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Nurse Florence®, What is Atrial Fibrillation?

What is Atrial Fibrillation? This question is asked by students in this edition of the Nurse Florence series. A group of students see the school nurse at lunch and ask if they can sit with her; once they are all settled, Nurse Florence asks what they want to learn about today. One girl says that a family friend has just been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and wants to know what that means. This leads to an in-depth discussion about what one is, how it can be caused, what this means for the person with it and things that can be done to prevent getting one. The girls learn a lot of science and medical terminology and have a great discussion on things to do to keep one’s body healthy.

Nurse Florence®, What is Atrial Fibrillation? written by Michael Dow, is written about a fictional nurse, but all the information in the story is based on facts. Dow uses correct medical terminology to explain things, and while this may be daunting at first, there is a glossary to look up the term. As an adult, I learned a great deal from this book, so I am positive that this would benefit children interested in science and medicine. The illustrations done by Lorie Brooker are done in colored pencil drawings. This allows younger children to look at things like blood pumping through the heart without being too graphic for sensitive readers. It is a great way to introduce these concepts in an approachable manner.

For children with an interest in medicine or teachers wanting to expand students’ interest in STEM, Nurse Florence®, What is Atrial Fibrillation? is a fantastic book to introduce to kids. This easy-to-follow children’s book teaches readers about A-fib and helps them understand how it is diagnosed, how it occurs, and what can be done to treat and prevent it.

Pages: 119 | ISBN : 1329376684

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When You Are Curious

Children are naturally curious, as evidenced by the “why” phase most toddler and preschool-age children go through. While this can be a challenging time, it is also a critical time to foster that curiosity and help children shape it into a lifelong pursuit of learning. Veronika Darwell’s picture book, When You Are Curious, teaches children how their ever-growing curiosity can be put to good use.

This engaging picture book will instantly draw in young readers with the bright and colorful images by Johnny Plasil. The rhyming prose stirs the imagination in readers and gets them thinking of all the different things they can be curious about. Anything is possible with a curious mind, from music to travel to inventing and space exploration. No question or task is too small or too large to want to explore more of.

Teachers will love this children’s book for the simple language allowing it to be accessible to even the preschool level, but still a valuable message for kindergarten and early elementary students. Even as an adult, this fantastic picture book had me thinking about different things I was curious about as a child and am still curious about now as an adult. It is never too late to learn something new, and you are never too young to explore the world around you.

When You Are Curious is a well-written picture book that will inspire young and old readers to open their minds and explore their world. This would make an excellent addition to a home or classroom library and one that will be sure to encourage children to broaden their interests and explore the world they live in with enthusiasm.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B0B3KND81B

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The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls & The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Math Girls

Mathematics helps to have critical thinking and a logical mind. But many young students doubt its application in everyday life. However, this science is all around us and helps us to solve all kinds of situations. Tom Durwood demonstrates this in the Ruby Pi Adventure Series. In this collection of two books, different girls solve cases using applied mathematics.

The series consists of The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls and The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Math Girls. Each book contains five stories with valuable lessons about the use of geometry, the Gaussian series, and more. Among the mysteries are topics including cartography, economics, architecture, and more. The details for solving the mysteries are verifiable, and each story is set in a different time and place in the narrative, providing a variety of content in a reading that is easy to follow.

The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls is the first book in the series, and its first protagonist is Rupashana Lal Pyradhakrishnan, called Ruby Pi. Who also appears in the first story of The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Math Girls. But the stories are independent and can be read in any order. I liked how Tom Durwood creatively shows science, perfect for inspiring a teenage audience to find their own way in the mathematical world. Both books have helpful illustrations and diagrams to understand the riddles and codes to solve. The information shown is from different cultures. And it shows us that knowledge is a gift earned with time, which we should not waste.

Regarding the narrative, some scene changes feel abrupt, although they don’t affect the story. But I would have liked a little more explanation to make the content feel more fluid. But that’s a minor detail, considering that all the stories, though short, convey a lot of valuable information. One of my favorite parts was Tom’s Notes which appear at the end of each adventure. There they describe actual historical data and mathematical curiosities that give a more realistic context to the adventures. It shows that there was a lot of research work for this series. Tom Durwood astutely conveys teaching about subjects not taught so thoroughly in school. That’s why I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Ruby Pi Adventure Series is perfect for young teenagers who love historical fiction with adventure, mystery, and, especially, realism.

The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls Pages: 178 | ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BFG186JR

The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Math Girls Pages: 205 | ASIN : B0BFGBSZYZ

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Lance Vance Picks a Topic

Lance Vance Picks a Topic (Lance Vance the Science Champ Book 1) by [Emmie Miller]

Lance Vance Picks a Topic, starts with introducing us to our 9 year old, smart, cocky and impulsive protagonist Lance and then proceeds to follow his journey from the time he receives his Science Fair assignment to the day of the Science Fair. This charming children’s book follows his adventure, impulsiveness and knack for creating something new and is bound to inspire young readers.

Children are often afraid of science as a subject and science fairs can be a real cause of anxiety in not only them but their parents too. But through Lance’s story, the author successfully breaks down the steps of the Scientific Method and makes it easy and simple for children to grasp. It aims at imbibing and instilling scientific flair in children from a very young age. After all science is the most exciting subject, if we just introduce kids to it right! Lance’s hilarious yet thrilling experiments does exactly that. It instigates creative thinking in young readers. The storyline is compelling and keeps readers engaged. Lance is bound to fascinate them. The writing is lucid and that helps in easy comprehension of not only the plot but the insights as well. The illustrations are really adorable and will hold their attention.

I recommend this book to all young readers so that they get to enjoy science in its all glory and don’t associate fear with it. It is an interesting subject and science fairs allows them to create fun projects. I’m really looking forward to more of Lance’s adventure.

Pages: 53 | ASIN: B08CSZZ2W4

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