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The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken is a novel written by E. A. Coe that tells the story of Ty and Seeney’s romance. The book opens with Ty, a US Marines pilot, attending his high school reunion and bumping into Siena, the once-popular girl and a recently divorced bookkeeper. Ty had always had a crush on her but had never pursued it. Together again, Ty and Siena realize that they both have always had feelings for each other and finally decide to give it a go after ten years apart. Ty and Siena’s love story follows where they have to overcome several realistic conflicts; navigating a long-distance relationship, interruptions from their careers, and problems with ex-lovers. Seeing their relationship develop despite these hurdles was incredibly satisfying and heart-warming. Overall, it’s a feel-good romance that will charm any who read it.

I loved the book’s setting the most and how the character’s played into it. It’s predominately set in West Virginia, including a quaint village called Woodstock, a real place that the author resides in. The descriptions were extraordinarily vivid but familiar, making the story feel comforting and nostalgic. Woodstock was the perfect “small rural town” trope- friendly locals, great eateries, and cute mountain trails. These parts were a pleasure to experience.

The author’s writing style is detail-oriented, which paints interesting characters and sceneries. However, I felt that it contains large stretches of exposition at the start of the book and a few points throughout. This exposition does make the story more realistic. An example of the detailed style that E.A. Coe uses is an explanation of a local water spring that a character drives past causally. The author gives readers its complete history of over 200 years. I did enjoy the detail of the main character’s backgrounds. It allowed me to really get to know them and develop a connection. They felt more evocative, and their hardships were more relatable.

The Road Not Taken is a lovely feel-good romance with a rich set of characters, action, and adventure, in a contemporary setting.

Pages: 285 | ASIN : B086K44WBQ

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The Other Side of Good

The Other Side of Good by E.A. Coe raises a profound and existential question we’ve all pondered at some point: is it possible to be both ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ or is it one or the other? This captivating police thriller explores the idea that the kind of person one is may not be so black and white and takes readers on an exciting and thought-provoking journey of the gray area in between right and wrong.

Author Coe introduces an exciting combination of characters based in Cincinnati intertwined in each other’s lives with intriguing complexity. First, we meet police Commander Denton Jones, who reconnected with childhood friend turned high-powered drug cartel leader, Theo Jackson.

Both men experienced childhood trauma together, leading them to turn to different sides of the law. However, they now find themselves fighting for the same cause-to take down an alarmingly powerful human trafficking ring. We follow the men through a fast-paced mission, full of unexpected twists and turns and unusual alliances. Add in police and government corruption, shocking acts from a Pastor, and international gang activity, and Coe gives us a page-turning tale we find ourselves entranced in.

This riveting crime novel gives readers a look into the horrible realities of human trafficking. It plays with the notion of a gray area between good and evil. Coe encourages readers to open their minds and explore if our intrinsic beliefs about those we see as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are really as cut and dry as we have thought. This suspenseful novel has a large cast of characters that the reader will need to pay attention to learn who is part of what faction. Once readers understand who the key players are, readers won’t be able to help but root for the ‘bad guys’ and the ‘good.’

The Other Side of Good is a gripping and intensive police crime mystery novel. The action and suspense will keep readers on edge till the last page.

Pages: 356 | ASIN : B09M96X57D

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