print. Next one up is ‘Twice Dead’ publication in May 2016.

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Blood Tail (Lieutenant Beaudry Novels Book 1)Lieutenant Beaudry inherits a bloodbath in upper Westmount, the richest postal code in Canada. A prominent lawyer and TV host was beaten and shot, his bodyguard hacked to death. A Russian money-laundering operation, a psychopathic Korean playboy, a sleazy private eye, and an international hit team are somehow connected, and Beaudry must close the case without shooting anyone. Meanwhile, his ex-wife has run off in his vintage muscle car, and Internal Affairs is poking around—in other words, he’s having a normal week. Buy Now From

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