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Rocky Mountains – A Self-Portrait

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It isn’t often that we get to sneak a peek into the hows and whys of the jobs and hobbies around us. Assumptions are easy to make, and it takes very little to make a guess as to what causes a person to become drawn to a career. Photography is one of those interests. There is much more to taking photographs than most of us will ever realize. This endeavor requires a great deal more than just a love of being behind the camera.

Photographer and author, Kent Gunnufson, shares his lifelong love and dedication to creating artwork with the camera in his autobiographical book, Rocky Mountains: A Self-Portrait. Gunnufson’s book is filled with the most amazing landscape images from his time spent in the Rockies. In addition, he has included photos of people and objects that seem to defy all logic in their beauty. The purpose of the author’s work is to share the story behind his career and his love of photography and his subjects, but the stunning imagery he has captured will be, without a doubt, what fascinates readers from cover to cover.

Gunnufson’s story is compelling and is a must-read for those interested in photography. There is a story behind each of the images he has taken, and they are all fascinating. He not only relays to readers how he found each subject, but he explains in detail the intricacies of the composition of each photo. This is something I found especially interesting as I read. Taking photographs seems, at first glance, like a simple task. Gunnufson, however, explains in language all readers will understand exactly how much thought and preparation goes into each one of them.

I have always been drawn to black and white photography whether it be nature or portraits. Gunnufson provides wonderful insight into the history of black and white photography and how it compares with color imagery. It really is a treat to see this side of photography and hear directly from the artist himself about the ins and outs of the process.

Rocky Mountains: A Self-Portrait is an astonishing look at the life of one photographer. Photographers and students of the art will appreciate the advice, insight, and history provided by the author. I cannot say enough about the beautiful images Gunnufson has created. There is a softness to his work that readers will find absolutely riveting. I highly recommend Gunnufson’s book for both his enchanting images and the heart he has poured into his personal narrative.

ISBN: 978-0-9605366-4-1

Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse

Abuse can present itself in a multitude of different ways; through her book Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse, Michelle Dickey shares some of the intimate details of her life where she may have encountered narcissistic personalities. She explores her previous romantic relationships as well as those with co-workers etc. and explains where things started to go wrong in each unique situation. Finally, through finding God and developing her thinking, thanks to the uncomfortable and sometimes horrible experiences she has had, she shares with the reader how she managed to keep going.

The book’s tone is very casual, with sentences such as ‘Anyway, back to the new dude’ integrated through the text. This makes it informal and conversational, which allows the reader to feel like they are interacting with Michelle Dickey directly. This style makes the more horrific elements, such as stalking or rape, more comfortable to discuss and relatable for the reader.

These are just a few of the relevant and pertinent themes that run throughout this writing piece. Another key aspect of this book is the religious references; this has been a vital part of the autobiographical accounts of Dickey, a substantial piece of her life that has helped her grow as a person in her own way.

The author provides beneficial life experiences in her book, and it has the ability to help the reader spot potential signs of narcissistic behavior. In addition, some parts may help someone else in a similar situation if they are like Dickey themselves. However, these are extremely specific scenarios that the writer had to deal with and managed to overcome.

Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse is one woman’s memoir on surviving narcissistic abusive relationships. She tells her story to help other people identify the red flags early on and know to get out of those situations. The author has relied on her spiritual beliefs to get through these moments and offers references for those who need them.

Pages: 125 | ASIN : B09VRB2LRT

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