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Those Were the Days: Memories of an Aspen Hippie Chick

Those Were the Days: Memories of an Aspen Hippie Chick by [Jill Sheeley]Aspen in the 60s and 70s was like a whole other world. And from an early age, Jill Sheeley knew it was a world she wanted to be a part of. What began as a couple of visits turned into living there between semesters at the University of Denver, and that eventually morphed into living there full time, and loving it more than she could have ever imagined. Surrounded by skiers, hippies, tourists, and a slew of eccentric locals from all walks of life, Jill found lifelong friends, true love, and hobbies that became passions. Her experiences have given her a mesmerizing collection of memories and stories to tell.

In Those Were the Days, Sheeley recounts her early days in Aspen, detailing what drew her to the city in the first place, as well as what made her fall head over heels in love once she finally arrived. She paints a picture of a bucolic wonderland so far removed from the hustle and bustle of today’s world that it does seem almost foreign. At times, the stories read as conversational, seeming to exist more as a catharsis for Sheeley’s memories than anything else. Other times her creative use of language makes her experiences and the landscape come alive, making images of lakeside hikes and mountain top vistas as vivid for the reader as they were for her. The reader can easily imagine the scenes as she lived them. The diversity of jobs she held adds to the vast topics covered throughout.

Sprinkled throughout the collection are a variety of recipes from the places Sheeley worked and frequented in Aspen. (In the past she has compiled entire cookbooks and these were considered, in her words, “old favorites” from those collections.) The inclusion of these, randomly wedged between chapters, deepens the personal feel of the book and makes it a more intimate snapshot of those years in Sheeley’s life. Not to mention, many of them seem easy and delicious! Old grainy photos are included as well to the same end.

Those Were the Days is an invigorating memoir, filled with enough laughter and life experiences to rival any literary journey put to paper.

Pages: 186 | ASIN: B0963DTRKF

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7 1/2 Habits To Help You Become More Humorous, Happier & Healthier

7 1/2 Habits To Help You Become More Humorous, Happier & Healthier by [Jacobson, David]

The first thing that caught my eye even before getting to the first chapter of the book was the dedication part. The author styled dedication as ‘deadication’ and I thought, wow, is this a typo? Reading on, the author explained that the misspelling was intentional because he was dedicating the book to every dead person he knew. I thought that that was cool, and sort of funny. Here I was getting ready to read a book that would make me more humorous, happier and healthier, and what do I find at the beginning? Some funny word. I immediately knew that I was in for a good read. David Jacobson also had a livication part; dedicating the book to all living people.

In chapter one, the author states that you should treat humor as a necessity, not a luxury. The author writes that you should make humor a priority in your life. I agree with him because, with humor, life stops being too serious. Humor will help you improve your attitude, physical and mental health. On using the self-effacing humor, the author writes that it is good because you will let others know your humor, and they will be comfortable knowing that you know they know.

Habit four was my most favorite of all. The habit reads “Use the power of humor to positively influence you and others.” I couldn’t agree more. It is evident that by bringing in humor even during tense situations people feel a little bit relaxed. By reading and adapting this habit, you will help those around you better their own well being. There is no harm in being a little funny with your friends around. Humor makes the environment more cheerful and more fun to be in. The sixth habit was a good one too; humorize – Combine humor with other aspects of your life.

I kept wondering why the author wrote about 7 and 1/2 habits. Why did he half it? Why not write about either 7 or 8 habits? The author explained that he wrote the half habit because you don’t need the entire habit for it to work. The half habit is also the most challenging to maintain. “Mastering your thoughts” is the last and half habit. It is not easy to master your thoughts. The good news is that if you manage to master them half the time, you’ll be doing twice as well.

Every book lover should read this book because the book is educational and amusing. I also recommend the book because it makes you view humor and life differently, and enables you to see the light side of things. The best part is that the book is a light read so you will finish reading it sooner than you realize.

Pages: 167 | ASIN: B07L23YS7C

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