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Dragons are creatures of magic and might, and they have long been charged with protecting mortals. As part of their birthright that goes back thousands of years, dragons intervene when mortals are in danger and often use their powers to keep the peace.

In Origins: The Blue Dragon Society, Owen is on his first mission (a rite of passage) with his brother, Lann, as his mentor. They are dragons who are sent to investigate strange occurrences in the mortal world and determine if the mortals involved are being attacked by the plague or something more nefarious.

With the help of their new friends, Helen and Riva, Origins offers an enchanting and action-packed story that will leave readers racing to find out what happens next. The world is in a state of chaos with the outbreak of the plague. Demons and vampires have taken advantage of the situation, breaking into homes and abducting humans for their dark rituals. This has left humankind vulnerable and fearful for their lives. Owen and Lann are determined to restore order to the world and protect those who cannot defend themselves. Though they face many challenges, the dragons are determined to succeed in their mission.

Author S. Faxon’s writing hooks you from the first page, where you meet Anton. Someone I thought might be the protagonist in this story but turns out to be quite the opposite. The characters were highly engaging, and I enjoyed the characters’ growth, notably Owen, who I was not so much a fan of at first. He’s strong and determined but also grieving and vulnerable. I thought the author did a great job exploring his character, and I was surprised at how much I connected with his character. With the vivid imagery, the reader feels like they are on an epic journey alongside Owen, seeing what he sees. Just under 200 pages, this is a fast-paced and action-packed story that will have your imagination running wild.

Origins: The Blue Dragon Society is a riveting coming-of-age fantasy novel filled with personal growth and struggles, both internal and external. Those who enjoy reading about fantasy creatures such as dragons, vampires, demons, and lovable (and sometimes not-so-lovable) characters will find this exciting dark fantasy novel hard to put down.

Pages: 158 | ASIN : B09T8YBFRD

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