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Fix the sleep quality. That is nonnegotiable.

Said Hasyim
Said Hasyim Author Interview

Peak Human Clock helps readers synergize their body’s clock to become more productive. Why was this an important book for you to write?

This book and upcoming books of the same series were birthed out of my passion to optimize my time and improve overall quality of my life. The books chronicle all the techniques I’ve spent half a decade experimenting and successfully implementing to fine tune my life. I find it important to write these books to help improve others’ lives. You may watch this quick trailer of this book at

What is a common misconception you feel people have about their Circadian Rhythm?

Most people believe they are fixed to be either morning people or night owls. They think they cannot just change their body’s clock schedule from sleeping later to sleeping earlier. The good news is, it is possible to adjust the body’s clock to the optimal time that anybody desires.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is struggling to increase their energy level?

Fix the sleep quality. That is nonnegotiable.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

I hope people will realize there is so much that their body’s clock can help them be at their best, when they adjust their activities around it.

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Supercharge your body’s clock to gain a positively unfair advantage in business and life.

What if there is a surefire time in a day to naturally heighten your focus and concentration? Are you tired of dieting and rigorous exercise regime, but not seeing success with fat loss? Do you have difficulty waking up at the same time every day without an alarm clock?

This step-by-step guide to optimized body’s clock design teaches:
Unknown approach to organize your time productively, so that you can get your work done faster and at double the quality to deliver even more
Proven practices to lose 4.19 pounds naturally in as little as 2 weeks without giving up the food you love and paying for expensive programs that don’t work
Science and technology you don’t know exists to help you sleep better and attain high performance every day
Essential plan to support efficient bodily functions to enjoy the comfort of healthy living without losing your mind
An unspoken truth about natural energy boosting hacks to train harder
And much more.

With practical strategies and actionable advice, Peak Human Clock arms you with the vital tools you need now to maximize your day around your body’s clock.

Previously published as Have a Peak at This: Synergize Your Body’s Clock Towards a Highly Productive You

Peak Human Clock

Peak Human Clock: How to Get up Early, Fix Eating Time Schedule, and Improve Exercise Routines to be Highly Productive (Peak Productivity) by [Said Hasyim]

Reading Peak Human Clock will have you change your daily routine and make you conscious about what you consume. The author writes about the human body, how it functions, and why some people appear to be fit while others have unhealthy bodies. Said Hasyim is articulate in his explanation. Every point in the book is made clear and understandable to readers of all levels. He defines technical terms and discusses them in-depth to the satisfaction of the reader. Want to learn about circadian rhythm? This is the book for you.

The author describes circadian rhythm as the natural 24-hour clock inside the body. The circadian rhythm regulates all your body’s organ clocks. To make the reader understand better, Said Hasyim gives examples of various individuals with different routines and compares their eating, sleeping, and working habits. The author advises readers to have regular routines. Take your meal at set times, and have a planned sleeping schedule so as not to disrupt your circadian rhythm. Said Hasyim’s book will not only help you improve your physique but also help you better your mental state. The author’s systematic approach to things like exercise, getting enough sleep, and eating right is what makes his book a great read.

When talking about physical wellness, the author speaks to different groups of people. Women’s and men’s bodies function differently and the author explains how. One of my favorite topics was on body fat and how to lose it. The author suggests that the best way to start losing weight is by practicing time-restricted eating. Exercising and changing diet may help but having time-restricted eating is the fastest way to help any obese person shed fat. The author goes on to say that one can start with 12-hour fasting and gradually move to longer hours if their main goal is to lose weight fast. Another favorite discussion was about sleep and how to get quality sleep.

The author talks about the different stages of sleep and why one should schedule their sleep pattern. I found it noteworthy that the author insisted that sleep quality trumps sleep quantity. Peak Human Clock will help you get in shape, but only if you put in the effort. The author has sound advice that can help anyone keen on following the guidance in the book.

One could feel that the author is concerned about everyone’s health through his text. He is also straightforward and tells it as it is. There are no short cuts if you want to improve your health. With a fit body, you are assured to be in the right mental state. This book is informative and helpful to anyone conscious about their well-being. I recommend Peak Human Clock to all readers that are working towards being fit and healthy.

Pages: 121 | ASIN : B08MW7K5R2

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