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Operation Jade Helmet

The world is falling apart–literally. Martial law has been declared, communication has been cut off, and citizens are being instructed to shelter in place. As the entire country struggles to make sense of what is happening around them, Skylar’s son is worried about one thing and one thing only–his video game. When his ties are severed, he is forced to see the grave reality of their situation. In a world where social media has become a way of life, chaos ensues when every platform collapses and the world is left to pick up the pieces of the destruction that follows.

Operation: Jade Helmet, by Ashely Fontainne, sets a scene of total panic and mayhem all based on the power of social media. When an unnatural heatwave occurs and citizens become increasingly confused, defensive, and violent, it becomes clear that the world is about to undergo a change–and not one for the better. No one is safe, especially gamers. At the top of the list? Those who excel at Operation: Jade Helmet. Skylar’s son, Brandon, is one of them.

Fontainne has managed to meld several different genres and literary elements successfully into one novel. What begins as a straightforward science fiction read soon takes on elements of faith-based work alongside choice bits of fantasy. There is an incredible amount of history woven into the plot, and this is what makes the author’s work as terrifying as it is entertaining. Fontainne has handed readers a book that is a testament to everything that is wrong with our world as we know it, and it makes for quite the ride.

I was blown away by the cast of characters in Operation: Jade Helmet. From those who set the stage in the first few chapters to the main players, Fontainne has done a remarkable job of developing a well-rounded and highly relatable cast to bring the pages to life. I was especially taken with Tyler; he is strong, loving, and full of surprises. He is the perfect addition to this book of mixed genres.

Operation: Jade Helmet is a riveting Christian-based science fiction and fantasy novel. Filled with suspense readers will be on edge following the mystery set out by the author. This thrilling novel will have readers thinking twice about the state of the world today and how social media impacts all of us. Kudos to Fontainne on an absolutely stunning piece!

Pages: 316 | ASIN : B08X1MHHDN

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Turmoil in Paradise

Turmoil in Paradise: Trouble Shooter or Hitman is the story of Engineer Sam Gawler, who is the typical tall, dark, and handsome guy. Ladies adore him, and men despise him while secretly wishing they were him, he is also a trouble shooter, or at least that is what one of the executives at a giant mining corporation he is working for calls him.

He is not seen as an employee by the corporation, but a gun for hire. Gawler is the person the corporation calls when they need to get out of a sticky situation without getting their hands dirty. Gawler works anonymously as he likes his privacy, and the corporation prefers it that way. His latest mission takes him to Buckleboo Creek in North Queensland. The moment Gawler walks into this tropical paradise, he is faced with threats and enemies all around. It is up to him to rise to the challenge and get the job done.

Author Mark Edmonds has masterfully created a character that will pique readers’ interest from the very first page. The idea of a hitman is something that isn’t foreign to many readers since it is a topic widely covered mostly in box office hits these days; however, this book has the perfect amount of appeal to capture readers from the opening chapter. This action-packed book gets quite graphic and violent, but Edmonds masterfully weaves in scenes of humor which makes it less unsettling for readers. In addition to that, readers will find that the book contains a lot of musical references, which I, as a reader, found refreshing and very entertaining. I really enjoyed the character of Gawler and would have loved to know more about him as a person because what we do learn about him is interesting.

Readers will find Gawler’s journey engaging as they are taken on this thrilling ride alongside him. In addition, Edmonds’ work is made up of short chapters, making it perfect both for readers who binge and for readers who read one chapter at a time. 

Turmoil in Paradise: Trouble Shooter or Hitman is an action-filled thriller with drama that builds continuously throughout the book to make for a very suspenseful story that readers will love to follow as the scandals unfold.

Pages: 209 | ASIN : B09RZVZ2FN

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Final Critique: A Kira Logan Mystery

In this murder mystery, Final Critique by J C Andrew, Kira Logan is spending a week in the serene environment of the Hidden Canyon Art Center to teach open-air painting to a group of art students. On page two, and before Kira has even had an opportunity to set up the easel in her classroom, we find out that one of her students, a young man, Jason, has recently spent time in prison for killing someone while driving drunk. Those in town that are resentful have come together in Kira’s class, unbeknownst to her, to try and enact justice on their own terms. Before long, dangerous accidents start happening.

Andrew is very good at developing characterization in their novels. There are many people introduced into this complex story in a short space of time, and there are some quite complicated relationships between several of them. In spite of that, it’s reasonably easy to keep up with who’s who.

Setting the scene for the novel is one of Andrew’s strong points. She does a fantastic job of describing the setting so that you can really visualize the action. With much of the novel taking place outdoors, this is helpful to keep track of where the characters are moving around and how the accidents are occurring. However, I felt that the foreshadowing was sometimes too direct, giving away some parts of the puzzle too easily. I also felt the dialogue came across as unnatural at times, but this could have been part of the characterization of some of the students.

In terms of figuring out the mystery, Andrew does manage to keep you guessing to the end. However, this fast-paced novel has many plot twists, and readers will need to pay attention, or they may miss a critical clue.

Final Critique: A Kira Logan Mystery is a riveting crime mystery novel that will leave readers looking back and examining the clues the author goes for them. What starts off as a simple art class turns into an action-filled race to find the killer and not become the next victim.

