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Feeling Good is Good for the Brain

Tracy L Markley
Tracy Markley Author Interview

Your Brain Kids Edition educates readers on brain health and nutrition with fun imagery. Why was this an important book for you to write?

This book is important for me to write because I train many seniors and stroke survivors in my line of work. I personally have seen my father extremely ill at his age. I feel that the earliest in life we understand that eating well and exercise is not just for the way we look and our body health it is our brain health.

What were some key ideas you wanted to share in this book?

The brain is the engine to the body. When we are treated kindly it makes us feel good. Feeling good is good for the brain. Being kind to others and not bullying, is healthy for others brain health. So, I encourage kids and adults to eat well, hydrate for overall brain and body health as well as being kind to themselves and others for mental and emotional care. This book is the children’s version of my adult book The Engine to Your Body, a Fitness Trainer’s Guide to Brain Health. I woke up one morning and thought, making a Kid’s edition of this book would be a great idea to help kids understand this at a younger age. Plus, it can help it be fun to learn about the brain. And with covid and home schooling I thought parents would like it as they help kids with homework and reading.

The art in this book is colorful and cute. What was the art collaboration like on this project?

The little girl in the book is the young kid version of my logo I use for my business. I thought if I could get an illustrator to make the kids version of my logo that is a cartoon type character of me it could be cute. So, I use Fiveer for my muscle illustrations and formatting my books before publishing. I ask a person there that re does logos if he could make a little girl and a teenage girl version of my logo. Then I would ask him now can you make her in the garden with my dog as a puppy. I sent him a picture of my dog, and so he did. All the pages are me having an idea or finding a pic I like and asking him to make it in our version of things with my girl in it. And since I wear hearing aids, I wanted a girl who had to wear hearing aids playing on a swing and jump roping to show that kids with hearing g aids can play just like other kids. Wearing hearing aids when you have a hearing loss is good brain care.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have four books in my series of books on Stroke Recovery, a book on spine care, a book on fall prevention and my two books on the brain. My next book is on Hearing loss. I have severe hearing loss and wear hearing aids.

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In Your Brain, The Engine to Your Body – Kids Edition, kids will learn some simple fun things about their brain and how to stay healthy as they have fun with fun illustrations. It is easy to read and understand. A healthy brain helps have a healthy body. The brain is the engine to the body. This can be read alone or with teachers or parents. Tracy also wrote an adult version of this book to help teens and adults learn more about the health and care of their brain. Enjoy the fun illustrations as you learn more about your brain. Exercise, staying hydrated and good nutrition helps the brain to stay healthy as we grow up.

Your Brain Kids Edition

Filled with tips on brain health, nutrition suggestions, and the benefits of drinking water, Your Brain: The Engine to Your Body. A Fitness Trainer’s Guide to a Healthy Brain is exactly what the doctor ordered. Tracy L. Markley, fitness specialist, has gifted readers a phenomenal book that is brimming with ideas that readers can put to immediate use in their daily lives. Whether they want to improve their quality of life or are recovering from a brain injury, readers will find a long list of wonderful and practical tips that are all backed by science.

As a mother of two and a teacher who was recently diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, I am especially interested in the tips regarding improving brain function. Markley’s research and experience in brain health are thorough and organized for readers in an easy-to-follow, relatable format. Markley also gives many tips for gentle exercises that can further improve balance and thereby enhancing both hearing and brain function.

I highly recommend Your Brain: The Engine to Your Body. A Fitness Trainer’s Guide to a Healthy Brain to anyone that is dealing with issues surrounding brain health or any caregiver that wants to learn more about ways to encourage brain function for their loved ones or patients.

Pages: 13 | ASIN: B08KHNVH1Q

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