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Tainted Evidence: A Lieutenant Beaudry Novel

Imagine just having gotten back from vacation only to find out your best friend’s cousin has been murdered.

This is what greeted Lieutenant Beaudry, a renowned but controversial officer who isn’t particular in living by the police handbook. He is known to solve cases by his own rules. Will he make sure not to ruin it this time after his recent dispute? Or will he tamper the evidence just like his close friend Nico did after seeing his cousin motionless in his car.

Tainted Evidence by Michael Kent could seem like your typical murder novel except that in this story the professional assassin knows the art of prosthetics, perfectly disguising himself and surpassing immigration officers. He also makes his murders seem accidental. Nobody is suspicious until an officer was present in court when the judge suddenly lost consciousness, and later on, his life.

I liked the plot, as it stayed close enough to reality to be believable and there weren’t too many tangled lies and deceit to unravel. The descriptions of scenes are so detailed that even my imagination played it in my head with vivid clarity. Michael Kent is able to offer picture perfect scenes for his superb characters to inhabit.

My favorite character in Tainted Evidence has to be Pat. The book depicted her as an independent woman who successfully came out from an undesirable marriage. She had a struggle with her ex-husband but managed to break free, started over, recovered until becoming fully independent. I admired how she took charge of her own new life, not being discouraged by her

past, and being able to live alone and even choosing the house she and Beaudry would live in. She is a perfect epitome of a strong woman in this day and age. As fierce as her character seems, she did maintain her soft side by being as understanding as possible to Beaudry’s hectic schedule.

I also appreciated the inclusion of Jimmy, an autistic boy with exceptional photographic memory and drawing skills. I applaud the fact that his talent has been highlighted instead of his lack of social skills. I think this is a good example of Michael Kent writing, he always plays to a characters strengths.

Interesting characters and a fascinating murder mystery will give any fan of the mystery crime genre plenty to enjoy.

Pages: 220 | ISBN: 0993713165

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A Lieutenant Beaudry Novel

Michael Kent authorBlood Tail is a murder mystery novel set in Canada with twists at every turn and the plot going deeper than just who killed who. When you first sat down to write this story, did you know where you were going, or did the twists come as you were writing?

I took the advice from one of my favorite authors Janet Evanovich. I do a rough outline of most of the novel, including dropping a red herring, or some foreshadowing that may or may not happen. But, in the writing, things do change and I have to modify as the tale progresses.

I enjoyed the depth of the main character, Lieutenant Beaudry. What was your process to bring that character to life?

I planned a series knowing that the main characters would appear regularly. I wrote a short background and description for each, more in depth for Beaudry. I’m still adding details that make him bigger that life (no pun on his size).

Did you do any research for this novel? Regarding crime and murder and how the police department handles those things?

I don’t read, I devour mysteries from many top selling authors; it’s the best way to learn the craft. I also had the opportunity to attend The Writer’s Police Academy ( where I gained a wealth of hands-on knowledge from experts in law enforcement and seasoned police instructors. As I write, if in doubt, I Google to check the facts.

Blood Tail is the first book in the Lieutenant Beaudry series. What can you tell us about what’s next for Lieutenant Beaudry and when the next book will be available?

Each Beaudry adventure is a ‘stand-alone.’ Reading the prior one is not required (but would be nice). His next is ‘Folded Dreams’ a bit more violent as Beaudry vents some of his frustrations at losing his wife. He’s in a gun battle with —- Oh, can’t spill the beans. The novel is available on Amazon Kindle and print. Next one up is ‘Twice Dead’ publication in May 2016.

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Blood Tail (Lieutenant Beaudry Novels Book 1)Lieutenant Beaudry inherits a bloodbath in upper Westmount, the richest postal code in Canada. A prominent lawyer and TV host was beaten and shot, his bodyguard hacked to death. A Russian money-laundering operation, a psychopathic Korean playboy, a sleazy private eye, and an international hit team are somehow connected, and Beaudry must close the case without shooting anyone. Meanwhile, his ex-wife has run off in his vintage muscle car, and Internal Affairs is poking around—in other words, he’s having a normal week. Buy Now From

Blood Tail: A Lieutenant Beaudry Novel

5 StarsBlood Tail by Michael Kent is the first book in the Lieutenant Robert Beaudry series. A murder mystery novel set in Canada with twists at every turn. This novel does an excellent job at introducing the reader to the characters. The author is able to describe Lieutenant Beaudry clearly, showing the depth of his nature. He is not your cookie cutter detective with nothing but the job to keep him going. Beaudry has a taste for classic muscle cars, fine wine and excellent cooking. He is quick with a gun, but also knows how to fight with his hands. His intuition helps keep him alive and makes him an excellent investigator, it also lands him in some hot water with Internal Affairs. The plot dives deeper than just who killed who and the twists keep adding up all the way to the end of the book. Kent has clearly set this novel up to be the start of an engaging series.

The novel opens with Lieutenant Beaudry and his wife having dinner. She uses this moment to tell him she is leaving him and before things get too heated he is called to the scene of a high profile murder case. The first twist occurs when one of the victims is in fact not dead. In order to protect their victim, the only one that can now identify his attackers, he is hidden away. There turns out to be a long list of reasons on why he might have been targeted, and suspects include his crazy soon-to-be-ex- wife, partners in his law firm, overzealous fan of his TV reality show, or even the mob. Throughout the investigation Beaudry makes friends with unlikely characters like a tow truck driver named Tony. I suspect later into this series Tony will play a key role. While trying to solve the case Beaudry finds himself in difficult situations with more dead bodies than the police department is comfortable with. Dead bodies mean more investigations with the Internal Affairs office. Captain Jean O’Neil is Beaudry’s boss and in charge of keeping him in line, needless to say his hands are full and they develop and understanding. Kent gives Jean O’Neil a very short tempered and direct personality, a contrast to the easy going personality of Beaudry. Together they work well and complement each other. Beaudry also manages to find a new girlfriend just days after finding out his wife is leaving him. She has a quick wit to match his, a demanding career as a nurse, and a carefree attitude about relationships. They find themselves thrown together over the murder case and through their relationship we learn more about who they are outside the jobs.

Blood Tail keeps the reader on edge with every new clue sending the investigation in a new direction each time. Kent keeps the reader guessing how things will tie up all the way till the end of the novel. As for where the title comes from, you will have to ask Crackers.

Pages: 280 | ISBN: 0993713122

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