Pages: 260 | ISBN : 1648032990

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Portrait of Deceit

Portrait of Deceit: A Kira Logan Mystery by J.C. Andrew is a murder mystery in the style of a late ’80s and early 90’s tv drama. Set in Arizona, this intriguing story starts with Frank Thompson being poisoned. The author then focuses on Kira Logan, an artist, and amateur sleuth. A simple request from both the Thorton’s and Barlow’s to have their portraits done breaks down into an intricate web of deceit that is created around both families. For they are friends, business partners, and suspiciously more. From there, you are drawn along the twisted inner musings.

The central plot of the novel was enjoyable. The emotional arcs were interesting: as were the morally grey aspects of violence. Author J.C. Andrew’s writing continues to pull you in, propelling you forward into the characters’ lives. This thrilling book has a slow burn start that picks up, and the action takes over.

I felt the dialogue to be a little awkward, but I think that was intentional as the characters always seemed to have something to hide. The author skillfully described the scenery, making you feel as though you are alongside the main character. In addition, the author provides detailed information about each character allowing you to understand each person’s motives.

The last part of this exciting novel is filled with trauma and mystery, which I found fascinating. I found the character of Kira to be exciting and charming. She brought a fresh perspective to the drama between the two families. This murder mystery brings back a sense of nostalgia to the old style of mystery shows and novels. Kira’s character and personality will draw in a new generation of mystery lovers.

Portrait of Deceit: A Kira Logan Mystery is a captivating crime thriller that will give readers family drama and action as Kira tries to stay out of harm’s way.

Pages: 270 | ISBN : 1648032966

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Homicide In Bronze: A Kira Logan Mystery

Homicide in Bronze by J.C. Andrew is a murder mystery set in Colinas Verde, New Mexico. When artist Kira is commissioned to sculpt two important doctors who founded the town’s hospital, she is eager to start. The project is exciting, and honoring the doctors in the best way feels essential. However, not everybody is behind the project. Roselyn, a young woman in the town, is determined to bring it to a halt, convinced that her family was wronged many years ago by the doctors being honored. Suddenly, strange things start happening, meant to scare Kira into leaving the project unfinished. But Kira refuses to let anything deter her from completing what she’s been brought to Colinas Verde to do. What starts as seeming pranks soon turn into incidents of injury and even death. How far is Roselyn willing to go to ensure the statues never get put up? How much is Kira willing to endure before deciding the project isn’t worth the trouble it has caused?

Andrew has mastered the mystery genre and writes in a way that grabs the reader’s attention. Without a doubt, I can say that I never quite knew what was coming next. From Roselyn’s plotting revenge to the people she pulled into the schemes with her, each new incident was unexpected and added tension. I thoroughly enjoyed how each chapter was from a different character’s point of view. The main character is Kira, the artist, whose story is told in the first person. Everyone else was told in the third-person perspective. I feel that this writing style helps get inside the minds of secondary characters and learn a little more about them without dominating the story. One relationship I enjoyed seeing evolve was that between Kira and Dee. Things started off kind of tense and almost awkward between the two. However, when Dee realizes she needs help, Kira is the person that Dee turns. That is a turning point for them, turning that relationship into one of respect and maybe even friendship.

The pacing of the story was smooth and consistent. The chapter-length made for an easy read without getting tied down trying to finish a long chapter. Each chapter was just long enough to get across what was needed perfectly without unneeded filler.

Homicide in Bronze is an engaging mystery novel that will take readers on an adventure filled with suspense and action. The characters will come alive with murder, family drama, and friendship and hold readers’ interest from the first page until the last.

Pages: 312 | ISBN : 1950101037

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Chad’tu is a period piece set in the old west, a time when cattleman and Native Americans fought for land. Immersed in the period of gunslingers and cattle ranchers, this narrative follows the accounts of Chad’tu, a man who goes on a quest to save his abducted wife. Separated from his family at a young age, Chad’tu drifted from one person to another, mostly learning the ways of a warrior from his Native American father, Shatika, who had adopted him, and then trained by a master gunsmith named Brett Tishman. Although much of the novel unfolds in retrospect, through a series of flashbacks intermingled with the events that are taking place in Chad’s present life, the story has a surprisingly strong grip on the reader with its unique taste for suspense and thrill.

Set in a forgotten world, this novel encapsulates the nostalgia of the old world gun fighting days. The quintessential style that every gunslinger in town tried to emulate and was thereby worshipped within the scope of Western movies ranging from Clint Eastwood to Eli Wallach, has been skillfully rendered in this story too. Their tradition of measuring opponents from a distance, the typical broad hat, the nonchalant poker face which never gave away any emotions, the indifference with which they carried themselves, their fierce loyalty to their own principles and their heroic struggle to take back what was rightfully theirs, has all been religiously followed and reflected in this riveting novel.

In fact, one can visualize with clarity the scenes where characters in the story are involved in street fights or get bested by their superiors and are left abandoned to fate. It demonstrates the author’s command over the language, not only in the use of different dialects and accents but also in the depth of their knowledge regarding this specific genre. It is one thing to imbibe the structural formulae of a particular narrative style but it is another thing to reconstruct a distinct narrative that follows every genre convention while also adding their own nuances to it. What is surprising to note is that, in spite of being written during the 21st century, much of the character’s thought processes and beliefs are authentic to the time period.

Chad’tu by Kelsie R. Gates is a gripping tale of adventure that will mesmerize readers from all walks of life. Readers will be transported back in time to the old west and relive the excitement and adventures of those that lived by a different code.

Pages: 354 | ASIN: B08XSQC494

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